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Parenting: Nurture Good Reading Habits

29 October 2016 – 11:39 pm |

Here is one sad truth about Indonesia’s literacy level:
Indonesia is the second worst among the world’€™s 61 most literate nations, only higher than Botswana, according to a new study conducted by Central Connecticut State University …

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Making: Underwater Creatures with Watercolour

1 December 2016 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment


Here’s what Brie created the other day.

I drew the outlines with crayons, and Brie did the painting =)

The theme was ‘underwater creatures’.

One creature is in the open sea, but susceptible to danger from predators. The other creature is safe, but is confined to a small space.

‘Which situation would YOU prefer?’, I asked.

Brie said, ‘The fish bowl! I prefer to be safe! I don’t want to be eaten!’


brie watercolour seahorse

Brie said, ‘The fish bowl! I prefer to be safe! I don’t want to be eaten!’Interestingly, I asked the two older ones, and they both said they’d choose to be in the open sea, free to swim anywhere. They’d hide if there’re predators, they said.

I guess, with younger children, it’s natural for them to choose ‘safety’, more than ‘freedom’. The older they get, the more ‘freedom’ they’d wish to have.

Reality of parenting and growing up?

Brie: 5.5yo

Loving our Spouse, till Death Do Us Part

15 November 2016 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Here’s one blessing in our family.

My Mom’s mom.

The kids’ great grandma.

She is 91yo. She is healthy and well.

She remembers things well. She still travels the world with her children every few months or so.

And earlier today, she told us how she would’ve had celebrated her 75th wedding anniversary this year, if my grandpa had not left two years ago :/

*I miss my grandpa*

She shared with us how every night she meets my grandpa in her dreams.


So sweet.

Such a blessing to have them in our family.

How’s our relationship with our spouse? 

If God gives us a long enough life, would we still be loving towards our spouse on our 40th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary?

May God strengthen our marriage every day.

Taking Care of Our Family against Haze

8 November 2016 | Posted in: Advertorial, Giveaways, Awards & Reviews | No Comment

brie haze xepa

Oh dear.

I remember how we were all surrounded by haze back in Singapore.

Couldn’t breathe in fresh air.

Eyes and noses felt itchy.

And we couldn’t really go out and about as much as usual. *boo*

haze singapore
[Photo by]

If I were still single, I guess I wouldn’t be too concerned about the haze or other health issues.

I mean, I’d probably have some anti-histamine syrup ready in my fridge, and that would be a good enough preparation ‘for myself’.

But since we have three young kiddos, having basic things READY TO USE at home IS a necessity.

Like, it’s a MUST to have these at our home, at all times: a thermometer, masks, antiseptic cream, anti-histamine tablets or syrup, sterile strips (plasters), and medicines for fever, runny nose and cough.

If you’re a parent, you  know that THAT was just the beginning of the list.

The actual list goes on, and on, and on! =)


To add to our ‘list of things to have at home, ready at all times’, Xepa sent over this Allergy & Haze Kit!

Thanks Xepa!

Having it ready at home sure helps families cope with hazy situations when it arrives!


The Allergy & Haze Kit contains these 5 items:

– Allergy & Haze Handbook (Its colourful pages help when explaining to the kids what allergies are, etc)

– Disposable Face Masks (10 of them!)

– Euderm Cream (To replenish moisture to dry, scaly and itchy skin condition and relieve baby & allergic eczemas)

– Rinz eye drops (To soothe irritated & tired eyes)

– Tissue pack (To wipe off surface dust and pollutants)
They’re all neatly packed in a blue ‘case’!


Other than having this useful kit at home, WHAT ELSE can we do to take care of our family against haze?

Here are 5 quick tips:

Not that it’s ‘forbidden’ or anything, but where possible, avoid going out and about with young children.

I know this means a rise in our electricity bills. But, closing all windows and switching the air-conditioning and air purifier do help filter out pollutants from our home when the haze situation gets pretty bad.

Taking better care of our health by consuming foods that are packed with vitamins WILL help build a stronger immune system!

Drink PLENTY of water and keep the family hydrated.

With our kids, to help them see how much water they have drunk / need to drink, we give them each a bottle of water, and they nee to ‘finish’ the water bottle by a certain given time, eg. Before 3pm.

I find that helpful.


5. MASK.

Of course, if you feel the air quality IS bad, WEAR A MASK when out and about.

The masks in the Allergy & Haze Kit definitely are helpful to have. But when the haze situation is really bad, wearing a good quality N95 mask is recommended (it filters out finer pollutants in the air).


Here’s wishing all families the best of health!

(Let’s hope for ‘no haze issues’ in the year 2017 and beyond!)

And of course, let’s not forget to always count our blessings every day, too!

Take care, everyone!

Thoughts and Tips for All Husbands

15 August 2013 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment
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