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Why We Choose to Explore More of Nature on Family Holidays

8 January 2016 – 6:28 pm | 3 Comments

If you’re planning for a family holiday, would you choose to spend more time indoors or outdoors?
I know some families prefer to stay indoors on holidays, away from the sun.
And they shared with me reasons …

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Experimenting : Cool ‘Science Magic’ using Matchsticks

22 January 2016 | Posted in: Daily, Video | No Comment

science experiment matchsticks

Our 9.5yo Vai finds science fascinating.

He loves the different kinds of experiments done at his school’s science club (How fun and inspiring the teacher is, plays a great deal here, if you ask me =)

So anyway, the other day, we did this simple ‘magic trick’ together.

What we did:

1. We put one ‘shortened’ matchstick on a gluetag, just to make it stand firmly

2. Lean another matchstick onto it.

3. Light up the ‘body’ of the leaning matchstick.

That’s it!

What happens after is this:

The tips of the matchsticks will magically stick together.

The ‘leaning’ matchstick will be lifted and the coin under it can then be moved without touching the matchstick!:)
(You see, this is the ‘magic’ part, ie. How do you remove the coin, without moving/touching the matchstick=)

science matchsticksWhy it happens:

Someone shared that this is because the ‘phosphorus tips’ of the matchsticks fuse together when burned (mmmm …. ‘combustion’ and ‘phosphorus fusion’?)

(Btw, anyone else can explain what has happened, in simple words, may be? :)

Anyway, we don’t have proper scientific explanation for this, but we believe such fun experiment leads to fascination, and we hope it continually drives the kids to want to discover and learn more and more :)

(They can learn what this is all about and explain to me later =)

AND oh, one last thing.

The fact that Vai failed so many times and yet tried and tried again without complaining (when putting the matchsticks together and when wanting to light up one of the matchstick) is to me, another valuable lesson on perseverance and not giving up too.

Here’s the video of the experiment.

Have fun!


Explosions and Shootings in Jakarta : We Can Choose To NOT Be Scared

14 January 2016 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational | No Comment

[Source :]


Explosions took place this morning in Jakarta.

Followed by some shootings.

The city (and millions around the world) was shocked.

We watched the news updates on TV.

I received photos and so many ‘forwarded Whatsapp messages’ (many of which are hoax, btw! The cruel reality of using social media to intensify the situation and extend the impact of terrorism!)

My kids and I were more than 15km away from the explosion at the time.

So we were pretty much ‘safe’.


Did I feel scared that morning?


For some time, I felt worried and scared.

Scared because things seemed uncertain.

Will there be more bombs going off around the city? Would things get worse? Could my husband get back home safely? 

After some ‘self talk’ in my head, and after discovering how lies and incorrect news were going around the social media, … I felt better.


I summarised my thoughts in these few sentences.

Suicide Bombing / terrorism does not require the bomber/shooter to be brave.

It’s a cowardice act by the carrier, and whoever is behind the idea.

Glass windows may break, but Indonesia will not and should never be shattered by such acts.

Our heartfelt prayers to those who’re affected, and who’re still out there guarding the city.

Aparat kepolisian berusaha mendekati tempat terjadinya ledakan dan penembakan di Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, Kamis (14/1). Kompas/Hendra A Setyawan (HAS) 14-01-2016


To close my post, I just want to say:

For some reason, I feel Indonesians are not so easily scared.

Because, we encounter ‘scary and crazy incidents’ daily here in this city! =)
(As you can see in the photo above, civilians chose to crowd around and WATCH and not flee from the scene =)


Instead of letting ourselves be filled with worries and hatred, let’s learn to see how fragile we all are and how we need to depend on something greater than ourselves?

As for me, my faith leads me to look upon the almighty and all-knowing God.

We may not know the reasons for many things that happen, but we know HE is just and HE is sovereign.

May God have mercy on those with evil intentions.

Here’s to a better Indonesia!

Why We Choose to Explore More of Nature on Family Holidays

8 January 2016 | Posted in: Parenting, Places to Visit | 3 Comments

Pulau Putri snorkel


If you’re planning for a family holiday, would you choose to spend more time indoors or outdoors?

I know some families prefer to stay indoors on holidays, away from the sun.

And they shared with me reasons like :

– They simply love to be in air-conditioned rooms

– Their kids would sweat profusely when outdoors

– They don’t wish to get darker-skinned / sun-tanned

– They don’t like to be exposed to grass, mosquitoes, bugs, etc

As I always say, every family has their own way doing things.

They have their own unique preferences and styles, which of course is fine by me =)

As for OUR family, when we can, we prefer to venture out and experience more of our beautiful nature.

(So thankful that my husband share the same preference =)


batu tapak camping ground sukabumi
[Camping at Batu Tapak Camping Ground, Sukabumi, West Java]


Here are our three main reasons WHY :

1. We’ve spent so much time in the ‘city’! 

Day in, day out, we see concrete walls.

Buildings. Traffic jams. Pollution.

Most things are man-made.

The fact that we live in Jakarta makes it naturally harder for us to see or interact with nature and its beauty.

We don’t get to see much big blue skies, the ocean, the beach, nor the mountains.

And even on days when we could catch a glimpse of beautiful sunsets, we’re most likely stuck in a traffic jam at the time, making it somewhat harder for us to truly absorb and enjoy the beauty of what’s already been displayed up in the sky.

So, where possible, we’d like to take a break, away from our city, and enjoy more of nature =)


batu tapak camping paddyfield
[Exploring the areas around Batu Tapak Camping Ground, Sukabumi, West Java]


2. Imparting life lessons and appreciation of God’s creation through positive exposure and real experience

I truly believe that we learn the most when we have real experience and exposure of something.

Watching beautiful sunsets, catching glimpses of fishes below the jetty, even catching grasshoppers and releasing them back to nature.

Like, rather than looking through pictures of paddy fields, we’ll remember more about them after going to paddy fields ourselves, yes?


batu tapak camping1


And, instead of just ‘talking’ about the importance of ‘persevering through difficulties in life’ and ‘not giving up’, such life lessons could be learned too when we go hiking and climbing over big rocks, eg.

pulau putri sunset canoe
[Canoeing together and waited for the sun to set]


3. Better awareness of the need to preserve our God-given nature

As we bring the kids to see more of the nature’s beauty, we have more opportunities too to talk about the importance of taking care of it.

Like when we went canoeing recently at Pulau Putri, we saw the big blue ocean and the beautiful clear water surrounding us. And so it was real and ‘contextual’ when I mentioned to the kids about the importance of not littering and spoiling our environment.

(If we often are exposed to nature’s beauty, we have a natural inclination too to ‘not’ want to spoil it, I reckon)

family_pulau putri


Oh one last thing.

I also feel, the parents’ attitude towards nature and the outdoors also plays a big role.

Because kids naturally watch how their parents live out their lives and absorb everything.

eg. What kinds of comments do they make when they are outdoors with the family?

Do the parents themselves litter?

Ah anyway.

I personally hope more and more families grow to love the world that God has given to us.

We may not be able to do ‘much’, but we sure can contribute by not making our nature worse, and by instilling the love and appreciation for the outdoors and nature in the kids, since young.

Food for thought.

Visiting Pulau Putri : Preview Photos!

30 December 2015 | Posted in: Places to Visit | No Comment

Pulau Putri sunset kepulauan seribu indonesia


The end of 2015 was filled with lots of outdoors and close-to-nature trips for us.

And for that, we’re forever grateful to God.

We went to the beach (Tanjung Lesung), an island (Pulau Putri) and the mountains.

In separate posts, I’ll share more photos, info and tips of our family trips.

So much to share!


Pulau Putri canoe kepulauan seribu


For now, here are some of the shots we took when we’re at Putri Island!


Canoeing. Snorkeling. Swimming.

Sand-play. Sunset. Fishing.

Blue skies. Jetties. Banana boats.



Pulau Putri_canoe

Pulau Putri snorkel kepulauan seribu

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