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All Children are Small People who will Change Some Day

10 February 2017 – 11:15 am |

A child has small hands, small feet and small ears, but that does not mean they have small ideas.

Children have little things, just like them:
a little bed, bright little books, a little umbrella, a little …

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Brie: First Swimming Lesson (and What We Can Do to Familiarise our Child with the Pool)

17 February 2017 | Posted in: Daily, Video | No Comment

Brie is now 5 years and 8 months old.

And we feel it’s time that she learns how to swim!

Here’s a quick clip of her milestone, Brie’s first swimming lesson 🙂


To us, the age of 5.5 – 6yo is a nice age to start learning how to swim, as we feel at this age, the child can understand instructions better and have better coordination skills.

“Then what did you do BEFORE the child learns how to swim?’, someone asked.

Well, simply let them have loads of waterplay fun? =)

She’s taught again and again about the danger of playing near the deep pool without any adult supervisionWhen Brie was less than 1 yo, it could be as simple as playing by the pool side with us by her side.

When she’s between 1yo – 3yo, she’d play in the children pool with a float jacket on (still needs close supervision though as at this stage, kids often panic and don’t know how to get back up and stand after falling, which can lead to drowning).

If she chose to sit and just play by the shallow part of a pool, she could be not wearing her floaties, but we’d be watching her closely.

[Brie at 2 years, 3 months]

As Brie gets bigger, she plays in the children pool without any float jacket on, but in terms of water safety, she’s taught again and again about the danger of playing near the deep pool without any adult supervision.

When Brie was 5yo, she felt brave enough to swim and paddle in the deep pool alone, with her float jacket on all the time of course.

(Before she turned 5yo, she didn’t dare to go into the deep pool by herself)

She tried putting her whole face underwater for a tenth of a secondTo slowly let her feel comfortable about putting her head underwater, we ask her (in a casual play-a-game mood) to dip her head underwater for a split second. She refused at first. Then after some time (like a few weeks or months later!), she tried putting her whole face underwater for a tenth of a second =) A few months later, she dared putting her whole head under water for half a second. Yay! Haha. Progress. There’s progress! =D


[4yo Anya and 1.5yo Vai]

I guess, 3 things that we parents should do (when we want our child to slowly be familiar with the pool) are:

1. Introduce the child to the pool ‘early’. To me, anytime after 9 months definitely is fine =)
(eg. Carry the baby and walk around the pool with you. ‘Early’ doesn’t mean we have to bring them to those ‘specially-made for babies’ tubs =)

2. Watch the child closely (especially the young ones) when they’re in the children pool, but relax too at the same time. Our ‘worried looks and comments’ will only make them feel uneasy and scared.

3. We parents should enjoy some water play, too. Even if we can’t swim, we can sit by the pool with our feet in the waters? =)


Here are some of my older blog posts on swimming lessons:

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When did you start sending your child to swimming lessons?

All Children are Small People who will Change Some Day

10 February 2017 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | No Comment


A child has small hands, small feet and small ears, but that does not mean they have small ideas.

Children have little things, just like them:
a little bed, bright little books, a little umbrella, a little chair.
Yet they live in a very big world: so big that cities don’t exist, buses go up into space and stairs never end.

Children don’t always like going to school. Often children prefer to close their eyes and sniff the grass, to shout and chase pigeons, to listen to the faraway voice of shells, to wrinkle up their noses in front of the mirror.

All children are small people who will change some day.

(Extracted from the book ‘What is a Child?’ by Beatrice Alemagna, sold by IG @cloudandbooks)

I feel so guilty. Emo.

I feel guilty for
not understanding their world more lovingly,
not enjoying their childhood more joyfully,
and for expecting them to be more mature than who they really are at the moment.

To all parents:
Let’s slow down. Love, listen and cuddle more. Discipline patiently. Guide consistently.

Because ‘All children are small people who will change some day’.

Mud Warrior 2017: Let’s RUN and Get Challenged!

9 February 2017 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment


First thing first, WHAT IS MUD WARRIOR?

It’s basically an obstacle course race (OCR) where we need to complete this 5km course with 15 obstacles along the way.

Something different and challenging for everyone!

It isn’t about the distance, it’s about challenging yourselfThis is what the official site says about the event:

Introducing you the Mud Warrior – an obstacle course racing where anyone can start and everyone can finish. We have reinvented the concept of traditional road race and created a revolution: it isn’t about the distance, it’s about challenging yourself, simply your next mental transformation!

CONQUER 15 obstacles spread over a course of 5 KM in Sentul highland terrain and wade through muddy off-roads as you make your loop to the finish line. This military inspired obstacle course is created to test the toughness, adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts of any level as a weekend challenge.


It’ll be held for the first time NEXT SATURDAY, at Taman Budaya, Sentul, Bogor.

EIGHT more days to go!

Saturday, 18 Feb 2017

Btw, here are 3 common questions I often hear (and I myself ask) and the answers I’ve got:

1. What is the minimum age to participate?

16 years old. No maximum age, just as long as you’re fit and healthy.

2. What time does it start and end?

Upon registration, participants are to choose ‘WHEN’ they wish to start the run.

Warrior Runner 1 : 08.00 WIB
Warrior Runner 2 : 08.15 WIB
Warrior Runner 3 : 08.30 WIB
Warrior Runner 4 : 08.45 WIB
Warrior Runner 5 : 09.00 WIB
Warrior Runner 6 : 09.15 WIB
Warrior Runner 7 : 09.30 WIB
Warrior Runner 8 : 09.45 WIB
Warrior Runner 9 : 10.00 WIB

The 5km run is to be completed within 3 hours, and the last batch will end at 1pm.

(Sure can finish 5km in 3 hours, lah =)


If you wish to stop and rest, you can!3. Do I have to run nonstop? Can I stop to rest? Can I skip the obstacles?

It’s all up to you how you’ll complete the 5km course! You don’t have to run nonstop if you don’t want to.

If you wish to try an obstacle, go right ahead and try it (we should lah. It’s fun!=)

If you can’t complete all 15 obstacles after trying each of them, it’s fine! If you wish to stop and rest, you can, too!

Obstacles are there for us to challenge ourselves, and as long as we complete the 5km course, we get the shirt and the medal!



If you ask me, this is a GREATTTT way to bond with friends, to challenge ourselves amidst our daily routines and just to have fun!

And really, … when we aim to participate in this kind of event, we’re naturally motivated to keep ourselves fit and ready too for the challenges ahead!



I’ve registered myself! =D

Come and register yourselves, too!

It’s happening next Saturday already!

(I hear there’ll be lots of freebies and prizes to be won, too! Bring along families and friends to cheer and support!)

Don’t miss it! =D

Click this LINK to read more about it and to register!


Social Media only Portrays PARTS of our Family Lives

7 February 2017 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | No Comment


‘Awwww, their family is so perfect!’

‘I wish my kids are like their kids. They’re so adorable and helpful around the house!’

‘I wish I had her kind of life. She has a loving husband, cute kids, and she’s such a great cook, active in sports, a successful business woman AND she home-schools her kids!’

I don’t know if you’ve heard any of the above from those who see other people’s social media platforms.

Something along those lines, may be?

Everyone is entitled to share whatever they wish to share onlineAnyway, on this topic, here’s what I wish to share:

When we see updates and photos that sort of say, ‘I love my children they are so cute I feel so blessed and I love them more and more each day’ on other people’s Facebook walls (including mine), … the reality of parenting is (at least in my case), the little ones are not always angelic, obedient and cute little kiddos ‘all the time’.

Like all other children, they do have attitudes, selfishness, tantrums, impatience, rudeness, bickering with siblings, and plain disobedience.

And all this needs continual guidance, correction, discipline and most of all, God-given wisdom, mercy and patience. One of my prayers each morning.

[Many photos I take everyday, but not all I post on social media. Like, this photo of an unhappy little preschooler]

There’s no perfect familyBeing a family blogger, I just feel I need to share a more balanced view of parenting and family lives.

ie. There’s no perfect family.

What is shared online is only a small portion of someone’s life.

The images and updates shared on social media do not fully represent someone’s life, because everyone’s life is full of ups and downs.

Our 3 children, like me, are sinful beings who need daily corrections, rebuking, repeated reminders, guidance and discipline.

Every day has its tough challenges, though they might not be shared on Facebook walls.

(To me, the older the kids, the less I should share something negative about them online)

[Not all photos show happy faces]

We choose what we share on social mediaFor my case, what I share on social media is all real stuff that I go through, real feelings or thoughts that cross my mind. BUT, these are only a small portion of my 24-hours-7-days-a-week real life.

(eg. Ten minutes after that nice smiley shot of a child, he/she might be throwing a tantrum or having ugly arguments with siblings =)

I know some people choose to totally share ‘everything’ online.

What they eat, what they wear, where they live, problems with spouse, friends and children, etc.

To me, everyone is entitled to share whatever they wish to share online.

It’s just that for our case, we select what we share on social media.

This way, we still have our privacy and personal lives, too (offline).


That’s social media.

It portrays only a part of our real life.

A great tool nevertheless, … to share inspirational / positive messages and to connect with others.

What say you?

[Top photo: Beautiful view at Albert Park, Melbourne]

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