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Encouraging Children in Sports (and Vai’s Tennis Competition)

14 April 2015 – 3:02 pm | 3 Comments

Last weekend, our 8yo Vai had the chance to compete in a tennis competition, joining the category of ‘Under 10′.
Something that we’re all excited about.
It was all held outdoors.
And the weather was very, VERY warm.

At …

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Brie : 3 Years, 11 Months

24 April 2015 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment


Our littlest is going to be four next month.


She is very much independent by now.

She can go and shower all on her own.

Towel herself dry, grab her clothes from the wardrobe, put them on, comb her hair, brush her teeth, put on her socks and shoes, ready to go out.

All by herself.



Brie loves to dance.

Twirling around, shaking her hips, jumping off the sofa with her feet stretched out like a ballerina.

And, she loves to make up new songs and tunes.



Brie loves her brother and sister.

Will get all silly with her brother.

But prefers to be accompanied by her sister at bedtime =)

Our little Brie looks forward to turning four.

She tells people how her birthday is NEXT MONTH, and how she’ll turn four by then =)

She is 100cm tall, and weighs 14.5 kg.




I feel blessed to be able to spend every single day with you.

To watch you grow, and to be a part of your growing up days.

You are always in our prayers.

You’re very much loved.

And we thank God for you.

The Need to be a Good Company to our Spouse

20 April 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Marriage & Relationships | 2 Comments


Something sweet my husband wrote on his Facebook wall yesterday =)

That night, as we both chatted about this and that, I shared with him my thoughts on what he wrote on Facebook.

I said:

You know what?

What you wrote got me thinking.

I enjoyed watching the tennis games earlier! But having said that, I may not be able to always accompany you when you want to do something that you love.

I want you to know though, that whenever I can, I would try to be there with you, regardless of whether I myself enjoy what it is that we’re doing.




I want you to be accompanied by me (and enjoyed my presence and our time together), and not enjoy the company of others better (worse, enjoying the company of another female).

Personally I believe, the enjoyment of another person’s company, other than one’s spouse, IS possible, when the spouse rarely make himself/herself available willingly in the life of the other.

And after some time, one just gets used to doing things ‘alone’ and ‘without the presence’ of the spouse.


I don’t wish for that to happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

We both have our own time alone and with other people too, of course.

I just feel it should never be a ‘habit’ that undermines that need to enjoy each other’s company.

So yes, this means we both are used to going out with our young kids in tow, just so that we nurture that ‘togetherness’ habit.

(In the top photo, Brie had her afternoon nap in the pram as we watched the tennis games together. We dropped the two older kids to choir practice earlier =)


I don’t know about you, but I personally feel that as a wife, it is important to be connected as much as we can to our spouse.

To know his world and to understand what he likes, and to hopefully be a part of that too.

As a wife, it is important to be connected as much as we can to our spouseTo find things that we can enjoy together.

To go through the highs and lows of life, together.


The reality is, to always be there for our spouse may not always be possible. And it may not even be easy for many.

But I guess, if we show genuine initiatives and willingness to be involved in ‘his world’ too, … I’m sure it will do more good – than bad – to the relationship, yes? =)

What say you?

Encouraging Children in Sports (and Vai’s Tennis Competition)

14 April 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational, Parenting | 3 Comments


Last weekend, our 8yo Vai had the chance to compete in a tennis competition, joining the category of ‘Under 10′.

Something that we’re all excited about.

It was all held outdoors.

And the weather was very, VERY warm.



At least 3 of his games were held around 11am – 1pm.

We sat by the court, under the shade, and even then, it was VERY warm and glary.

Having said that though, we never see ourselves as parents who say to their kids:

‘Careful … don’t run or you’ll fall down!’

‘Stay out of the sun! You’ll get a headache!’

‘Don’t get too tired! You’ll get sick!’

And we never will let ourselves do things like :

- Carry our child’s tennis bag
(Vai must pack his own tennis bag, prepare his water bottles, spare clothes, shoes, etc)

- Call the child to the side of the court to wipe his/her forehead with a towel, or help him change clothes, etc

- Give/shout out comments (on what the child should do) when he is already in the middle of a game



Why won’t we do such things?

Simply because the child MUST learn to be independent, focused, hard working, and never-giving up easily.

And, being pampered or constantly commanded by the parents is surely not going to do any good to his mentality.



Also, we believe, when a child is already on the court, in a game, he is to think for himself how he’s going to face the opponent, the kinds of strategy he will apply to beat the other player, etc.

Tennis coaches have also been saying how parents unfortunately often have been the ones killing / dampening their children’s fighting spirit (on and off the court), by giving negative comments or doing things FOR the child.



So to us, last weekend, Vai had a real, hard lesson on striving and struggling to do one’s best, a lesson on endurance and perseverance.

Not easy.

But it was a good training of one’s physic and mentality.



We saw improvements on how he plays his games, and on his mentality when he’s on the court too.

Like, there was a game when Vai already lost 1 – 5, and he caught up to 5 – 5.

Then it was 5 – 6 and 5 – 7.

Vai fought on, and got the game to 7 – 7, then to 8-8!

They went to a tie-break, and it was such a close game.

Vai lost 4 – 7.

It was great to watch him fight hard.

And to us, that matters the most!




Vai came second, for the category ‘Under 10′.

He was so happy! =)



And again, as always, we hope he enjoyed every game, while doing his best.

The trophy and certificate?

Well, they are great bonus! =)

Keep it up, Vai!

You have our full support!

Car Talks : Who Determines ‘Who We Are’

9 April 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | No Comment

As children grow up, there will always be pressures from their peers.

What if I don’t do what my friends do?

What if my friends ask me to do something that they all do but I actually disagree with?

What ifs. What ifs.

As always, we have a good talk about lots of stuff when we are on the road.

And we talked about this.

These are some of the thoughts shared :

‘Who we are’ is not determined by what our friends, our peers, say about us.

When it comes to ‘who we are as a person’, we should never use other people’s standardsSay, … if you got 50 in your test, and everyone else at school said that you are SO smart for getting 50 (because they all got no more than 25 marks), it does not mean we truly are ‘smart’.

Our peers can say whatever they wish to say, but when it comes to ‘who we are as a person’, we should never use other people’s standards.

Remember this, always :

We only follow and hear what our Creator says about us.

We then talked about Punchinello.

To those who are not yet familiar with the story, here’s a bit about it (well recommended storybook, btw!):

In the story of Punchinello in ‘Best of all’ by Max Lucado, the people in his village said that he was ‘second class’ because he was made out of willow wood. And for some time, Punchinello did believe that he was of ‘lower quality’ than those who were made of maple wood.

Well, until Punchinello met the Wood Carver who MADE him! The Wood Carver made Punchinello special, purposely using willow wood when he first created him.

What the Wood Carver said matters the most. Because the Wood Carver was the Maker, and he truly knew what he was doing and why he made Punchinello in the first place!

Punchinello’s worth and value is determined by the Maker, not by his fellow villagers who were also ‘made by the Maker’.

And it exactly is the same for us.


It was a good and honest talk.

And I’m really glad we always have opportunities to talk about stuff openly.

May God always watch over each of them, whenever and wherever, so that they can walk in His truth, with the wisdom from above when choosing to do what’s right, even though everyone else may seem to be going the opposite direction.

May God have mercy on our little family.


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