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Food for Thought : Staying REAL though on Social Media

18 June 2015 – 2:16 pm |

Most people today have a Facebook account.
And Twitter, Instagram, Path, etc.
(Mmmm, … I choose to not have a Path account though. Just to many for me to manage =)

Now the thing is, I feel, one …

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Our Kraft Cheddar Series : Appreciating the Elderlies in our Family

26 June 2015 | Posted in: Advertorial, Food & Health, In the Media, Video | No Comment


When it comes to our kids and our big family, there are a few things that we often share with the kids, again and again.

We share with them things like :

- We can’t choose our family members. They are God’s gifts to us.

It is important to realise how blessed we  are- We are to show respect and appreciation to others, especially to those who are older than us (eg. Parents, grandparents, uncles, etc)

- It is important to realise how blessed we  are … because it is not common for anyone to still have their GREAT-grandma spending time with them, knowing their names very well, healthy and all.



Yes, she is my maternal grandmother, and she turns 91 this year!

To me, it is such a huge blessing to still have FOUR generations in our family!

One of the values that we also instill in the kids is the importance of showing their appreciation towards others.

The importance of giving back, especially to those who’ve given them so much to begin with.


I have plans to make a series of videos of the kids doing some giving back! =)

It’s a collaboration with Kraft Cheddar!

It’s timely I guess, because it is now also the Ramadhan month where, pretty much like Chinese New Year, families get together and create memories with each other.

A wonderful time to show love to the ones we love.


So, are you ready? =)

This is a video where the kids actually cooked something all on their own!

(Psst … it’s Rice with Sausage and Kraft Cheddar!)

It’s their way of expressing their THANKS to their grandma and their great-grandmother for all the care and love and everything else that they’ve received from them all these years.



The clip also will show how to make the dish.

It’s simple and YOUR kids can surely make them too if they want! =D

(The video is in Indonesian =)



I had fun making the video, and I treasured it, because it captured the relationship and the moments spent between them all!

The video is below … enjoy … =)

Don’t forget to LIKE it! =)

[If you can't click the video below, click HERE]


Singapore Blog Awards 2015 : Best Family Blog Finalist!



We’re jumping for joy, because Our Everyday Things is again in the finals in the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, Best Family Blog category!

It’s been 7 consecutive years!

We’re so blessed!

Thank you Omy.Sg and thank you thank you panel of judges!! =)



This year, the voting is done a little differently.

ie. The judges will totally decide who the winners will be under the main categories.


Members of the public can participate and VOTE for the TOP TEN Most Popular Blogs!

And guess what?

It was such a nice surprise to see that Our Everyday Things is in the Top Ten!!

Whoaaa … thank you thank you for the votes!!



Of course, there is no guarantee that Our Everyday Things will be in the top ten right till the end.

So please please please vote for us?

Please? =)

*unashamedly pleading … mmm, sorry =)*

Voting is open till 6 July, 3pm!

Each time you vote, you have to choose TEN blogs, out of the whole list.

And you’re allowed to vote once a day!

Btw, just in case you are not yet familiar, this is how you can vote:



1. Go to

2. Click on ‘VOTE NOW’

3. Login, or create an account if you don’t have any free account with SPH

(You CAN vote too even if you’re not a Singaporean, or if you live outside of Singapore=)


4.  Once you’re on the voting page:

- Don’t forget to click on the box next to ‘I AGREE TO THE CONTEST TERMS & CONDITIONS’

- Pick any 10 blogs (scroll down a bit to spot Our Everyday Things! Position may change over a few days if the organiser rotates the positions of the icons =)



5. Lastly, to submit votes:

Scroll to the very bottom, and you’ll see a tiny button that says ‘SUBMIT’, … you must click that to submit the votes successfully.



Then, you’ll see this message!

It means, your votes are in!

Thank youuuu …. =)

As always, to me … it’s not about winning an award, but it’s more about being able to reach out and inspire more and more people through blogging!

Hope to continually keep this passion for sharing positive messages of family and children to more and more, and for inspiring others to do the same, or better!

Manila Trip : Staycation and Father’s Day Togetherness at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Philippines


We went to Manila in the Philippines, our first time ever, as a family.

We spent a night in Metro Manila and the remaining 2 nights in Makati City.

And it’s at Makati City that we spent our 3day-2night staycation at Makati Shangri-La Hotel!

An early Father’s Day celebration and family staycation at such a strategically located, 5-star Hotel?


Thanks Makati Shangrila-La Hotel!



Btw, did you know, … when I shared with my friends in Singapore about how we’re staying at Makati Shangri-La (prior and during our trip), almost immediately I heard positive reviews from them!

They love the buffet at Circles Events Cafe.

They love the bedrooms.

Their service is great, they told me.

And almost all said to me how the hotel’s location is perfect!

Now, check out these impressive views from our hotel bedroom, on the 27th floor!



And here’s sharing with you some photos of our bedroom, Deluxe Suite.

In their own words it is a room which ‘offers stylish and luxurious space with modern amenities‘!

Nice and spacious and cosy, riteeeee …. =)


[L'Occitane! Love them!]


Btw, if you’re coming from Metro Manila, Makati Shangri-La Hotel is about 45 minutes by taxi from Metro Manila.

It cost us 300 Peso by taxi (roughly SGD9), I think, and it took us 45 mins to get there because of the slow traffic that afternoon.


In the mean time, check out more photos and info of our Makati Shangri-La Hotel Staycation from my Facebook Photo Album.

Click HERE!

Stay tuned for more blog entries about our stay at Makati Shangri-La!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Click to book a room at Makati Shangril-La Hotel! 

Food for Thought : Staying REAL though on Social Media

18 June 2015 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment


Most people today have a Facebook account.

And Twitter, Instagram, Path, etc.

(Mmmm, … I choose to not have a Path account though. Just to many for me to manage =)

Typing and smiling on social media is easier than saying hello and smiling sincerely to people (including friends on FB) we actually meet?Now the thing is, I feel, one big issue (amongst many) with today’s modern technology is, (some) people sound more friendly and sociable on social media than in real person.

Typing and smiling on social media is easier than saying hello and smiling sincerely to people (including friends on FB) we actually meet?

(Have you experience this, btw? I know I have, and I seriously hope others don’t find me ‘cold and ignorant’ in real life)

For kids, especially, to me, it is really no hurry for them to enter the social media world.

I mean, they won’t miss a thing if they’re 11 and don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account just yet.

Plus, the minimum age to have a Facebook account is 13yo, isn’t it?

Why should kids be encouraged to create a ‘false identity’?

Why should kids be encouraged to create a ‘false identity’?It may seem simple to many parents, but if you ask me, I feel it’d be similar to letting our children ‘pretend’ to be ‘someone else’ in the virtual world.

Starting with, being ‘older’ than who they really are.

(While we may be concerned about a 35yo man pretending to be a 14yo girl and being friends with our kids online, … really, why should we start introducing the idea that it is ‘okay’ for our own kids to be someone they are not?)



As much as I myself am active in the social media world, I try to remind myself as often as I can, that what’s more important is interactions with real people.

What’s important is to stay REAL, though we engage the social media for positive goodness.

We can still choose this, if we want to.

Let’s remind each other.

Food for thought.

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