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14 January 2018 – 9:17 pm | 2 Comments

Someone asked our 6.5yo Brie about her recent Mount Lawu hike:
‘So did you enjoy it?’
And … Brie shook her head.
‘Oops!’, the man smiled and looked at Wilson. ☺️

To us, it is okay if our kids …

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Giveaway : Polliwalks shoes up for grabs!

24 September 2008125 Comments

Yes, you got it right!

I wrote about what Polliwalks is all about AND now YOU have a chance to WIN a pair of Polliwalks shoes too!!

If you’ve come across shoes giveaways before, I’m sure you’d notice that they’d generally offer just ONE pair to be won online.


The people who’re bringing Polliwalks into Singapore are so unbelievably serious in doing what they do, and they’re here to offer not just one or two pairs to giveaway, but TWENTY pairs of Polliwalks shoes!! (that’s close to S$1000 worth of prizes to be won)!!

Yes, huge thanks to them, TWENTY lucky winners will get to own cute Polliwalks shoes!!

AND, it’s SO very simple to take part!

There are two categories : Bloggers and Non-Bloggers, and ten pairs of shoes are ready to be won for each category.



1. Visit Polliwalks official website and check out their entire collection (styles, colours and available sizes)

2. Come back to Our Everyday Things, go to the comments section of THIS post, and let me know which shoe style, colour and size that you want IF you won! (Polliwalks has tiny shoes, size 4, for babies too!)

Recommended: Write ‘a bit more’ in your comments – eg. WHY you choose that style and colour, etc. Polliwalks will choose the twenty winners, not me, so my suggestion is : distinguish yourself from the rest of the commenters!

3. Make sure you enter a valid email address (and your blog URL if you’re entering the ‘bloggers category), because that’s how we’re going to contact you if you won!

Important :
– Your email address will not appear / be displayed
– If you’re entering the bloggers category, you need to write the blog URL of that post in the comments portion itself
– One entry allowed per email address
– If you’re one of the winners, we’ll contact you and ask for your mailing address



To enter this category, all you need to do is :

1. Blog about this contest (you must mention “Our Everyday Things” and create a “” link in your blog post to qualify)

2. Include the URL of that blog post WITHIN your comment (together with the shoe style, colour and size you wish to win)



1. Contest is open to everyone in the ASIA PACIFIC! (isn’t that cool!)

So even if you’re in Indonesia, China, Australia or anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, you’re eligible to enter, and if you’re one of the twenty lucky winners, you’d get your chosen shoes DELIVERED to you for FREE!

2. A ‘quick link’ to this contest is also on the side bar

3. Contest ends on Wednesday, 15 October 2008! (So, hurry!!)


The retail price of these Polliwalks shoes is S$48.15 nett, and so really, I think this is one of the EASIEST and BEST way to try and win anything!

So many shoes are up for grabs, a bigger possibility of actually winning AND so little effort is needed from you all!!

Gee, I’m SO excited!l!
[It just feels so good to be able to give something tangible through this site!]


What are you waiting for?

Choose which shoes you like, blog about it if you’re a blogger, leave a comment, tell your friends and families about this Polliwalks shoes Giveaway at Our Everyday Things!!

All the best everyone!!!


  • Nicola De Jager says:

    Hi Leonny 🙂

    I would be the luckiest mum in the world if I coud own a Navy Frog size 8. We live in South Africa and not in a million trillion years will we ever see awesome shoes like Polliwalks. My son, Lucien would be the coolest little man at school and as he already has quite a shoe fetish at his age it would mean the whole world to him! The sun shall shine out of his shoes he’ll be so happy!

    Have a awesome day!

  • Leonny says:

    Hi everyone!

    The twenty lucky winners of Our Everyday Things’ Polliwalks Shoes Giveaway Contest are OUT!

    Please do visit my site to see if you are one of the twenty lucky winners!

    Anyway, I’d like to personally say THANKS to everyone who’s taken the time to enter the contest. It’s been great fun!!

    And of course, you’re most welcome to drop by my site regularly, anytime too for more posts on parenting, photography, arts and crafts ideas for kids and other inspirational posts!

    Have a great day, everyone!


  • Leonny says:

    Thank you everyone for entering the contest!

    [The contest is now officially closed]

    The people who’re bringing Polliwalks into Singapore said they’re nicely surprised by the creative entries! Making it very very tough for them to pick the 20 winners!!

    Anyway, they’ll announce the winners early next week!

    So, stay tuned! I’ll list down the 20 names on this site!
    Wishing everyone all the best!

  • Jen says:

    Hello Leonny,

    Posted an entry long long time ago, but didn’t know about the bloggers’ category. Don’t know how to write about a post about shoes (since it’s about cakes!), so I put you in my blogroll instead 😉 Hope I can still join the bloggers group.

    Jen of

  • Susanti Saputra says:

    that’s the sound of my best friend when he saw me…
    his name is Chester…
    but now he’d gone away from me…
    coz some crazy people poisoned him…
    Hiks…hiks… HUA>>>>
    but i got another joyful thing
    he called Matthew…
    he’s my SON….
    he’s so funny, so cute and so handsome…
    but sometimes i still remember my old bestfriend
    i want them both in my life…
    so when i see polliwalks shoes with dog’s shape…
    i remember him and imagening if …
    my son and polliwalks shoes with blue gray color no. 6
    walks together,
    i imagine that chester is become Matthew’s best friend too…
    when MAtthew sing ”…la…la…”
    there’s a voice whispering…
    and we’ll live happily ever after…

    Kezia had a little shoes… little shoes… little shoes…
    Kezia had a little shoes that called POLLIWALKS 😉
    Kezia had a little shoes.. little shoes.. little shoes…
    Kezia had a little shoes: Polliwalks LadyBug Fuchsia 😉
    Take a look at complete entry—–>

  • Bon Ng says:

    Oh Polliwalk, oh Polliwalk. Hope I can win a pair for my boy. His favourite show is “Alphabet LeapFrog”. He will not get tired watching Frog. Polliwalk is definitely more comfortable that Crocs. When he see the pics, he chooses Frog Lime. Size…(May be 11 for him? (going 4 years old soon)

  • Fanny Lim says:

    Hopefully i could win a pair of Polliwalks Duck Fushia Size 7 for my gal. Why I choose duck is because, whenever she sees a duck picture, she will start to sing “Five little Ducks went out one day, over the hills and far a way, Mother Duck say quack quack”….with actions also. Not only that, with this winning, this will be her first pair of new shoe and she will definitely love wearing it to everywhere she goes.

  • Imelda says:

    Winning a pair of Polliwalks Duck Orange 11 will make a unique and memorable birthday present for my-soon-to-be-4-year-old boy. We have been eyeing other clog shoes for sometime, but we haven’t really clicked with it. But Polliwalks clogs are just so cute and my boy fell in love with them at the first sight! When I said that I would buy them when we have extra money next time, my boy said that he would give me coins from his piggybank. He even went on to choose the design and color for himself, his sister, as well as mommy and daddy. So, if we win this pair, we will buy Polliwalks Ladybug Fuchsia 6 for my 1.5-year-old girl, because my girl surely doesn’t want to miss the fun of walking, running, jumping, and leaving Polliwalks footprints wherever she goes! Thanks Leonny and Polliwalks!

  • Jaina Quek says:

    Crocodile crocodile, you were with me my first steps,
    You made it fun when i step.
    Crocodile crocodile, you made those adults proud of me,
    You made my peers envy of me.

    Crocodile crocodile, now that my feet does’t fit,
    It makes me just want to sit.

    Crocodile crocodile, intro to me another friend,
    let my steps be fun again.
    Size 8 fuschia Lady bug,
    from my seat I will buck.

  • fz says:

    Oh, the wonderful things Polliwalks™ can do!

    It can sound like a Gator
    It can go SNAP SNAP
    It can sound like a frog,
    Polliwalks™ can Ribbit
    How about you, can you go Ribbit Ribbit?

    It can sound like a duck,
    Quack Quack Quack Quack,
    Polliwalks™ can do it,
    How about you?

    Snap, Ribbit, Quack,
    Polliwalks™ is a wonder,
    Quack, Ribbit, Snap,
    Polliwalks™ makes us wonder!

    It leaves footprints,
    Splatt splatt splatt
    And it’s very very fun
    To make an impression like that!

    Oh, the wonderful things Polliwalks™ can do.
    Why don’t my boy try to do them, too?

    Grant us a pair and we’ll review!

    Snap snap
    Quack Quack
    Ribbit Ribbit

    Lastly, a Size 13 Lemon Duck and that is that!
    (adapted from Dr Seuss’ eversopopular “Mr Brown can Moo! Can You?”)

    Thanks & Regards,
    fz @

  • Here’s what Polliwalks stands for:

    P- pretty and practical
    O- out-of-the-ordinary
    L – lovely and light
    L – lime green
    I – ingenious
    W -wonderfully waterproof
    A – attractive
    L – light- weight
    K – kid-friendly
    S – super-comfy and slip-resistant

    Polliwalks shoes represent a very special and creative group of people who took the time to walk in the shoes of little children and to spark their imaginations as they walk in the shoes of the animals. 🙂

    My 3 1/2 year old daughter was just delighted to see the different designs. She requested a blue Gator for her feet that measure 7 inches. She also chose a lilac frog for her little sister’s 6 inch feet. As I reflect on her choices, I realize she chose the styles and animals that represent her sister’s and her personalities the best! My daughter is sporty and witty like the alligator, and her little sister likes to hop around like a frog all the time.

    Thank you!


  • Evelyn says:

    With Polliwalks, my darling Lizanne’s feet are always smiling.
    Smiling feet make a happy walk.
    And with a happy walk, she stays comfortable and healthy everyday!

    (She chooses “duck lemon” although she has been asking for more than 10 times. “Size 9” would be just right for her feet.)

    Thank you.
    Lizanne’s mummy

  • Ing says:

    Children have a right to play. They are born to play! With shoes like these, who needs toys?

    My 3 year-old boy loves the sand, water and the beach. With Polliwalks, he can have endless fun making animal footprints in the sand and mud! I’ve not seen a toy that is similar to this yet.

    I asked him which design he likes.
    He said, “Isaac likes frog. Green frog.”

    And so be it. Children have a right to choose too. A pair of Polliwalks Frog Lime, size 10, please! 🙂

  • Lily says:

    **Baby Model for Polliwalks Clogs**
    Baby Qi En has just started to walk with support. She stumbles and trips, attracted lots of attention. With big round eyes, long eye lashes and tiny feets, she will be a great baby model for Polliwalks Clogs wherever she goes. She will definitely look wonderful and feel comfortable with a pair of the adorable Lady Bug Fuchsia, Size 4 (13cm feet)!

    Thanks, Hugs & Kisses for Polliwalks & Leonny! 😉

  • Jocelyn Mummy says:

    My son would love the Polliwalks Duck Fushia in duck lemon for my turning 3yr old boy. He like to squat down and walk like a i think it’ll be the most suitable design for an active, playful boy. Nicknamed as BIG FOOT MONSTER, the design which allows alot of space for big toes would be very suitable for him. A size 12 would be perfect for him!
    Thank you Polliwalks! (be it my son gets to win or not, i would still want to thank Polliwalks for the chance.)

  • Lydia says:

    Let’s Walk… around the block,
    To see who we meet on our Polliwalks!

    Let’s Walk… in our Froggy Lime
    Leave our webby prints, c’mon, walk in line!

    I’d love to have this unique pair of Polliwalks in Froggy (Lime, Size 13). My boy will stand out from the crowd with its colour and webby footprints and boy! I might even be able to find him when he’s lost in the crowd, just by tracing his webby footprints!

    It’s sure fun to walk in Polliwalks!

  • Kwik says:

    The lovely Polliwalks – Duck Fushia is my favorite.

    The Polliwalks Duck Fushia wore by the group of preschoolers, sing the “Little Duck go Quack,Quack” and play at the beach leaving its footprints on the sand.

    Sung to: “London Bridge”

    Little ducks go quack, quack, quack
    Quack, quack, quack,
    Quack, quack, quack –
    Little ducks go quack quack quack
    In the springtime.

    They all like wearing little Duck animal on their feet! They play on the sand by imagining that the Duck eating using its broad elegant bill, that the Duck walking on the beach leaving its unique shape footprints, that the Duck jumping highly up and down, and that the Duck deeply swimming in the water.

    What a happy day for the all preschooler :).

    My choice is Duck Fushia, size 11

    Duck lover,


  • wei says:

    we lived in a country where it’s famous for its beaches. i’ve been wanting to take my daughter to the beach seeing that the weather is getting warmer, sadly she has got eczema which prevent her from playing with the sand.

    when i saw these shoes, i thought, this will solve the problem all together, i can still take her to the beach and let her stomping her feet on the sand to see these cute prints from the shoes. so she doesn’t have to miss out on the outdoor activities!

    If we’re blessed enough to win one, then the LADY BUG FUCHSIA for a 2 year old will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you for your generousity!

  • Rachel Lim says:

    ‘A’ for ‘alligator’, a a a!
    This is what my 32 months old boy will keeps repeating throughout the day. He loves alligator! And mummy here loves to have a pair of Polliwalks, Gator-Lime, size 12, just for him! Dylan, my boy.

    I am going to be due soon with my 2nd boy and I wish this little brother of his can give him a present when he greets him for the frist time! I am sure he will adore this pair of Polliwalks as much as he will adore his little brother ^_^

    Please grant my wish!!

    Thank you Polliwalks!
    Thank you Leonny!


  • Leonny says:

    Hi Wenny!

    Here’re some of the outlets in Singapore where you can find Polliwalks shoes!

    – Kiddy Palace Causeway Point

    – Kiddy Palace Century Square

    – Kiddy Palace Compass Point

    – Kiddy Palace Jurong Point

    – Kiddy Palace Lot 1

    – Kiddy Palace Marina Square

    – Kiddy Palace Toa Payoh

    – Singapore Zoological Gardens (amphitheatre shop)

    – Singapore Zoological Gardens (Kidz World)

    – OG (Albert Complex)

    – OG (Orchard Point)

    – OG (People’s Park) (coming soon)

    – Jurong Bird Park

  • Mike says:

    POLLI puts the WALKers on
    Children’s favourite all along
    Walk like gator wad like duck
    Let’s have great fun!

    Comfy foams on kiddy’s feet
    Put it on and take it off
    Leave some footprints to be seen
    My favourite POLLIWALKS!

    (Sing to the tune of “Polly put the kettle on”)

    Hello, I’m a daddy to my 2yo boy. This is the very 1st time I’m entering a contest for him, cos I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope to win an awesome pair of gator lime in size 12 for my baby! I’m already thinking of bringing him to the beaches so that he can proudly intimidate all the beach goers by leaving behind an alligator footprints…(*smiles slyly) and we’ll have the whole beach to ourselves! Heeheehee!


  • Cynthia Tan says:

    This is NOT FUN AT ALL!

    Why? Cos I had a hard time deciding which design and colour to choose for my daughter! The designs are just awesome!!!

    I happened to see them at a retail store today and oh my! The quality feels so much better than Crocs! I just can’t wait to get a pair of Gator Lime in Size 10 and set off to the beach with my girl right away!

    Give it to us please! So that I can get another pair of Ladybug in Cherry colour on my own 🙂

    Thanks a tonne, Polliwalks and Leonie!! 🙂

  • Patrick says:

    Below is written by my 8 year old daughter :

    P – Polliwalks, polliwalks, you’re the one
    O – Only with those shoes I’ll have fun
    L – Love it in fuschia
    L – Love it in ladybugs too
    I – I’d like it in size 2 because then it will fit
    W – Walk, slide, run & sit
    A – Always I’ll wear them and keep them for life
    L – Lots of days till I grow up
    K – Kick, jump, run & walk
    S – So much better than my old school shoes

  • Ho Choy Kheng says:

    I would love to win 2 pairs of the shoes because i got 2 daughters, age 3 and 5. I think the younger one would love to have duck yellow one cos she is born in the year of chicken. Chicks and ducks are supposingly to be good friends. So, it would be nice to see my girl would waggle like a duckling after she wore the shoes.

    To be fair, my elder one should get the same design one, the duck but I think she will look good in orange instead.

    So, can you imagine, how nice it will be to bring 2 ducklings out to play. So cool and cute. Maybe I should buy one pair for myself. C how, if I win, then can consider to buy for myself.

    Btw, yellow duck (size 4), orange (size 5).

  • meliana says:

    oops, i almost late for this contest, i hope i can be the one of twenty winner for this contest. this is a big chance for us to got the polliwalks. i loved the gator navy for my boy (18 months) size 5 and i’m so sure, if my boy wear this polliwalks, everyone will looking toward because these shoes is so cute and fascinate (not only the color that so bright but the style that looks so fun n comfort). i will be proud if my boy wear this polliwaks cause there isn’t a shoes like polliwalks before. thanks for all.

  • Amy Downes says:

    Yippeeee! Finally a shoe that fits right, looks cool and is easy to care for! I love love love the cute LADYBUG shoe (size 12 US, if I I am chosen to win.) I, honestly, had to force myself to chose since all of the styles are just adorable. My little girl and I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at each one and had a hard time deciding! The detail that has gone into designing these shoes is amazing… the creators must be parents who, like me, get frustrated by poor fitting shoes for kids. The Pollywalks will solve that problem. And what a clever idea to have the bottom printed with the super cool designs! I would just love to show these off to my mommy friends who will ALL want a pair too! Thanks for turning me on to these great shoes!

  • Vivian says:

    These Polliwalks are so cool!!! I have seen kids wearing them but never been able to find them…My boy been asking for them.. He loves the Army Green Gator.. he’s a size 2..He is going to look really cool wearing them to school!!!


  • Nic says:

    Oh dear, what can the matter be?
    POLLIWALKS is bringing us toys for the feet!
    Oh dear, what can the matter be?
    POLLIWALKS lets you pretend to walk like an animal!
    Oh dear, what can the matter be?
    POLLIWALKS is playing Santa Claus!

    Mama promised to blog about POLLIWALKS
    Mama promised to tell everyone about POLLIWALKS
    Mama promised to enter the POLLIWALKS contest
    To win little Will a pair of ‘gator lime’ or a ‘lilac frog’ size 10.

    (Altered from Mother Goose rhyme ‘The Bunch of Blue Ribbons’)

    My POLLIWALKS blog post –

  • Wenny says:

    My daughter like the frog one, would you send us size 8? and by the way where we can buy polliwalks product in singapore?


  • reeva says:

    I’d love to be the first ones in my area to have the Polliwalks! All the moms will be so jealous and wonder where I got the shoes and what they are. I’m sure it would spark a lot of conversations.

    I”d love to win the lime gators in size 7 for my son. These will be a hit on the playgrounds!

  • joycelyn koh says:


    Pick me! Pleaseeeeeeeee pick me!

    My little monster is 15mths old now and she absolutely would go bonkers if she sees the little Polliwalks in DUCK FUSHSIA. So little Phoebe would reallllllllyyyy like a red little duck, her feet size is 13cm now (couldn’t find a size chart, how did everyone else get a size!?)

    Daddy’s too stingy to buy one for her so, this is my desperate attempt. Thanks!

  • Liz Beh says:

    I would like to win the Navy Frog size 8 please.

    Recently my mother in law bought my daughter a pair of pink frog plastic slippers from Taiwan. My goodness… it will make all frogs in this world croak in disgust. Just to help me prove to my mother in law.. that quality matter.. please let me win a decent pair of froggy slippers.

    More of this on my blog at

    Liz Beh

  • Evelyn says:

    It took me a while, but I’ve finally learned that it’s better to live for the journey, not the destination. And hey, if you’re making the trip with a pair of bugs on your feet, you’re pretty much guaranteed an awesome time, no matter where you’re headed! 🙂

    Here’s my pick for my little girl Layla: Lady Bug Fuchsia (size — couldn’t find a size chart, how did everyone else get a size!?).

    Will link this on my blog tomorrow, thanks Leonny & Polliwalks, this is a really cool contest!

  • Grace Loh says:

    Once upon a time, there’s a girl named Kye Yue. She’s almost one year old. Just a few months ago, whenever she was put on her tummy, she would squirm like a little tadpole, trying to move forward but never getting far.

    These days she’s a crawling dynamo. She has begun to explore the world on all fours – she climbs through pillow tunnels and scales the stairs on her bare hands and knees.

    Just this week, she started to toddle around when we hold her hands.

    What’s going to happen when she walks? Who’s going to be there at her first solo steps? Mama, Papa and hopefully, Polliwalks.

    As she starts walking and hopping, wouldn’t it be great if she can have lime-green, size 6 Miss Froggy to be her friend every step of the way?

    Once a squirmy tadpole, now she’s ready to hop out to see the world!

  • mike says:

    I am really fascinated and I would like a gator lime size 8 for my little boy.

    i think pollliwalks has done it right with kids’ footwear. This shoe injects fun and imagination in every step a child takes. Children often learn about animals from a very tender age and develop a special bonding with them enjoying and imitating the sounds they make. Congratulations to Polliwalks for taking a big stride into the hearts of our little ones! These clogs will certainly make their first few steps an unforgettable experience.


  • wenwin says:

    A pair of Pink LadyBug Fuchsia (Size 13) for my little Wen!

    It’s your favourite pink colour that allow the convenience of sliding in your little feet and marked the sand with your ladybug design.

    The ladybug design will make little Wen more willingly to walk, to leave behind a trace of fun and happiness….

    Yes,….Polliwalks is the BEST !

  • Leonny says:

    Hi everyone!

    It’s great to see not just so many moms, but also more and more dads leaving comments to enter the Polliwalks Shoes Giveaway Contest!

    As you all know, the contest ends next week, 15 October, and Polliwalks will then choose 20 lucky winners who’ll get to receive their FREE Polliwalks Shoes in the mail!

    Really, this is probably one of the easiest ways to win a prize for your little one (worth S$48.15!). Not to mention your high chance of actually winning!

    So please do spread the good news to others!

    All the best!



  • rob says:

    wow what a lucky find how cool are the gator army green shoes my boy would love them in a size 5 too cute i could just see him now pretending to be a gator with them on
    thanks our everyday things and polliwalks for giving me the chance to enter hope my son gets a chane to try your shoes

  • stephanie says:

    hey how cool are these i have never seen them before my son would love the blue gator ones in size 10 how great are they i will have to spread the word

    cheers stephanie

  • Carol Tan says:

    Hi Leonny Polliwalks,

    I first saw Polliwalks when we were living in US n we loved it. My daughter had the Fushia Ladybug. She wears it everywhere she goes. Quarter of her schoolmates wear Polliwalks. Think they should call her school Polliwalks Kindergarten Preschool :-).
    My twin boys are turning 3 end of next month and would love them to have it. Be it a pair or two, any design will be great for their birthday present. Size 13.

    Thank you for bringing in Polliwalks n having this contest.


  • Michael says:

    The choice is clear, I would definitely choose duck fushia size 5 please.

    All designs are unique and it wasn’t an easy chore for me indeed.

    Thanks, Leonny and polliwalks for this contest!

  • Tony says:

    Gator Lime (sz 6) please for my lil gal, who is afraid of the alligator, whether alive or not. Hopefully the Polliwalk Gator will allay her fears, and bring her many moments of cheers!

  • Abby says:

    Awesome Giveaway!!

    My handsome would be over the moon with the gators size 8 in Army.

    How realistic would my crocodile loving boy think these are as he runs around yelling “Snap! Snap! Crocodile” imitating his latest fave animal.

    My blog post is here….

  • rachel crisman says:

    I like the red ladybug in size 7!!! I want to win a pair for my little niece because although she is average size for a small child,she has giant feet and they are terribly wide.We have a hard time finding shoes that have enough give to put her feet into comfortably.These shoes look perfect and comfy.Thank you,Rachel

  • aida says:

    Finally! A worthy competitor to Crocs shoes, with cute designs and proper sizes. It’s wonderful news for the suffering mom of a little stubborn 2 year old who will only wear Crocs and nothing else. Even when he outgrows his current pair and finds the next size too big for him. I’m sure Polliwalks will change his mind, if given a chance! Please grant this mom a little duck in size 10.

  • Claudia says:

    Oh, pick me! Ladybugs in size 10. These are similar to the crocs that are so popular here.

  • Peggy says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve just bought a pair of crocs for my 2.5yo boy recently and he loves it so much that he wants to wear it all the time. Merely at the age of 2.5, he is also able to tell us so and so is wearing the same shoes as he is in church (*strong observation =p*).

    This is the first time I hear about Polliwalks, I’ve never seen it in Malaysia though. If I were to know about this earlier, I would have waited for this contest before getting the crocs for my son. Having say that, I guess it is still not too late to join this contest and win my son a pair of Polliwalks. I bet he’ll love it even more than his crocs due to the cute animal design on his little feet. I’m also certain that he’d be proud to show it off to his friends in nursery and in church that he’s the first to own a pair of Polliwalks.

    I think the Gator or Frog design would be ideal for my little boy, but the orange Duckie looks nice too :), too many for choice. Well, I would leave it to Polliwalks to offer what they have for my little 2.5 yo boy since this is giveaway freely.

    Thanks so much to Polliwalks and Leonny for introducing such a nice product to the AP region.

  • Samantha says:

    Dearest Polliwalks,

    There’s a little boy who lives in Sunny Singapore and I know he’ll be simply delighted to have me on his feet.Happily running,jumping and stomping round in me,Mr Lime Green Alligator.Yes!I’m that tough and I’m sure Mummy Sam will agree that I’m most conveted for,like how tai tais convet for IT bags.
    But unlike IT bags I serve better purpose and definitely,will make her little boy light up with joy like a christmas tree.

    He’ll be able to play in the sand,mud and dirt (if the need arises) without fear,thanks to me.He’ll be the coolest kid in town and of course,mummy dearest will be most pleased.

    The best thing about it,is that I’ll be his playmate,Mr Happy Alligator!In disguise,I’ll be mummy’s secret spy with my tracking prints.Think,just when mummy thinks she can’t find her boy in a game of hide and seek on the beach,my cute little prints beneath will make both of them laugh with excitment and amusement!

    They’ll even have a theme song,just for me!

    Gator boy,gator boy
    Watch him swing,
    See him run,
    Look at his smile,
    bright as the Sun,
    Cause he’s got me… lucky stars,
    Look out!
    Here comes the Gator boyyy!

    *sang in tune to the Spiderman theme song*

    It’s meant to be a secret, but I think mummy Sam really does like me and if she could,she’ll write in to Polliwalks and ask them if she could get them to make a pair to match her little boy’s,while they skip and play on the beach,in the park or take a walk round town.

    I’m gonna bring them much joy and laughter!Seeing that Christmas is just round the corner,wouldn’t you just grant this cute little boy and his happy family to me,pleaseee?I know they’ll love me,just like how I’ll love them.

    Thank you very much!
    Your lovely shoes at work,
    Mr Alligator (Lime green,size 13 )

  • Juita says:

    I like the idea of animal-shape shoes on Polliwalks. Also the holes for ventilation and the materials which seemed to me are easy to clean and durable. Moreover they have the non-slippery soles with cute prints too. I want Polliwalks shoes, Gator – army, size 13, please!!! Thank you so much!

  • Jacqueline Heng says:

    Pairs of lovely colored animal look-alike shoes,
    Oh so gorgeous they’ll look on childrens’ feet!
    Left, right, centre, up and down,
    Looks and design that are so unique!
    I will , I will!!
    Win back this prize – a pair of …
    Army Green Gator for a 8 yr old boy
    Lovely gift to thrill and excite him (and make his little sis green with envy)
    Kisses he’ll blow and send to me
    Son, you know I love you so so so deep!

  • Jo Muliaty says:

    This is definitely one very creative design of kid’s clog. My kids just can’t get away from my PC the moment they saw Polliwalks’s website. They just can’t get enough of Polliwalks’s clogs, though it is only viewing them online. Imagine if they have a pair each on their feet.
    My boy, Tobias (5 yo), wishes to have a pair of Gator – Army and that would be of size 1. Yes, he is a ‘big foot’ and I want him to have a chance of showing off a cool clog to his friends before his feet outgrow the sizes available for this cool clog.
    I can’t wait for the new designs to come up either! Notice that it’ll be in Oct & Nov 08. If Tobias win a pair, Kyla – his sister – will definitely request one for herself. Don’t worry.. I have jotted down the nearest retail outlet to my home, Kiddy Palace that is.

    Thank you both Polliwalks and Leonny.

  • Linda Sim says:

    My boy Ravel is turning 1 in about a month’s time, he’s taking a few steps with our help, but I would love his first pair of walking shoes to be the Gator Lime ones… in the smallest size..That’ll be size 4!

  • Meina says:

    My little girl likes the ladybug fuschia, size 12. Not sure why, but I think it’s because ladybug was her first puzzle when she was not even one year old. And she loves pink. She would choose pink for anything to wear if given a chance.

    I think she would insist on wearing the ladybug whenever she is out. Wearing polliwalks would be fun. And knowing that it is anti-slip just gives me a peace of mind when she runs on wet ground.

    Thanks Polliwalks and Leonny (btw, I use your photo for my blog).

  • Delima says:

    *Give the best ONLY for My Son*

    My son Ian, likes the alligator Green colour and always ask mummy, when can I wear that shoes? Hahaha.

    The design of these shoes are very cute, unique design especially for kids, and comfortable to wear and also very comfortable to bring along (shopping,go to beach, travelling)

    I preferred Shoe style: GATOR, colour : ARMY and preferred Size : 12.

    Hoping to hear your news soon, and make my wish come true ….

    Thank You Polliwalks™ & also for Leonny for your sms!”

  • KY Wong says:

    *Only THE BEST for My Daughter*
    My little girl was born 3 months pre-mature and constantly vomits even as she turns 15 months now. Doctors have been unable to cure her but luckily she recovers remarkably quick after each bout of vomiting and goes back to her usual cheerful self. Polliwalks Clogs strikes me as the PERFECT COMPANION for her as it creates a sense of joy that overcomes the difficult path she has to walk in life. She will be delighted if she can have a pair of the adorable Lady Bug Fuchsia, Size 4!
    Thanks Polliwalks! 🙂

  • Irene Chew says:

    Hi Polliwalks Giveaway,

    Would like it very much if i could get a pair of Polliwalks DUCK LEMON (Size 11).

    Reason : Cos its cool, its cheerie, its bright,

    I believe my boy BRYAN would definitely love to wear such a cute toy on his feet.

  • Bel says:

    How COOL is it to be the FIRST few kids to wear the Polliwalks in SINGAPORE?!!!

    Make my wish come true with a Polliwalks Lilac Frog (Size 1) !

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Andrew says:

    My first impression was these shoes are really cute! With different animal characters, I am pretty sure kids will love to put them on! We are training my son to learn how to put on his shoes and easy to wear feature is definitely useful. Would love to have the orange duck size 12 for my son! He will be motivated to put on his shoes when he see the ducky on his feet!

  • Alice Tan says:

    Cute shoes with cheerful colours… I fall in love with them when I see them! Wish that they have adult size too.

    Must be the Lime Frog for my 2 year old son (size 12)! He is learning how to jump like a frog and I am sure he will jump better with this. He will be delighted with this pair of shoes.

    Can’t wait to get my hand on it!

  • Samy says:

    It will be nice if my 2yr old son wins a pair of Army Gator. Then I can say to him every morning when I drop him at my mum’s place “See u later, Alligator!”

  • Melani says:

    Polliwalks has a wonderful design especially for the “frog” design. It is with the funny eyes and nose which attracts my son very much. With the bottom footprint included, not only to avoid slippery, it is included with the nice footprint. It is beautiful. It looks very comfortable and easy to wear especially for the young kids. Last but not least, it is designed with few holes which make the foot more comfortable. It is really perfect.
    My son likes the lime color. If we can get one, the size number 9 would be great.

  • Liow says:

    Hi there…i hope i can win a pair of duck orange size 8 for my princess…she likes ducky duck alot….and she likes to sing quak quak quak all day long when she’s in a good mood 🙂 hope i am given a chance to win one of the 20 pairs

  • Jes says:

    Well well well…all look very attractive to me……and if i got the chance to win a pair of Polliwalks ladybug’s shoes, im sure my girl will like it alot! cos it’s like wearing a ladybug on her feets and she will sure like it as i’s sure it’s a great companion for her during playtime or shopping time. i would like to have size 9 please… 😛

  • Lee Siew Eng says:

    Awesome, this sounds great! I hope there is nothing wrong with my eyes ..
    Oki doki, a pair of Frog Navy will definitely bright up the day for a 5 year old child. There goes 3 cheers for Leonny Mummy ….. Hip Hip Hooray ….. Hip Hip Hooray ….. Hip Hip Hooray ……
    With the unique features such as animal designs, foot printer on bottom of each shoe, good ventilations, funky colors, for sure my son will fall in love with it the moment I present the shoes in front of him.
    Thus please fulfill my wish for a pair of Popped-Out Eyes Frog Navy!!!
    Thanks so much to Mummy Leonny 🙂

  • Eileen says:

    I’m going to post about this into my girl’s blog

    Please select me! Jae, my daughter will definitely love to have a “Lilac Frog size 6”

    Frog is definitely for her. She can swim like a frog, jump like a frog and now I hope she can leave a mark just like a frog, mark on the sand, the floor, and everywhere she goes. With the frog shoe, I can trace her whereabout.. hahaha… Way to go Polliwalks!

  • mouseaction says:

    Thanks Leonny for sharing about this online contest. I have posted about this online contest in my blog too (

    I can only think of Crocs clogs as an equalvalent to Polliwalks clogs. Since the arrival of Crocs clogs in Singapore, have not got any for my boy coz he simply don’t like and wouldn’t want to wear it when I brought him to a Crocs outlet one day wanting to get him a pair. He showed no interest at all in Crocs clogs up to this day. Now with the cute animal design Polliwalks clogs, I believe it will definately stir up his interest on it should he set his eyes on them and couldn’t wait to put his feet in them.

    It has always been my regret for unable to get him a pair of good clogs that is comfortable, gentle to his feet and can serve as playtime usage at the playground or beach and as general walking and shopping usage, more important to his liking. With the good reviews and innovative designs of Polliwalks clogs, I believe this will mark my end of the searching journey for my boy.

    If I could win a pair of Polliwalks clogs, Gator Lime will be great, size suitable for 5yr old (I couldn’t make out which size will fits my boy based on the sizing number). Gator Lime is a great representation of my boy character – lively, active, mischievious coupled with certain degree of shyness, and a bright simile. With his birthday coming, this pair of Gator Lime will be the big surprise present that I have ever got for him.

  • Joanne says:

    I’ve never like clogs till I saw these lovely clogs from Polliwalk! Their creative design really caught my attention and I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on them. Baby Natalie is 14 month-old and she is currently learning to walk. She will love the Lady Bug Fuchsia Size 4 as her first Walking Shoe. It’s SO Adorable, Looks Comfortable and Definitely a Great Toy for her tiny feet!
    Kisses for Polliwalk and Leonny, from my little girl! 😉

  • Ferlina Sutandi says:

    Wow it is so colourfull and I love to have the Duck Orange size 2 for my 6 years old boy.

    He loved orange colour and this duck so cute and it seem can cheer up everybody with his smiley faces. I can imagine how happy he is if can get this Polliwalks shoe ……..

    Now my son want to have sunglasses with orange colour and if he can get this Duck Orange hmmm it can match his glasses … orange maniac hahahaha

    Hope can have opportunity to be the winner since never in my life can get present from lottery.

    thanks for Leonny and Polliwalks

  • Mrs Leong says:

    “Buh..buh..mommie……”these are the reponses from my 23 mth old toddler when she saw the Polliwalks™ on my computer screen.

    My little princess is now at the stage where she is beginning to have her own preference when it comes to choosing her clothings and shoes and she would use whatever limited vocabulary she has to express and convey her preference.

    As such, the choice is obvious -Cute Lady Bug Fuchsia (Size 6)! for her cute little feet!

    She has already outgrown her current sandals but is still insisting on wearing it. With Lady Bug Fuchsia coming along…things will be different now…. : )

    Thanks to Polliwalks™ !

  • Perlin says:

    Oh dear, so many people already posted nice write-ups …. Wonder I got chance to get a pair for my girl, a child with special needs – chromosome deletion.

    Once upon a time … well, I’m supposed to teach my girl take-off/put on shoes and Polliwalks™ looks ideal (so cute, easy to handle and irresistible) to motivate my girl.

    Also hope Polliwalks™ can be a gift for her 6th birthday in October. If we are chosen, kindly let us have a pair that fit her feets measuring 17.6cm – cherry Lady Bug matches my girl but GATOR NAVY blends with her school tee!

    Thank you so much for making this offer!

    I’m not a blogger but in this forum:
    Parenting Special Needs Child, Spore

  • Sharon Teo says:

    I would love to win a pair of Gator Navy in Size 7. My 2 1/2 year old son is fascinated with crocodiles and he always “Rrhh”! at whoever who greets him. So, if he were to win a pair of Polliwalks, I’m sure hes’ gonna have fun chasing people around with his new shoes!

  • Christine says:

    If I’m one of the blessed winners, my sons will love to have the Froggy Lime size 2. Those pop-up eyes make it so attractive especially when he puts on his long pants or jeans. And imagine if both brothers put on the Froggy facing one another, it’s as if there are 2 communication lines developed between the brothers as well as their Foggies. Wow, can you imagine the clogs can talk to one another too! Wonderful creation of this clogs!

  • Cien Ling says:

    Hi there…

    First time we saw Polliwalks is when we went to the Zoo last September..
    It was very eye catchy with all the cute design and it was so colourful on the display. I was thinking to ask my hubby to buy one for our son, Kenneth, but when I checked the price its a bit over our budget 🙁 that’s why I withdrew my intention to buy…
    Than I heard about this contest, I straight away think that I need to enter, for the sake of our dearly son… It is the PERFECT TIME for him to have one! 🙂 Because at the moment, his at the stage of learning how to walk & run (He’s 1 yr old last September). I think he would need one pair of shoe that is COMFORTABLE, RELIABLE, STURDY and yet ADORABLE and CUTE :). His current shoes a bit too small already, and we’ve been searching for the right shoes for him but haven’t found the ‘right one’… That’s why when I saw Polliwalks I think THIS IS THE ONE, THE BEST MATCH OF ALL and it would be a wonderful present for him if we could be one of the lucky winners 🙂 Just imagining him with his funky frog running here and there it will just make us laugh… 🙂

    Preferred Design : Frog
    Colour : Lime
    Size : maybe 4 or 5? (the measurement from the back of his heel to his toe is 14cm)

    Thanks Polliwalks & Leonny
    May God bless you always…

  • Samantha says:

    Yippy!! WOW! Are these shoes?
    OH my! Is more than just a pair of shoes!
    These shoes are so cute and furthermore is comfortable and also has many benefits (stated in the features) that I can bring my boy out everyday (rain or shine-no problem) : )

    **I think I can save money on buying toys. Opps!..**

    Having an active boy who likes to run about makes me more ‘active’ (heartbeats more faster) as well, seeing him fell down is a part of the ‘activity’ as well..

    What should I do? Until one day, I saw…… Polliwalks™

    Polliwalks™ finally makes me feel more relieved and secured after seeing their wonderful shoes on the website.. : )

    Really hopes that Polliwalks™ can introduce -the new animal clogs just for ADULTS! one day : ) . So that my hubby, my boy and I can wear it together, isn’t it wonderful…? : )

    Preferred Shoe style: GATOR (hopes my boy can be as strong as aligator : ) )
    Preferred colour : ARMY (Cool! Army MUST be alert to protect their country, hopes my boy can be as alert as them : ) )
    Preferred Size : 11

    Thank You Polliwalks™ & Miss Leonny!

    Best Regards,
    30th September 2008

  • Angeline says:

    Wow… this Polliwalks shoe look is so cute … my boy will definitely love it when he is older. He is my precious boy, he is only 10 month old. Would like to let him wear the moment he is able to wear it. He will feel very comfortable wearing it because he got sweaty foot as his daddy, this will be a prefect present for him. He like the Polli Navy Frog because of the two cutie popping eyes that he can play with.

    I am not sure about the exact size – but the measurement from his toe to back of the heel now is around 13cm, maybe size 4.

    My boy will be 1 year old this coming mid Nov, hope he is one of the lucky 20 to get the shoe as his birthday present.

    Thank you Polliwalk and Leonny.

  • Angel says:

    Dear Mr Polliwalks,

    Wonder if we could be so bless to win a pair of the new animal clogs Army Gator Polliwalks for my 2yr old (size 7) or a pair of Navy Gator Polliwalks for my 6yr old (size 1). ^_^ ^_^

    Your clogs is so amazing. I love the colour, the design and the cuteness. It also looks very comfy to wear too. I pictured my kids having lots of outdoor fun in this footwear no matter rain or shine. So hopefully we’ll be chosen.

    May God Bless You with more Creative Ideas.

    Thank you so much Mr Polliwalks and Leonny!

  • Lil' Aden says:

    May I have a Gator Navy, pleaassseee? I’m not sure about the size but I’m a 2.5 year old boy and I think I heard mummy say that my feet is about 15cm.

    I only wear clogs and nothing else and your alligator clogs make my plain-looking clogs look so boring in comparison! If I do receive this present from Polliwalks, I would love to walk and run about in these clogs and go snap snap snap like a friendly baby alligator.

    And if I run off a little too far at the beach or playground, I’m sure mummy and daddy can find me by following the alligator footprints… hee! hee!

  • Gwenneth says:

    Gator, Ladybug, Duck and Frog
    My daughter chooses one for her walk
    Colouful and cute there on her feet
    She’s been wearing them the whole week

    Ladybug’s so smiley and Gator is cute
    Duck is cheery and Frog makes her day
    With Polliwalks her favourite words are
    “Walk walk, yayy!”

    My girl’s current favourite animal is Frog, and she would be so delighted to have a pair of them in fashionable Lime Green. Size 6? [for a 2 year old] Pick us pretty please! =D

  • Wilhelmina says:

    Looks cute, cool designs, environmental friendly. And…. my girl loves it, ladybug fuschia size 11. She loves pink and she loves ladybug. Looks forward to see her ladybug print following her wherever she goes.

  • Sherilyn says:

    I can’t believe my eyes when I see Polliwalks clogs. They are so funky, attractive and vibrant! They are dreams come true! Perfect for brightening up raining days, where feet do not get cold from wet shoes, and yet having fun splashing in puddles. Beach plays begin with little fun footprints in the sand…oh what fun they bring! I can imagine the megawatt smile that lits up the little face. They are easy to clean and take off, light and non-skid, that are all so important factors. I wish…I wish to win Gater Lime Sz 13 for the 6year old. Will this wish come true?

  • Christina Ho says:

    When I read about this contest, I was very thrilled. I think the time has come that maybe my 3 boys can finally have the same design clogs in different colours. Big brother Aloysius prefer Gator design in Army Colour, so if I win a pair, I will buy another 2 pairs in Navy and Lime for Ignatius and Ascensius!

    They never had a chance to wear the same design for footwear so now is the chance 🙂 COLOURFUL Gator clogs on 3 boys would look so good in photos and I’m sure they would be fascinated by the little eyes on the Gator clogs. The clogs will also be a good alternative to their current boring footwear like shoes, sandals & slippers, since they are LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-SLIP AND STURDY!

  • Josephine (age 8) says:

    Dear Polliwalks,

    I am a little lady who loves bugs, esp lady bugs. Since you have them in my favourite colour, fuchsia, can I please have one to keep?

    I promise to look after my size 2 lady bugs, & make sure she leaves giant foot prints everywhere she goes.

    Lots of Polliwalks’ hugs & kisses,

  • Annabelle (age 7) says:

    Little little lady bugs
    Will you give me lots of hugs

    You’re so pretty in fuchsia
    I want to keep you in future

    My feet is size one
    Polliwalks, you’re the one

    Can’t wait to show everyone my fancy walks
    Thank you Polliwalks!

  • Nancy Cheng says:

    I would lurrrve a pair of Lime Gator Polliwalks for my cheeky toddler’s 15cm feet…:)

    Green is his favourite color. When I asked him to choose a crayon, he would look for the green one. When I asked him to choose a sticker, he would point at the green one. Recently, he had just mastered the word “green”. He goes, “Mama, gweeen!” and beams his megawatt smile :).

    And did I tell you that he would go, “Yak, yak, yak” with actions at the alligator when we read his “Wheels on the Bus” book together :)?

    Oh, how I lurrrve him so…:)…and a pair of Polliwalks would sure make my lil boy’s day which comes with a walk at the beach or park…

    Wouldn’t you like to see him beam :)?

  • Arthur says:

    My little boy would love a Gator Army. For size, a pair that fits 15cm feet(lengthwise) would be great.

    These shoes are great cos they also double up as toys. We may forget to bring along our kid’s toys to keep him occupied during outings but we’ll never leave home without his shoes. And if it’s a pair of Polliwalks he’s wearing, they make a great toy in itself.

    Imagine, our boy will be kept occupied during the car ride with story telling of his favourite alligator story, using his shoes as props. When we reach our destination, we can go leave alligator footprints in the sand, be it at the playground or the beach.

    So, never leave home without Polliwalk shoes..err i mean alligator toy.. well, aren’t they the same!

  • Helen Salim says:

    Polliwalks, Polliwalks,
    please grand my lil boy
    your Polli Frog Lime
    He’ll love it when he see it
    He’ll love the colour
    He’ll love the eyes
    He’ll love the snug comfyness
    He’ll love the path that he makes
    Oh, how he’ll love his Polli Frog Lime
    So please grand his will
    And make a this lil boy happy with his feet ^_^

    This clog is awesome, the colour, the design, and surely it looks very comfy to use. Kids need this kind of footwear, which is fun with the brightest colour, and comfortable to wear.
    Kids will love these comfy clogs. But, maybe you could make the eyes of these clog less 3 dimension.
    These days, most children’s footwear are too similiar with adults footwear, and mostly are not comfy enough to wear everyday. You go Polliwalks with your innovative idea and design. Hope that you’ll continue producing great products for kids, but hopefully with lower price ^_^

    So, Polli Frog Lime number 4 please ^_^

  • Eileen Tan says:

    Polliwalks clogs are simply irresistible! They are simply so cute yet so practical.

    My little Joash would like a pair of Gator in navy (Size 6) for him to run around in when he’s out in a playground, by the beach or simply shopping with mummy!

    Thanks to Leonny & Polliwalks!

  • sunnice says:

    Add one line to the Princess Handbook: A modern princess must wear a pair of Polliwalks.
    My girl does not have loyal parents or a fairy godmother, but she can wish hard for her mommy to win her a pair of dream shoes.
    A pair of size 12 red ladybug,please.

  • Jedadad says:

    Wife (aka ‘Royal Highness’) : “Have you send in the entry for the contest?”
    Me : “No…I don’t like those eyes. They’re spooky.”
    Wife : “Think about the children….they’ll love the funky designs, the fun features and it’s comfortable on their little feet. Think about the earth….clogs made with Mother-Earth in mind. Think about ME! No more scrubbing dirty shoes! Would you choose function over your personal aesthetic preferences?”
    Me (grinning): “Erm..what do you think? I chose a pretty wife who can’t cook and clean…..”

    At that point, I was already on my feet running *sweat*.

    So to appease my ‘Royal Highness’ and for the sake of the kids’ souls…er, I meant soles, Polliwalks™, please grant me a pair of Size 11 Navy Gator, whose eyes are not so 3-D, and colour as decreed by my ‘Royal Highness’.

    Thank you.
    Our blog entry can be viewed at

  • Damien Harrison says:

    Dear Mr Polliwalks

    My name is Damien, and I am writing to let you know that as soon as I saw the LADYBUG FUSCHIA SIZE 8 shoes on your website, my life was CHANGED!
    My life flashed before my eyes…my heart was racing…never before have I seen an object of such beauty…I will be the life of the party, wherever I go! I HAVE to have these shoes!

    After picking myself up off the floor, I then remembered that my feet will be too big, but my daughter, Charlotte’s feet would be just the right size!

    Please help change a little girls life…PLEASE!

  • Cin-Cin says:

    Polliwalks, Polliwalks, please give my son a pair of Polliwalks shoes.

    Vincent is 9 this year and he’d LOVE a Gator blue size 2.

    We live in Indonesia and we’ve never seen Polliwalks shoes anywhere here! So to wear those cute shoes on his feet everyday, it will be one of the proudest and fun moments he’ll enjoy.

    So please please Polliwalks, send my son a pair of Polliwalks shoes.

    Thanks so much!

  • Wow! I really love the Cherry Ladybug Polliwalks™ for my daughter! (size 8, or something fits for 2,5 years old, since she’s a big footer!)
    The Cherry Ladybug Polliwalks™ really represents my daughter’s character and attitude.

    Her name is Mikayla Asia Tamzil.
    You know, she’s a fighter: She was actually born small, only 1,7 kg, but the minute she opened her eyes, she screamed like there was 5 babies with 10 subwoover in the room!
    At that moment I just knew she would be a strong, charming, and funny gal..

    And surely at her 15months old now, she is one of a kind: loves nature, likes adventure, socializing, always curious, witty, smiles a lot, and laughs a lot.. to prove that I’m not just being subjectively too proud of my daughter, you can check her out at

    And let’s see what impression did you get from her..!

    This is why I love the ladybug for my Mikayla..
    It’s small, yet it can travel far, attracting other’s attentions and has charms on its polkadots wings.. This is Mikayla Asia Tamzil..

    Thanks so much, Leonny..!


    Ganesha Tamzil

  • Fay says:

    We would love to have a pair of the Lime Frog Clogs for our son Caleb, in size 8, please!

    We have been sooooo pleased with the Navy Gator that we purchased for our older son. It fits him so much better than Crocs, as the sizing for Crocs is rather strange (the size jump from one to another is quite huge). He absolutely loves them. He wears them everyday! … so it would be really nice to have his brother get a pair too.

    I’ve been raving about these to everyone, friends and family, and anyone who asks me about them on the street. Hope more retailers carry them in Singapore. So far, I’ve only seen them sold at the Singapore Zoo.


  • Wow, well we always have said a way to a girls heart is through her shoes and that was before polliwalks, walked into our lives.
    With 2 little girls I have decided that the Lady Bug ones in the fusia in a size 10 and a size 7, Just imagine this. We are living in Broome in western australia, with Cable beach our second hang out.

    Polliwalks laying on the white sand with the blue ocean as a back drop. The kids have just run off into the water to have a swim, then as finish we walk over the dunes with the most precious little feet in a funky, comfortable yet protective shoe for little feet, people from all countries will be asking where to get them, there is no better marketing tool than getting them out there amongst a whole awway of cultures and nationality and what better place to do it than Broome.

    We would love to market your shoes and would love every colour and style so we can be at the forefront of fashion, funkiness and fun.

  • Triana says:


    My family lives in Lampung, Indonesia. A small city in Sumatra island.

    I heard about Polliwalks shoes from this blog, and it looks so fun!

    My son William is 10 years old, and he really likes the frog one! The biggest size (size 2), blue colour for him please.

    I hope to win a pair for him! If you choose us, he probably will be the only boy in our city to wear Polliwalks shoes!! He will be so happy.

    Thanks Polliwalks!!!

  • Mimi Goh says:

    Ethan loves RED ! Well any animal designs that has RED will make his day and can replaced the pre-loved CROCS which bought online from a mummy.

    If I’m one of the winner, I can’t provide any size for Ethan coz’ there ain’t any chart measurement or I’ve missed it ??? Ai Yah, nevertheless….if I’m the winner then shall see how it goes ……

    Many THANKS Leonny, Anya & Vai……Polliwalks too !!

  • Gien Nio says:

    One pair of Ladybug, cherry color, size 10, please…..
    I really really love this style. the shape is so cute and the color is very nice. It’s just right for my little girl.

    i hope i can be the one of the winner. It will be a perfect birthday present for my daughter – Thania, this coming December.

    Thanks Leonny & Polliwalks !

  • Leonny says:

    Hi Everyone!

    So nice to see more and more comments from parents!! Hope you can keep the news going and tell your friends and families about this cool Polliwalks giveaway contest!

    Btw, if anyone needs to use the photos from my blog (for your blog mention of the contest, ie. bloggers category), please go ahead.

    All I ask is that you let me know after you put the photos up, and that you mention where the photos are from in your post too! That’s all 🙂

    All the best everyone!!


  • Sze Yoon says:

    I love the Duck Fushia (sz 6)! So cheery & adorable.

    But I think my 20mths gal will ‘luf’ the Gator Lime coz she likes going “ngarp ngarp ngarp” with her two arm clapping vertically to signify that gator’s mouth!

    And isn’t it all about pleasing the child and seeing her big wide smile?

  • Florence says:

    Leonny : can I use your pixs on ur blog? thanks

  • Florence says:

    I am a mother of 2 young children , Keith age 3 years and Hazel 1 year old.

    I always had problems getting keith to wear his own shoes and keep them on him. He would take his shoes out everytimes he sits down.

    Keith is an animal and car lover. He likes purple colour so If I won , I would like to have the Frog Lilac pair for him. his foot is 17cm long , I am not really sure of the size to choose.

    I am impress when I read the web that Polliwalks Clogs has many child friendly designs and colours. Also like the comfort it will give keith. The easy washing also make life easier for mummy as keith loves to jump into puddle of water and loves to beach. I know he will be excited to see frog footprints when he walk in sand. 🙂

    I will blog on my kids’ blog : abt Polliwalks Clogs . And of coz I hope I am one of the lucky winner.

    Thanks Leonny n Polliwalks!

  • Helen A. Hidayat says:

    One pair of Polliwalks Fuchsia for my Keira….please!! Don’t forget size 10 🙂

    What a perfect shoes for my Keira..It’s fun, colourful, comfortable and the most important it’s enviroment friendly…
    I choose this one because Keira loves pink ( it’s more pinkish than others)..she said Pink is beautifull 🙂 ehmmm
    and if we go to the beach…she can make a funny footprints…many ladybugs will follow her 🙂

    The other side of Keira…she is very active..she can walk then jump..and running all around in the same time…after that she sing and
    moves her body, dancing! :) can imagine…

    I definitely sure this will be surprising christmas present for her (sst..something that she need…usefull, fun, colourful, comfort..POLLIWAKS SHOES!)

    thanks to Leonny & Polliwalks.

  • Cika says:

    When I asked my 4 years old Zion to choose which Polliwalks’s design that he would like to have, he just point to all the designs and keeps saying “I want everything!” :D. For my opinion, frog in lime will be suit him best because of the eye catching colour and he like to jump around to imitate frog. Not sure about the size though…

    Even when I change the window and start typing this comment, he still bugging me and says,”Mommy…I don’t want to see this, I want the shoes!!!”

    The designs are cute and adorable. The slip resistant feature will sure fit Zion’s “cannot-just-sit-back-quietly” behaviour since he always run and jump here and there.

    Thanks for advertising about this Polliwalks, Leonny. Hopefully we can become 1 of the winner 😀

  • Sook Mui says:

    A pair of Orange Duck size 9 please please please (for Qi En).

    The polliwalks ducky will go so well with her orange duck towel when
    she goes to the beach.

    The polliwalks ducky will go so well with her bright orange backpack wen she goes to her playschool.

    The polliwalks ducky will go so well with her sweet pale orange dress when she goes to her friend’s party.

    the combination is endless, that’s what I like about Polliwalks 🙂

  • Wen says:

    Just had a look at all the models available and thought my little girl would really love the gator army. Its’ not everyday that someone make an alligator-look-alike shoes look this interesting. It has a good resemblance to that of a real alligator but still managed to look really cute and intriguing.

    My 2.5 year old daughter has wide feet (~size 9) just like her dad and mum 🙂 so the wide front of the shoe is ideal. The foot print on the bottom of the shoes is a great idea and seems practical to me for a good grip. The spaces between the teeth also allow breathing room for my little girl’s feet whilst not over-exposing it to knocks and stones. Overall, my little girl would love the design and the mum and dad would appreciate its practicality so that’s really a win-win situation 🙂

  • claudine says:

    Aww, how adorable! I’ve never seen these before! (Will have to check if they have a retailer in Australia.)

    I’d love to win a pair for my 4 year old girl. Summer is coming over here, so these clogs would be perfect. I love how they’ve got several animal shapes to choose from, such fun! But I think my favourite would be the ladibug in cherry (size 9). I agree that it is probably the most girly, and so unique, haven’t seen anything like it elsewhere. I love the leaf shapes towards the back of the ladybug, great details!

    Thanks for writing about Polliwalks, Leonny, and for these giveaways!

  • Jen says:

    My boys are so active – they crawl, they spin, they climb and they…JUMP just like the jumping FROG!

    So, i’d definitely love to have a FROG (navy blue) please for a two-year old.

  • Visca says:

    Ok, now…who…would not love Polliwalks…….No one.
    Every child, for sure, loves it (including Russell, my two-year-old son. Hey….even his mom loves it 😀 )

    Russell would just fall in love even on his first glance. The cool colors, the great animal characters/options, and the comfort that Polliwalks would give to his little feet (believe me….he prioritize comfort so much that he picks one pair of shoes as his favorite one – from few shoes that he has – and wear only that whenever he goes).

    I believe Russell would love the Navy Frog Polliwalks (size 6) if he could win this contest. Why frog? Because that’s his favorite animal character from Word World show (which he’s been excited to watch and learn from nowadays).

    Big thanks to Leonny & Polliwalks.

  • Amie Low says:

    I was so excited to know about the Polliwalks animal clogs! Glad to know also they are easy to wash and have animal Foot printers on the soles! My girl loves to step on puddles of water after rain hence she would be thrilled to see the prints she’s leaving behind!

    My girl saw the website. After explaining what are the animals available, she wanted a DUCK clog and blue (her favourite colour) and wanted mummy to buy so she can wear them to school! But I’ve to tell here there’s no blue and we finally settled with DUCK ORANGE, (SIZE 8).

    I asked her to do a Duckie Walk (Squat walk, arms flapping and saying ‘Quack, Quack’ at the same time). Just can’t help thinking how much FUN she would have doing this with her pair of DUCK clogs on!!

    Hope lady luck on our side! Lastly, hope to see more designs also like Spotted Doggie, Stripped tiger, monkey, hippo etc etc!!! My girl loves these animals!

  • Vivian says:

    Yes yes! It’s the LadyBug Fushia size 6.

    The polliwalks is so cute as they come in shapes of animals. I love the ladybug designs and the colour is bright and feminie. Best suited for girls. I can already imagine my girl pointing to her shoe saying “ladybug.. ladybug”.

    Polliwalks has the desired features of light and comfortable material but at the same time it is fun too. Unlike the commonly available brand in market now which look has the same shape and design, Polliwalks comes in different animal designs and colours which added on more fun and provided more room for children’s imagination.

    My girl is now learning how to put on her own shoes. With Polliwalk which is easy to put on and take off, i am sure she will have lot of interest in learning this skills. In no time, she will be able to put on and take off her own shoes.

    The soles of Polliwalks has got animal prints on them. I am sure my girl will love printing them onto the sand when we bring her to the beach. Polliwalk makes it ideal to wear to the beach too as it is so easy to wash and dry.

    Leonny, thanks for letting us into this great oppotunity of winning such wonderful shoes for our little ones. I will also be writing a post in my own blog and i will like to obtain permission from you for putting your blog url into the post.

  • Erlin says:

    Polliwalks does look so cute and adorable.
    I can see it’s light & strong, just perfect for children who can not stay still, not to mention the material which I’m sure it’s easy to clean, very suitable for rainy season like nowdays, just perfect *O*…

    This is my first time to see shoes with animal shape like Polliwalks, it makes me curious to have it for my daughter, I bet she would love it as she likes very much all things about animals.

    If I won this contest I’d like to have Lady bug (cherry color) number 9 please. As the school holiday is coming soon, she’ll be busy doing outdoor activities and this shoes will be just right for it.

    thanks Leonny & thanks Polliwalks 🙂

  • Catherine Choo says:

    Wow! I’m sure my 5 yr old girl will love Polliwalks, especially Orange Duck(Size 13).
    The funky designs and the bright colours speaks of great personality!
    On top of that, I’m excited as Polliwalks have definitely married FUN and FUNCTION to aperfect tee!
    It’s something made for my active girl, who enjoys the outdoors tremenously.
    I can picture her laughing and giggling away when she “leave her trail behind” at the sand pit. With Footprinter, sandplay is so much more fun! It’s just so cool and innovative.
    Image the fun and interest she’ll generate with 2 Duckies on her feet… Awesome!
    Her weeky swimming “date” with Daddy will be filled with fun for both Daddy and her, since it’s gonna save Daddy from backaches-thanks to the brilliant design, with kids in mind(no moe bending overs for Daddy to take off and put on her Polliwalks!)
    Going to the reservoir will be a breeze now! She can walk all the way to the water’s edge, step on the rocks with such comfort(of walking on foams) and not worry about getting wet.
    Mummy will have ease of mind, knowing washing them won’t be a pain.

    So, give me the clogs!
    No, give me Polliwalks!

  • Helen Ng says:

    The polliwalks are so great !
    They are very cute, look great, durable, colorful, comfortable, easy for little ones to take on / off, and fun to wear.
    They are made out of a soft material that doesn’t rub children’s feet and easy to clean! 2 thumbs !
    I think this shoes will be my son’s favorite shoes and his favorite toys everywhere he goes.
    If we can win this contest, I will choose the polliwalks’frog with lilac colour and size children’s 13.

    Thanks Leonny and Polliwalks.

  • Olivia says:

    When I saw polliwalks’ clogs when we visited zoo last week, I really wanted to buy that for my boy. The design is so cute and adorable!
    When we tried them on, they were so comfortable and light for his feet. We decided not to buy them at that time and who knows now the clogs are on contest to giveaway!

    The base of the clogs are little bit thicker than the one designed by Crocs so it might be a good idea after the accident of Crocs’ clogs being stuck inside the escallator. Though after the accidents parents still let their kids wearing them because kids love them for their lightness, comfort and brightful color.

    If I could win polliwalks’ clogs I would choose Gator Lime in size 9 or 10 . My son’s favourite color is green. Everytime we ask him to choose the color he likes for his new stuff, he always choose green.

    Lime is a nice color because it is bright, eye catching, and it is suitable for both boys or girls. Though Gator is likely for boys but I think it will be suitable for girls too.

  • Zhen says:

    Polliwalks’ clogs are just the thing that my 2 year old needs! Having brought him twice to the beach, that little fella refused to step onto the warm sandy beach despite reassurances. He’ll cling onto the daddy like a koala bear. The second time round, he reluctantly relented after we let him wear a pair of socks, which gets yucky in the mix of sand and seawater.
    So, Polliwalks’ clog, which is waterproofed, washable and snug-fitting is just the thing my 2 year old needs for an enjoyable day at the beach (and off course for daily rigorous wear for the active 2 year old ;))! The fun footprinting will be a bonus for that added fun in the sand!

    If we get to win a pair of such clogs, a Gator Navy in size 9 or 10 (for 2.5 yr old big size boy??). Why Gator Navy? Besides the favourite colour, who can resist a pair of twinbaby gators on a pair of cute baby feet? And if my boy do get to win this, Polliwalks clogs will be the first brand new pair of shoes that he get to wear, that is not a hand-me-down from his elder brother. 😉

    Watch out beach goers! A(n) (alli)Gator will soon be on the loose!

  • Amanda says:

    1 Fuchsia LadyBug size 6 for Ranielle please!!!!

    The designs are just great and so adorable,i’m sure Ranielle will love to wear it all day and not take it off…but i hope she won’t wear it to bed though hahaha.Polliwalks are just great.It’s fun,colourful,enviroment friendly,comfy but most importantly,it’s easy to CLEAN.That’s what i need,easy to clean shoes for my adventurous little Ranielle and it’s pink.What more can we ask for!! So please.Polliwalks, can we have 1 please?

  • Lena says:

    Polliwalks is so cool. I saw it on display & each time my little girl saw it will have that grin on her face. If I am one of the 20 lucky winners, I would be delighted to have the Frog in size…(for 2.5yrs old?).

    I choose this one because 1stly my girl just loves Froggie. She is hopping up n down pretending to be a frog everyday.

    2ndly I don’t choose the girlish color like ladybug because I believe Polliwalks products is very lasting & meant for long term so I could pass it down to my coming baby boy which will be born next month, end of Oct 2008.

    I really hope I could be one of the winners 🙂

    Last but not least, I hope the team of Polliwalks keep up the good work & get bigger each day!

  • Once I heard about this newly innovative design of shoes, I was so curious to find out. I browsed through the website and read about the company profile, products, etc.

    I immediately fell in love with the Gator (Lime), size 13 that is featured. The color is unique, it creates personality to my daughter (imagining if she wears them).

    One thing that I like about this Polliwalks is that they have different animal styles that children can choose and hence distinguish their liking. It has got character, I could say.
    For a long time, I have been longing to get my child a Crocs kinda shoes, but always ended up not buying as I’m confused which style fits her.

    Personally, I think these polliwalks is a great addition to the shoe industries, especially with the company considering environmental issues in the making.
    Keep up the good work and welcome to be part of children’s lives.

  • Catherine Chionh says:

    Well, the choice is obvious!
    I’ll definitely go for the Funky Frog(Lime).
    Need I state the obvious?
    The colour is so bright, I’m sure it’ll brighten up the dullest day for both mummy and child!
    What can Kai do will his froggy?
    Walk in the mud? Splash in the puddle?
    Yes! Use them as his hand puppets!
    Really can wait to lay my hands on one of those!
    Size 6 will be great for tiny feet of his!
    Actually, don’t mind a second pair for Ning!
    She’s five and I guess size 13 will be nice?


  • Leonny says:

    Hi everyone,

    If you’d like to use any of the Polliwalks photos on this site for your blog mention, etc … you’re most welcome.

    Just let me know about it , and do put it on your blog too where the photos are from ya! Thanks!

    All the best everyone!!!


  • Here she comes with her Polliwalks.
    Splishing splashing as she walks.
    Worry no more the puddles and mud.
    She can wear her Gator for a rubber dub-dub.
    Let’s wander down the beach for some fun.
    Leave some footprints under the sun.
    Gleefully trotting in the park.
    From morning till noon to the day gets dark.
    Imagination is what she needs.
    She and her Gator are best friends indeed.
    Yes, she loves her Polliwalks.
    Keeping her feet happy wherever she walks.

    These shoes are simply inspiring! Hope you and the kind folks at Polliwalks like the rhyme. My girl adores the lime Gator. I am not sure about the exact size – probably a size 10 for 19cm/17.5inch foot measured from toe to back of the heel.

    Will post a little note on my blog. May I borrow some of pictures to go with it? Will link to you and give you credits for the photos. Email me. Thanks Leonny.

  • Siska says:

    Well, if I could win, I would like ladybug fuchsia, size 8 please. why do I choose this style and colour? because it looks most girlish compared to the frog, gator and duck. My daughter already looked like a boy, so it would be nice to wear something that could make her look a bit more like a girl. I like the fuchsia colour because it’s more pinkish compared to the cherry one. I LOVE pink!!! and also when I showed JL (my daughter) all the styles, she chose the ladybug one. hmm… like mother like daughter hey? =) When I asked her why, she couldn’t say her reason (she’s only 2.5yo). She just said that she likes the ladybug one.

    Thanks, Leonny and polliwalks for this contest!

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