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Thoughts : Trust and Respect are Built over Time

2 May 2015 – 6:36 pm |

Recently I had a chat with a few friends, … and as we talked, some thoughts crossed my mind.
Here’s sharing them with you …
Nearly everything today is about being ‘instant’.
Instant messaging.
Instant noodles.
Instant printing.
Generally, the world …

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Brie is FOUR – Keeping Birthday Gatherings Simple Yet Cheerful

25 May 2015 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment


Just like most other kids, Brie had been counting the days (even months) … waiting OH SO EAGERLY for the day to come!

The day she’d turn FOUR! =D

It’s not the presents or anything that she’s after, I think.

She’s simply so excited about becoming BIGGER, TALLER and … well, older =)

And oh, of course, THE cake.

She had always imagined that she had a PINK HOUSE birthday cake for some reason.

Simply put, anything pink would make her very very happy, hehe.


Now the thing is, I really didn’t have much time to prepare for the birthday get-together.

I believe birthdays need not be extravagant.

Plus, I told myself that I MUST bake Brie’s birthday cake this year (as the last time I baked a proper cake for her birthday was 3 years ago when she was ONE!)

And so this was what I arranged for her special day.

Keyword of the day : Pink. Lots of pink things =)

Brie celebrated her birthday when she had her weekly get-together with her friends.

These kiddos (and even most of their moms) actually wore pink that day. And, if they didn’t have pink, they wore something red. So nice of them  =)

I got simple pink goodies to share with her friends : Strawberry Pokky sticks, strawberry milk,  strawberry Oreo biscuits and pink pencils.



Well, I actually didn’t decorate anything.

What I did : Got a few colourful balloons (which of course included pink ones! =) and let the balloons be the ‘backdrop’, giving some ‘bright and happy additions’ to the moment (kids loved them!).

The balloons made the photos look cheerful and happy too!




I am so happy that I managed to bake a cake for Brie this year!

Frankly, I only had a few hours (started baking only at midnight!), and so I went with my fool-proof cake recipe – Butter Cake!

I used a round  baking pan for the base, and a rectangular baking pan for the ‘house’.

I used unsalted Anchor butter for the round cake mix, and I used Blue Band margarine to make the ‘house’ part (I halved the rectangular cake shape, and stack it on top of each other to make a ‘taller building’).

(Hey, turned out that I COULD use Blue Band Margarine for my cakes too! =)

Covered it with fondant, and to keep things simple, I only mixed 2 colours into the white fondant : a little bit of red to create pink fondant, and a tiny drop of yellow food colouring, to create that yellow door! =)



PS: I forgot to slice off the sides of the top cake to create the ‘roof’ of the house. I only realised this AFTER I placed the rolled out fondant over the cake. Great!

Oh well, I went along with it anyway, and just created what looked like an ‘egyptian house with a flat roof’, haha.

Anyway, it was a nice get-together.

And Brie told me how she’s happy with her ‘pink house’ *Yay*



Mission : accomplished!

And you know what, I’m happy that we managed to keep this birthday occasion simple, yet happy and cheerful.

I mean, it was done with a hope that our children’s focus was more on the presence of family and friends, loved ones, and on feeling thankful to God for everything that they have and have been given.



We feel blessed.

Photos : Taman Ismail Marzuki – Teater Kecil

18 May 2015 | Posted in: Photography, Places to Visit | One Comment


Have you lived in Jakarta for some time?

If your answer is YES, then my next question is:

Did you know that Jakarta has THIS building called ‘Teater Kecil’ ? (It literally means ‘Small Theatre’)




It was our first time seeing this building.

And it is surprisingly NICE!

I personally like the spacious area outdoors, the glass windows (reminds of the Esplanade in Singapore!) and the overall design and shape of the building.


A real pity that this building and its surrounding have not received the kind of maintenance and care they desperately need.

Building walls are dusty and dirty.

Graffiti can be seen here and there.

The changing rooms inside are in poor condition.

And even the back entrance into the building was … not in good shape.


On a positive note, photos taken outside the building turned out nice though.

Especially when the sky was clear and blue like how it was today.

(Note: I sincerely hope the government officers in charge of the development of arts centres start to really pay attention to such buildings and the people. Hope someone reads this post and let the officials know)



Well anyway.

We also spotted this unique bookshop just a minute away from Teater Kecil.

The shop is very old, many of the books are dusty, but seriously, there are A LOT OF BOOKS there, crammed in a relatively small space!

What an interesting sight. And you should really check it out when you’re there!

(Didn’t manage to browse around much though. Saw some stuff I’d love to get. Would love to check the shop again the next time we’re there!)



And. Here’s one last shot taken just outside of Teater Kecil, with my bestie! =)


Sponsored Post : It’s World Baking Day Today!

17 May 2015 | Posted in: Advertorial | No Comment


Hey hey hey … it’s WORLD BAKING DAY today!

Did you get to bake anything?

Did you? Did you? Did you?


Who did you bake for?

How did you feel and how did THEY feel?

Share your experience yeah!



(I plan to bake these cookies tomorrow! I’ve got the ingredients ready and this time I’ll use Blue Band too, … something that we ALWAYS spread on our bread, but never use to make cookies and cakes =)

As for me, I look forward to baking for Brie this coming Wednesday, as we’re celebrating her 4th birthday on May 21st with her friends!!

I’ll blog about it later and share with you how everything turns out!

Oh btw, a friend messaged me a few days ago and said how after she had her first child, she finds baking very therapeutic. Something that she enjoys doing, and now she gets her preschooler to help out with her baking too. How nice =)

Do YOU find baking therapeutic and relaxing?

As today is World Baking Day, I thought of sharing these 3 food for thought (which includes the benefits of doing something relaxing!=) from Emma Kenny, a psychologist who is also a TV presenter in the UK. 

Here they are:

1. Get outside. Go for a walk or run in the fresh air, aside from being fantastic for your physical health, getting outside is fantastic for psychological wellbeing

I totally agree how being outdoors, away from the 4 walls of buildings and homes can be so refreshing!
2.  Learn to relax. It doesn’t matter how – be it taking a long soak in the bath, listening to relaxing music, or by going for an energising run; relaxing is essential in happiness. Try to set aside at least twenty minutes a day simply winding down.

When we are busy with the kids, work AND housework, taking sometime to relax does seem impossible. BUT, I do feel it’s necessary to just do something to ‘relax’, eg. Enjoying a good stretch and 5 mins of lazing around in bed, reading a book or simply sitting on the sofa and drinking a cup of warm sweet tea.
3. Try and live in the present. So many of us are second guessing what’s going to happen that we fail to experience what’s happening right now and consequently end up missing out. Take a breath and look at how amazing your life is right now.

Yes, this is something that we all should remember. I mean, while  we of course plan for the future, we often worry too much about what WILL happen next, so much so that we’re missing out on the PRESENT. Let’s cherish what we have today!


For more recipe ideas, just click the Blue Band website!  Have fun!


Don’t forget to join in the fun and share your bake at #worldbakingday!

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Making : Love Owls using Used Cardboard

11 May 2015 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment


When it comes to arts and crafts, I prefer to use recyclables, whenever it is possible.

This was what Anya did too for her school’s art project recently.

Students were asked to make something, and it could be anything.



And so she decided to make two owls, using a used cardboard box we got from a supermarket.

What she did was:

1. Cut the cardboard into strips of about 2cm wide.

2. Slowly pull out the side of the cardboard box so it reveals the inside’s ‘uneven’ surface (pictured below).

3. Roll the cardboard strip



4. Make one ‘thicker roll’ and two ‘smaller rolls’. The thicker roll is the body, while the two smaller rolls are the owl’s eyes.

5. Paint the body of the owls. Anya made two owls, and so she used 2 different colours (she used acrylic paint)

As for the rest of the craft, … please refer to the picture below.

That’s what her craft looked like =)



Oh btw, we collected some dry twigs by the street, and incorporated them into the final craft (the owls ‘sit’ on the twigs).

Plus, ‘leaves’ were added too, to add a little more colour to the craft.

(Used the cardboard for the leaves too)

There you go!

Love owls.

By Anya.

11 years.

Cute, I thought =D

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