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Thoughts: Parents and Authority

28 October 2017 – 10:55 am | One Comment

‘Gee, I can’t talk to my kids! They simply don’t listen to me!’
‘They just don’t obey me!’
‘I can’t get through to my kids.’

Here’s one common issue parents face today , that is: the LACK of …

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Moments with Indonesia’s Top Tennis Players!

3 November 2017 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational, Video | No Comment

I realise something recently:
Too often, we fail to appreciate our own country’s athletes – people who train hard everyday to represent our country in their respective sports. There’s simply not enough media coverage, exposure and sponsors!

And so, I personally found it really nice to have done some shoots (by Wilson) and an interview with these 4 fine ladies yesterday, Indonesia’s top 5 national tennis players!


And btw, here’s more!

There will be a FREE event on Saturday, 9 December morning at Kuningan (UMS 80 Tennis Court) called ‘Jakarta Tennis Experience’!

Simply bring along your own tennis gear and play with these players, get tips and inspiring sharing, and enjoy some fun games!

Yes, it’s FREE!

Mark your calendar: Saturday, 9 December 2017, 9am – 12pm!

Let’s support our athletes, and inspire our young ones to do more sport activities, to explore tennis as a sport and as something fun to do!

Don’t miss it! =)

Check out ‘Action Tennis Indonesia’ Facebook Page for details!

And here’s the interview:

Thoughts: Parents and Authority

28 October 2017 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | One Comment

‘Gee, I can’t talk to my kids! They simply don’t listen to me!’

‘They just don’t obey me!’

‘I can’t get through to my kids.’

Here’s one common issue parents face today , that is: the LACK of authority at home.

Parents are the adults. Not the kidsWhich simply means, there is a problem in exercising authority in the family.

Parents (whom are NOT obeyed by their children) often place the blame on the kids, when in fact, the issue hugely lies on the parents themselves who ‘fail’ to exercise authority since day one.

Read: Parents are the adults. Not the kids.

Children are the ones entrusted into the care of a husband and a wife. AND, the parents need to be actively involved in their children’s lives to understand their habits, their tendencies, their strengths, their weaknesses, and to exercise authority, discipline, as well as justice and love.

It can’t be done when the parents spend little time with the children It can’t be done when the parents spend little time with the children.

It can’t be done if the parents delegate their parental duties to a third person, eg. A nanny, a domestic helper, or even grandparents.

Food for thought.

(Inspired by a sermon by Rev. Ivan Kristiono)

Disagree with Anies’ Speech? Still, No Hate Speech, Please

17 October 2017 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Jakarta’s new governor is US-educated, former Minister of Education, admired by many for his eloquent speech.

He promoted unity for ALL citizens during his campaigns and debates.

I truly wanted to stay positive about this new administration.

BUT, Anies Baswedan’s first speech as Jakarta’s governor yesterday was FAR from uniting the people.

And it made me wonder, how can he embrace everyone and promote peace if he repeatedly emphasised the idea of ‘natives vs colonisers’ in his FIRST official speech as a governor?

Who are the natives, Mr. Governor?

Or, was it the fault of the speech writer?

Indonesia, let’s avoid hate speech towards others, even towards the leaders whose principles and actions we disagree with.

I’d like to encourage you to share your thoughts online and offline, though, BUT only in the name of the good of Indonesia and its people.

May God have mercy on Jakarta, on Indonesia, on us all.

What’s with Jakarta’s New Governor’s Speech

16 October 2017 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

I try to not be negative about the newly sworn governor and vice governor of Jakarta.

We need to see their work and grow our trust.

Having said that.

It is a beautiful country where different kinds of race, religion, and tribe unite!One of the reasons Anies-Sandi won 58% of the people’s votes is so that they can ‘fix the current divisions’ in the society, said their voters.

In Anies’ first speech as the governor of Jakarta, he talked about how the ‘native Indonesians’ (‘pribumi’) has been opressed all this while and must take back the control of this country.

Wait, … what?

The word ‘Pribumi’ has always been understood as those who are NOT chinese.

So, who are these ‘natives’?

As an ‘academic’, he must have known what his chosen words meant.

Indonesia is NOT about a particular race or a particular religion.

It is a beautiful country where different kinds of race, religion, and tribe unite!

Or has he forgotten about the motto ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’? (ie. Unity in Diversity)

If as the new governor and vice governor, you truly wish to bring the people together, then you must DISMISS groups and racist banners, including those which said ‘The rise of Muslim Natives’.

This country desperately needs words and actions that UNITE diversities from its leaders.

God, please have mercy on Jakarta and its people 🙏🏻

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