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Thoughts: Dealing with Our Children’s Mistakes

14 September 2017 – 12:35 pm |

Name one parent, one educator, one teacher, who has NEVER made a mistake in life.
Everyone makes mistakes, including our children.
I remind myself daily, that my task is to guide their hearts whenever I need …

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Thoughts: Dealing with Our Children’s Mistakes

14 September 2017 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment

Name one parent, one educator, one teacher, who has NEVER made a mistake in life.

Everyone makes mistakes, including our children.

I remind myself daily, that my task is to guide their hearts whenever I need to rebuke or correct their mistakes.

I am NOT called to merely fix their behaviour
As their parent and educator, I am NOT called to merely fix their behaviour, nor vent my personal emotion, anger and impatience.

Not an easy task.

May God give me more wisdom, patience and love in dealing with our children and their ‘mistakes in life’.

East Nusa Tenggara: What is a ‘Rumah Bulat’ (Round House)?

12 September 2017 | Posted in: Places to Visit, Video | No Comment

There is so much I don’t know about Indonesia.

Recently, I was blessed to have visited East Nusa Tenggara for a week, where I learned a little more of its rich and diverse culture and people.

Here is a little about ‘Rumah Bulat’, a round house of the Dawan Tribe in South Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara.

What is it like inside? Let’s take a look!

Hope the clip can raise more awareness of the villagers’ marginalised condition, as well as appreciation towards Indonesia’s diverse culture.

Really.This country has so many areas waiting to be developed and improved!

The lives and well-being of the people depend on the leaders, many whom I sadly say are still drown in corruption.

May God have mercy on Indonesia and raise dedicated, just, God-fearing leaders!

A Good SIX Hours of Waterplay Fun at Waterbom PIK!

23 August 2017 | Posted in: Places to Visit | No Comment

It was ONE day before Levi turned eleven years old.

And we thought, why not bring the kids to Waterbom PIK for some waterplay fun! =)


We went with a few friends and their kids, and ended up spending some SIX hours there at the pool!

Like, from 9am to 3pm!

I lost count of the number of times the kids (and I) went down the slides.


It’s been more than two years since we last came to Waterbom PIK.

Now that Brie is 6yo, she enjoyed the slides better (than her last visit!)


All came home with a good tan, btw! Haha.

And oh, my back (and shoulders) were sunburned lah!

Having said that though, I could see how the kids all had a GREAT time!

Which made my sunburn pain worth the while =)

>> Before entering the complex, they have people checking your bags rather thoroughly.
>> NO drinks, food or snacks are allowed. So we left our food and drinks in our car.
>> Make sure you bring along some cash, to buy your lunch or drinks at the stalls inside.
>> Food prices start from about Rp45,000 (for a fried chicken piece, with rice and a glass of tea)
>> Make sure your little ones put on their life jackets at all times. Life jackets are available for free.

Getting Their MR Vaccination at School

18 August 2017 | Posted in: Daily, Food & Health | No Comment

Our current government wants every student across the country to be given (free) MR vaccination by this year.

Which I thought was a good idea!

Many parents have worries about their kids getting the jab at school, though =)

Will they be still during the jab?

If they run away, will there by anyone to hold them down?

What if they cry?

(Did YOU have any worries/concerns, too?)

To us, we support our school’s decision to vaccinate all Primary School kiddos.

And no, we have no worries =)

I mean, if it’s time to get the jab at school, then just go through the process.

If you don’t want to look, then sure, just look away.

If it’s painful, just ‘tahan’ (hold the pain).

We explain to our kids a few days before THE day, that vaccination will help our body better fight viruses and bacteria attacks.

Oh, and I showed photos of them getting the jab when they’re babies =)

(They ended up browsing my blog to see more old photos of them when they’re little =)


To us, a trip to the doc should never be painted as a scary experience to the kids.

And if there’s any ‘worry tone’ in our voice, however subtle, these kiddos will be able to detect it.

AND, when they spot your worry, they’d consequently be scared / reluctant towards the process.

When Brie and Vai showed slight concerns/worries, we talked to them in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, sharing with them how their bodies will be stronger afterwards.

We didn’t talk about it as if it’s such a big deal, … because it’s not =)

Anyway, glad that they faced the needles well earlier this week.

A cringe and a smile. No tears.

Well done, kiddos! =D

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