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Parenting : How Much do We Understand our Children’s Learning Style?

14 October 2015 – 12:59 pm | 4 Comments

Have we ever asked ourselves : how much do I understand my children’s learning style?

I’d like to share with you this story, taken from a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson at TED, titled ‘Do …

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Video : Lessons Learned from an 8yo Amputee Alissa Sizemore

27 November 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Video | No Comment

This video touched my heart.

Before you go and watch the clip, I thought I share with you a little background about the girl:

Alissa Sizemore has been dancing for half her young life — since she took her first ballet class when she was 4 years old.

So when she lost her right foot in an accident last year, she said, “It changed my life in a big way, I felt like I lost half of me.”

But dance helped her regain her balance. She began dancing again.

Alissa was playing outside with friends on May 6, 2014, when she ran into the path of a delivery truck coming to a halt. The vehicle stopped on top of Alissa’s right foot. Unable to save the foot, doctors amputated her leg several inches below the knee.

“This has changed my life, but it hasn’t changed me,” she said about the accident.



As I watched the video, I wondered:
How do we teach one’s heart to keep going, despite life’s difficulties, suffering and unexpected disasters?

It is easier to simply say ‘Trust in God and believe that everything has its purpose’, than living it day by day, with a genuine drive and thankfulness for everything that God has given to us, despite life’s challenges.

It takes a whole long journey to ‘get up and keep going, and trust that God has beautiful plans beyond what we could understand right now.’

To me personally, this video is not just about inspiring oneself to ‘get up and not give up’.

It’s not just about, ‘Oh, this 8yo girl lost a leg, and yet she overcomes challenges, so why can’t I be strong too?’

Yes, of course that’s all good, but again, it’s about me, me and me, isn’t it?

As I watched the clip, I saw the kind of warm support and love from the family and community that surround this little girl.

And I feel, THAT is what we need too.

Because, THAT is probably what’s missing in our society right now as well, ie. A strong and loving community that supports and encourages others in need.

Let us be THAT community for others.

Let us create a warm and supportive family, too.

Food for thought.

Checking Out : Singapore Science Centre

18 November 2015 | Posted in: Places to Visit | No Comment

 Singapore Science Centre


During our recent trip to Singapore, I took the 3 kiddos to Singapore Science Centre. Our two older kids looked forward to the trip! =)

I guess, it’s one of those places that they’re very familiar with in the past which they’d love to visit again.


singapore science centre



Brie was still a baby the last time we took her to Science Centre.

And so this visit was more like her first time there =)




[Give this ‘Typhoon Simulator’ a try! Wind will blow around you at more than 140km/hour!=)]





Singapore Science Centre is one of the places that I’ll gladly recommend to anyone with kids.

I love their many interactive displays and booths. Very educational and fun!

They also have different themes every now and then.

When we went, it was ‘Inter Play, where Science meets Art’!

(Btw, it’s FREE for Singapore citizen and PR’s if you come during their off-peak hours!)




Check out their website for more info :

Spare a few good hours over there, and have fun, everyone!

How Should We Relate to Those who are Grieving or Suffering

29 October 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational | No Comment

interview margriet van der kooi_reformed 21 tv stemi

I admit, I haven’t been blogging as often as I would really love to.

I’ve been so busy every day, and when I do write, it’s most likely done in the wee hours (like now! =)


I’d like to share a bit about my interview session with Rev. Drs. Margriet van der Kooi the other day. It’s for the programme ‘In Conversation With’ on Reformed 21 TV.

Rev. Margriet is a chaplain at a General and Psychiatric Hospital, back in the Nederlands.

She sees different kinds of people everyday. Mostly those who’re undergoing illness, bitterness and suffering.

She listens to them, and shares her time with them.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel clueless when I have to visit or speak with someone who is really sick.

If I said something (to encourage them), would it come across as insensitive? (because I obviously wouldn’t know how much pain and difficulty that they’re going through)

If I said nothing, would they be expecting me to say something?

If I wanted to share something from the Bible (eg. Words of encouragement), how should I go about doing it without making them feel as if I’m preaching to them?

Anyway, here’re some thoughts that she shared with me:

‘When we are with someone who is sick, mourning, or suffering, the best is often to just listen. Empathise.

Don’t say things more than you know.

Don’t talk as if you are God. Many things happen and we may not know why.

Enduring pain and suffering is hard. If you have something to share about your own faith, don’t speak as if you are better than that person. With genuine humility and care, you can ask, ‘May I read for you a passage from the Bible?’ or ‘May I pray for you?’

Don’t rush as if you just want to get to next patient. If you have just 20mins, give your all.’
(This is a super short summary of what she shared)


I feel, the biggest problem that we have today is, time.

Funny how we have all these gadgets that supposedly can help us ‘save time’, and yet we are left with so little time everyday.

Two questions I’d like to throw to everyone (including myself) are :

Do we actually have time for those who are ‘less fortunate’?

Do we ever think about those who are less healthy, less happy, or those who have just lost a loved one?

You see, we are all busy.

Busy with work, family, school, house chores. Busy updating our status on our social media platforms. Busy with our smartphones.

Today, may I share with you my ‘self-reminder’?

In today’s busy, modern world, I hope (and pray!) that I have more heart and willingness to share my time with others (other than myself, and my spouse and kids). To genuinely empathise and care for those who are less fortunate too.

May God help me, and everyone of us.

Tips : Keeping a Happy Marriage

20 October 2015 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 2 Comments

wilson Leonny puncak


I don’t know how you feel about marriage.

Is it something worth sacrificing and fighting for?

Do both you and your spouse put in a lot of hard work to build the relationship?

Or, perhaps you feel it’s okay to just … end it, when both are no longer ‘in love’?

If you ask me, I personally believe that once you’ve decided to marry someone, you’re ‘stuck’ with that person ’till death do us part’.


wilson Leonny anyer1


This year, we’ve been together for 17 years (14 years of it as a married couple).

Though none of us could know how many more years we have in our lives, I’d say the journey is most probably still very long ahead.

So, my husband and I choose to WORK ON our marriage, so our ‘marriage life journey’ can hopefully be a fruitful and pleasant one for both of us, … and for our kids.


Even better, if it can also be a blessing to others whom we meet along the way.

The reality is, marriage is a union of two selfish individuals (who may not always be ‘in love’ every single day of their lives)


The other day btw, an elderly woman shared with us a list of tips on keeping a happy marriage.

I thought of sharing three of them with you :)

1. Encourage, praise or say loving words to your spouse, at least once a day

2. If you have made a mistake, be willing to admit and apologise

3. Never scream at each other, unless your house is on fire!

While I agree with them all, I must say, agreeing with them does not necessarily make it ‘easy’ for us to do them.

Especially at times of disagreement and conflict.

Because, the reality is, marriage is a union of two selfish individuals (who may not always be ‘in love’ every single day of their lives)

So, to me, if we wish to build and nurture the relationship, then both hubby and wife need to put in a lot of hard work, time and prayer.

Is it hard to do?

Realistically, yes.

Is it impossible?

Definitely no.


wilson Leonny anyer


I asked my friends on Facebook to add more marriage tips to the list above!

Here are more tips they shared (in no order of priority =)

– Don’t forget to give hug or kiss to our beloved, sometimes people need not only wordings

– Wear family or couple outfits can make us closer

– Don’t dwell in tiny little things. Forget it and move on.

– Kiss and make up before the day is done

– Remember to compliment and complement each other in everything that you do.

– Focus on each other’s strengths while gently alerting each other on your weaknesses.

– Nobody perfect.

– Be a generous forgiver, have a big heart of acceptance, be loyal supporter and genuinely compliment each other

– Serve one another (eg. Cook for your loved one, give a little massage on shoulder)

– Togetherness. Have quality time.

I have a few of my own. I’m adding these two to the list :)

– Do fun things together, even when it may mean we need to step out of our comfort zone for a while.

– Grow spiritually together. This way, we can remind, rebuke, encourage and pray for one another.

Any thoughts to share?

Most welcome to add more to the list too! =)

Happy Father’s Day

19 June 2011 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment

If you ask me,
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who makes time to play Lego bricks, tell bedtime stories …

Parenting : Encouraging Kids to Help Out around the House (Part 2)

25 February 2011 | Posted in: Parenting | 3 Comments

[Other than brushing his own teeth most of the time, Vai also brings dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry]
Okay, finally, I managed to complete the second part of my blog post.
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Anya : To like or not to like ballet

30 January 2009 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | 5 Comments

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Marriage : staying together, staying happy

4 September 2008 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 6 Comments

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Making : Painting on Canvas – Wedding Tree

3 January 2012 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 4 Comments

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Marriage: Making Time for the One You Love

7 July 2010 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 3 Comments

It seems to be the ‘situation’ everyone faces today. Even amongst married couples.
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