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Parenting : Young Children Absorb Everything They See and Hear

19 August 2014 – 12:05 am |

Who do our young children spend their most time with everyday?
Mommy? Grandparents? Nanny?
(Or, TV? Electronic Media, like iPads?)

Ever realise that children, especially young children, love to imitate the behaviours of people around them?
Especially those whom …

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Vai’s 8th Birthday (and His Request for a Lego Cake!)

22 August 2014 | Posted in: Daily | 6 Comments


The day that our little man has been waiting for finally arrived!

Two days ago, Vai turned EIGHT! =)

He’s been talking about it since last month.

What kind of cake will Mommy be making? Can I please have a Lego cake? What will be the cake inside? Can I get a present too? Can I give my friends some goodie bags? Can I see how the cake look like at home? When will you start making the cake?

Exciting times for the young man! =)



But, here’s my confession.

I had very, very little time to prepare for the cake.

The goodie bags, plates, and everything were done the day before the little celebration at his school.

But, not the cake. Not the fondant.

I’ve been so busy (and physically drained) that whole week that I only managed to bake the 2 rectangular cakes some 8 hours before the celebration itself!

I mixed the coloured fondant and prepared the cake some 2 hours before I left for his school.


Just so happened, immediately after the birthday celebration, I had two scheduled interview shoots.

Which meant, I had to prepare the questions and everything for the production too.

While having a 3yo girl with me throughout the rush (and all three of them throughout the shoot)

Seriously. It was beyond what I imagined I could do, and I just shrugged, laughed it off and tried to clear one thing at the time.



So, I baked the butter cake using the recipe I tried before.

I made the letters ‘L’, ‘E’, ‘V’, and ‘I’ using his Lego bricks. Grabbed some other Lego from his box as cake decorations.

Twirled the blue fondant and made an ’8′.

No butter cream. Just some strawberry jam between the fondant and the cake.



Deep inside, I felt a little guilty because the shape of the ‘Lego bricks’ are not ‘nice and square’. The colours are not exactly Lego brick colours too.

But, as I rushed everything and reached his school, as I went into his classroom and opened the cake box, I saw the birthday boy’s eyes widened when he saw the cake for the first time.

He then looked at me and smiled.

I gave him a big hug, and felt it was all worth it.

(Thank God that everything went well, including the shoots too =)



Note to our birthday boy:

You love to make people laugh and smile. You can easily make new friends, anywhere.
You’re the joker in the family. That’s you, and that’s your strength for sure.

You are progressing so well in tennis too. You beat bigger and older players in tennis games and competitions, and we’re so proud of you.

As we have always shared with you, in everything you do in life, do your best.
It’s not about getting any medals or trophies. It’s more about developing and maximising God’s given talents. About being responsible with what we’ve been blessed with.

And, just like how you focus on doing your best in tennis, learn to do the same in other aspects in life. The skill to focus, concentrate and pay attention to smaller details is something that we all need to have.

Also, don’t forget that we always pray for you too.
Our prayer is that you’ll grow and become a man who’s after God’s own heart, someone who personally experiences God’s goodness, strives to be Christ-like, and becomes a blessing to many.
(I always look forward to the day all five of us can serve God together as a family!=)

Happy Birthday, Vai.
Always remember, that whatever happens, we all love you very, very much.

Parenting : Young Children Absorb Everything They See and Hear

19 August 2014 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | No Comment


Who do our young children spend their most time with everyday?

Mommy? Grandparents? Nanny?

(Or, TV? Electronic Media, like iPads?)

Ever realise that children, especially young children, love to imitate the behaviours of people around them?

Especially those whom they spend quite a lot of time with everyday.



I was reading an article somewhere the other day and I was just again reminded that … before we ‘complain’ about children’s behaviour, let us observe who and what surrounds them too.

And most importantly, let us first ‘look at ourselves’ in the mirror.

Are we temperamental?

Do we ourselves treat our spouse or others around us with kindness, and respect?

What are the words, even phrases, that are commonly said around the home?

What kind of games or TV characters are they exposed to, if any, everyday?

Before we ‘complain’ about children’s behaviour, let us first ‘look at ourselves’ in the mirrorYou see, whether we like it or not, our children absorb everything that they hear and see – consciously and unconsciously.

They are like a dry sponge!

They especially ‘read’ what our lives are like.

These little ones God has sent and entrusted into our care ‘watch’ what we do.

They observe the words that come out of our mouths.

They are most probably very good too in spotting whether we ‘do what we ask them to do’ ourselves.



Well, what kind of characters do we wish to see in our children?

Kindness? Righteousness? Courage? Compassion?

When we wish to build and encourage positive characters in our children, the reality is, it is not just about THEM.

It is very much about US, the parents, too.

(And of course, also the kinds of other exposure that we allow to enter into the children’s daily lives)



If we wish for our children to be kind, thoughtful and thankful, then our children need to see those qualities in our lives too.

They need to see how we ourselves are walking our faith and are dependent upon God in every decision we makeAnd if we talk about our children’s spirituality, they too need to see how faith matters in our lives. They need to see how God IS relevant to our daily situations as well as theirs.

They need to see how we ourselves are walking our faith and are dependent upon God in every decision we make.

Do we pray and seek God’s help when faced with financial difficulties?

Do we ask God (and our child) for forgiveness when we unnecessarily lose our temper?

Do we display any self-control in what we say and do?

Parenting seems ‘impossible’ whenever I think about it this way.

But, thank God we are never left alone.

God is with us.

Let’s learn to depend on Him. However tough things may seem.

May God give us His wisdom and strength everyday.

And, may God shower our family with His mercy and grace, everyday, so we can be the kind of people He wants us all to be.

Making : Sheep and Lamb Painting on Canvas

18 August 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational | No Comment


Here’s one of Anya’s drawings, before she went and painted it on canvas.

And you know what?

For some weird reason, after seeing this drawing, I had the urge to paint on canvas – just something. Anything!

It’s a very similar urge that I had some time back, when I suddenly felt all itchy to paint. I went for it and painted a ‘family tree’ on canvas in the wee hours!


But anyway.

I did it again this time! Yay.

Less than 8 hours after Anya drew the girl above =)

(Mad decision, I know, because I am no painter, it’s past midnight, I didn’t get much sleep the nights before, AND I still have tonnes of other work to do – which usually I gradually clear when the kids are all in bed!)




I went on to browse the internet for ideas on what to paint, AND I loved the works of Rachelle Levingston on!

And I thought I’d give the sheep and the lamb painting a go =)

(I chose the sheep-lamb painting to remind me how we too are like sheep, easily lost and can’t find our way home, unless the Great Shepherd comes to find us)




Here it is!



I know. The body is not quite proportional. The legs are not natural-looking =)

But, this officially is my third painting on a canvas *YAY*

My first painting on canvas was a ‘Wedding Tree’

My second was a ‘Family Tree’

Happy that I followed that mad urge to paint that night! =)

Therapeutic, and fulfilling.

Btw, if you’ve been itching to create something too, perhaps it’s time to … GO FOR IT?

Have a great week, everyone!

Cling On, and Believe!

14 August 2014 | Posted in: Inspirational | No Comment

Two days ago, I read a text message from a friend.

And I felt a surge of sadness.

I joined hundreds and thousands, perhaps millions others, who are saddened by the news of Robin Williams’ death.

While he loved making people laugh, he himself battled with sadness, addiction, pressure and depression.

I watched many of his works. I’d greatly miss him.


No amount of laughter, talents, achievements, popularity, money, power, beauty can ever make us feel ‘whole’Humans are humans.

No amount of laughter, talents, achievements, popularity, money, power, beauty can ever make us feel ‘whole’.

Well, unless we know the Creator, and His purpose for our life?

What do we feel when we are all alone – when we’re away from the acknowledgements, and away from the ‘image and identity’ that we’ve perhaps built over the years.

Who are we when no one is around?

I am a person of faith, and I truly believe we are never alone.

God is always present.

God knows what’s within our deepest mind.

God knows us more than we know ourselves.

Perhaps the past is more like a closet full of skeletons that we dare not openMany a time we cling on to our past.

Perhaps, it’s dark.

Perhaps the past is more like a closet full of skeletons that we dare not open.

When we have NO idea WHO we could cling on to, it is no wonder if the future seemed bleak.

No wonder if there seemed to be no light at the end of the long, dark tunnel one called ‘life’.

Who are we when we’re all alone?

What is in our mind? What is inside our heart?

I am a creature who can also go through the lows in life, like everyone else.

But. May I share something?

If you feel like you’re on the low point in your life, please cling on to Christ.

Look to Him. Even in your desperate moments.

I am the Way, and he Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me“, HE said.

Life IS complete when we are in Christ, who is the Creator, who is LIFE Himself, who has in fact given HIS Life for us, even before we knew nor believe in Him.

Cling on to Him.

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