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Capture Your Children’s Moments and Enjoy their Milestones and Achievements

14 April 2016 – 9:00 am | One Comment

Kids grow up in a blink of an eye.
I know we may have heard that all too many times.
But it IS true, isn’t it?
Our children keep growing up, whether we pay attention to their growth, developments and …

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Photo Shoot for Ari Wibowo

23 April 2016 | Posted in: Daily, Photography | No Comment



We did a photo shoot the other day for a client.

(Wilson did the shoot, to be exact =)

And the brand ambassador is Ari Wibowo, a well-known Indonesian actor who’s been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.

Glad that the shoot went very well.



And oh, here’s one thing that I noticed (which I feel should be shared) … Ari is (apparently) down to earth, … you know, despite him being a ‘celebrity’ and all. He was professional about getting the shots done efficiently and he was’normal’ at the same time. Which I thought was nice =)

He drove his own car to where we had our shoot. He greeted, talked, joked around like a ‘normal person’. No air. No snobbish attitude.


I guess, when one remembers how he is merely a normal human being with flaws in the eyes of his Creator (regardless of how he’s ‘regarded’ in the society), it keeps him humble?

Food for thought.

photoshoot_ari wibowo

Checking Out: Kinder Wonderland Event by Kinder Joy at Mal Taman Anggrek

20 April 2016 | Posted in: Advertorial, Places to Visit, Video | No Comment


We went to check out Kinder Wonderland event at Mal Taman Anggrek last Saturday.

(Yes, the event I wrote about a few days ago! =)

And as expected, it was fun!

kinderwonderland_momkids kinderwonderland_family

The kids tried out almost all of the activities there!

(Read: the 2 bigger kids skipped the ball areas =)


That’s Vai on the left, scaling the ‘Wall Tower’ (4.5m high), where upon reaching the very top, he’d need to ring the bell! =)

(Love this kind of activities!)

And, Anya also went to slowly count the number of ‘Kinderinos’ on the big wall poster (You’d need to count and write down the number of Kinderinos you’ve spotted to take part in the Lucky Draw!)


(Btw, just curious, if you went to the event and counted, … how many Kinderinos did you find ah? We wrote down 19 and 20, not sure if that’s the right answer, haha =)


Our 4.5yo Brie enjoyed herself too.

Making her own superhero mask, throwing ‘hammers’, joining in the ball pool, getting her ‘glitter tattoos’ on her arms, and so on!


kinderwonderland_event4 kinderwonderland_event1


It was a nice way to spend our late afternoon!

Btw, I made a video of our visit to the event! Click to watch!

Will share more of such events that we check out in the future!

For now, we thank Kinder Joy for organising such a family friendly event last weekend!

We all need more of this in our busy city of Jakarta! =D

Capture Your Children’s Moments and Enjoy their Milestones and Achievements

14 April 2016 | Posted in: Advertorial, Inspirational, Parenting | One Comment

mom brie apr2016


Kids grow up in a blink of an eye.

I know we may have heard that all too many times.

But it IS true, isn’t it?

Our children keep growing up, whether we pay attention to their growth, developments and milestones or not.

Our children keep growing up, whether we pay attention to their growth, developments and milestones or notSo if they keep on growing so fast, and time keeps on ticking away, then the question is:

Have we been keeping a ‘record’ of our children’s moments and milestones? Do we celebrate their achievements (be it big or small)? 

I have and I do.

(perhaps a little too much, haha).

I love to capture moments. And, I love to remember the kids’ achievements (and get all excited about them!=), however little they may be.

These ‘records’ will be precious for us as the parents and also for the kids (when they look back at their ‘younger’ days and treasure how and when they actually manage to achieve certain milestones)


brie_drink milk

So, what can we capture?

– Take random day-to-day photos/videos of the kids (individually, when they’re together with siblings, when they’re with one parent or both, when they’re with our bigger families and friends)

Take photos/videos of them learning to do something / achieving something– Take photos/videos of them doing activities at home or elsewhere (eg. When they’re at the playground, at the beach, cycling, colouring, swimming, eating, sleeping, playing silly games with siblings, etc)

– Take photos/videos of them learning to do something / achieving something (eg. Learning to walk, eat on their own, drink from a glass by themselves, play musical instruments or sports, etc)

How can we store our photos and videos taken with our camera / phone?

For photos, I personally back them up in my computer first, then in my Google drive, in external hard disks (we need to this regularly)

For videos, I back them up on YoutubeFor videos, I back them up on Youtube (I usually just keep our daily videos as ‘private’), then I’d delete most of them from my camera/phone (so I’d always have enough memory space on my phone/camera =)

And, I then post selected moments on my Instagram and Facebook, and of course on my blog too! =)


Recently I wrote about the importance of encouraging different areas of our children’s development (ie. Holistic brain development).

Today, in addition to the above, I’d like to encourage all parents to also celebrate their children’s moments and precious achievements, by capturing them on camera/video! =)

Here are our ‘records’ of Brie’s moments:

Scribbling, drawing and colouring


We encourage all our kids to scribble, draw and colour.

We do it by :

– purposely making it easily accessible for the kids to get to some drawing paper, scrap paper, pencils, crayons, coloured pencils around our home
– not giving negative comments on what they’ve scribbled / drawn

brie 15months scribbleFor Brie’s case, when she’s around 15 months, she could  hold a pencil quite well. And she would just, scribble and scribble away.

She didn’t draw anything ‘spectacular’, but hey, at THAT age, to be able to hold a pencil IS a milestone already =)

What we believe is this:
When kids get to cover sheets of paper with colour and strokes, however they look like at the time (depending on their age, of course), this allows them to begin using their imagination and curiosity.

When Brie started to scribble, we believe it is the beginning of any kind of writing, drawing and painting.

Some recommended articles:
> Why toddlers’ activities need to include some scribbling
> When children draw


Ask them about their scribble or drawing. They love it when we appreciate and are interested in what they’ve created!



Drinking from a glass



Brie was breastfed till she’s around 22 months.

Then, she started to drink from a straw bottle and a sippy cup.

(She sort of skipped drinking from a ‘milk bottle’)

By the time she’s around 3yo, we keep colourful little plastic glasses in a drawer that is easy for her (and her siblings) to reach.

This way, Brie could get her own plastic glass, press a button from the water dispenser to pour some water in it and drink it all by herself.




I could see how she’s really happy that she could do it, … you know, like a big person! =D

And of course, WE are happy too, to see how she’s becoming more and more independent (and exercising her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills too at the same time)


For safety purposes, especially in the beginning, when we’re still training our child on ‘the danger of hot water’, I recommend switching off the ‘hot water’ feature on our water dispenser (if there’s no ‘locking’ system)

Reading books


mom brie read book 1


One more thing that we also encourage and inspire our kids to do is, reading.

Being the youngest out of three children, Brie grew up watching her siblings do quite a bit of reading.


brie read book(So since Brie was a little toddler,sometimes she’d pick up some books and acted like she’s reading too =)

We’d read for her, talk about the pictures with her (when she’s still a baby/toddler) and as she grows bigger, she’d flip through books all on her own too.

We encourage the love for reading by keep books easily accessible for the kids.

We have a little book shelf in the living room by the sofa, book shelves in all bedrooms too.

From time to time, we’d buy children (and age-appropriate) books for each of them too.

Really, our children benefit so much from reading.

When kids love reading (with us or alone), we believe they are in fact:
> learning to calm down and wrap their minds around a story and ask questions about it
> thinking and concentrating
> exercising their language comprehension, sight and brain
> learning new knowledge and vocabulary
> building a closer relationship with the reader too! =)


How do YOU encourage your children in their growth and development? How do you celebrate your children’s milestones and achievements?

Do share your thoughts and tips! I’d love to hear from you!


Oh before I forget, there’s this contest that you should really check out!

Read the details here:
(It’s in Indonesian)

Basically, to enter the contest, you’d only need to share a photo with a story behind it.

eg. If you share a photo of your child learning to ride a bike, you can share how it went in the beginning, how you encouraged your child to keep going and how your child felt when he/she finally managed to pedal away all on their own! =)

Easy peasy! =)

There are SEVEN different themes to choose from. Go for all for them, if you can! =D

(Because if you enter 7 photos for the 7 different themes, you’ll have a chance to win a Rp2.000.000 shopping voucher!)

Hurry up and send your entries. Contest ends 30 April!

A total of TWELVE shopping prizes are up for grabs!

Top Prize: 1 x Samsung Galaxy S7
2nd Prize: 5 x shopping voucher Rp 1.000.000,-
3rd Prize: 6 xshopping voucher Rp 500.000,-


enfa smart center_Facebook


And oh, for more info and good tips, you can check out Enfa Smart Center’s Facebook Page too!

Happy parenting, Moms and Dads!

Weekend Event: Kinder Wonderland by Kinder Joy @ Mal Taman Anggrek!


Hello everyone,

Something fun (and FREE for all!) is happening this weekend at Mal Taman Anggrek!

*So excited!!*

kinderjoy_boy_girl_brieHere’s the good news:
Kinder Joy will have its 50th Anniversary next year, and they’re celebrating it early here in Jakarta!

It’s called ‘Kinder Wonderland‘!

(As many of us know, Kinder is part of the Ferrero Group, which has other brands like Ferrero Rocher and Nutella … yummmm … =)

When I told the kids about the event this weekend, they’re all so excited!

Yes, all three of them were like,
We’re going there, right? Mommy, we’re going, right? Yay! Yay! Yay!

(And we’re talking about a 4yo, 9yo and a 12yo here! =)

Okay. Even I was excited! Haha.



Here’s another fun news to share:
We know that each Kinder Joy product comes with a toy inside, right? (other than the yummy milk cream, cocoa cream, wafer balls and spoon)


Right now, it has two much-loved themed toys inside.

Kinder Joy is now offering Marvel Avengers toy (for boys) and Disney Princesses toy (for girls) inside!

Aiyoh, sooo cute!

(PS: You can find Kinder Joy in most supermarkets and shops here in Jakarta. But if you’re at Mal Taman Anggrek, they’re available at HERO supermarket, Guardian stores, etc)

So now, what’s in store for us and our kids this weekend at Mal Taman Anggrek?

A lot of fun and free activities and games!

And it’s happening on Saturday and Sunday, 16-17 April 2016, 10am – 10pm!


You may want to use this blog post as a quick guide to find the locations of the booths at Kinder Wonderland! =)


And what are some of the games and activities available for families?

Here they are:



Hammer Throw

1) Knock down as many targets as you can!

2) You’ll get 6 hammers per try! Aim and throw! =)

– For 4yo and above


Royal Make-Over

1) Become a Prince or a Princess there and then!

2) Choose from your favourites:

– Nail Art
– Glitter Tattoo
– Face painting
– You’ll need to join the queue to enter the carriage, and rejoin the queue if you want to take part in other stations (only one station at a time)
– For 4yo and above

(Brie is super excited about this one! =)


Wall Tower

1) Scale the 4.5m wall tower!

2) Ring the bell once you reach the top!

– Min. height is 100cm
– Must wear protective gears
– Professional wall climbers will be there to ensure safety

Escape from the Dark Forest

1) Transport the secret package through the dark forest as quickly as you can!

2) Must NOT drop the secret package! (you’ll need to clear the obstacle course)

– Soft carpet to cushion any fall
– Crews available to ensure safety
– For 5yo and above


Laser Quest Challenge

Clear the laser quest by navigating through the lasers (before time runs out!)

– Min. height: 100cm
– Must wear protective goggles
– Players will start the game with 15mins on the timer
– Each time you trigger the alarm, 3 mins is deducted
– For 5yo and above

Secret Treasure Cave

1) Find the lost silver coins and return them back safely in the cave!

2) Find as many silver coins as you can within 45 seconds!
– Only 1 player at a time
– For 4yo and above

There’ll also be a workshop area where kids can do some colouring activities, make Tiaras and superhero masks together with their parents!


Here’s a few more info to share with you before you go to the event this weekend:

– Registration starts at 10am
(You’ll get Kinder Stamp, Kinder Chop Card, Lucky Draw slips, indemnity form)

– Highly recommended: Register yourself ONLINE at (to get more chances at the lucky draw and to avoid queueing up to register when you are at the mall!)

If you register on the day, you’ll get ONE lucky draw chance per family. If you’ve registered online before Saturday, 16 April, you’ll get TWO lucky draw chances per family!

– Event is from 10am – 10pm, Saturday-Sunday, 16-17 April 2016 at Mal Taman Anggrek



We’re all going this weekend!

Hope you’re all too!

Hope you all have lots of greatttt fun with the family! =D

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