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When Youtube is not always Bad for our Kids

18 December 2014 – 11:57 am | 2 Comments

Out of the many things we share with the kids, one of them is:
We need to be extra careful with the internet.
It has lots and LOTS of rubbish. 
But, at the same time, it has some …

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Checking Out : Kuntum Farm Field, Bogor

19 December 2014 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Places to Visit | Comments Off

So it is December.

And we’re well into our holiday break!


So, where can we go to get away from the city of Jakarta, and bring ourselves closer to nature, without spending too much time on the road to get there?

Well … we decided to take the kids to Kuntum Farm Field in Bogor!


Organic farm. Sheep. Lamb. Cows. Calves. Rabbits. Guinea Pigs. Hens. Roosters. Ducks. Swans. Birds.

You name them.

If you ask me, this is my opinion:

- The whole area is big and designed quite well, with clear pathways for people to walk on conveniently.

- Entrance fee is affordable, only Rp25,000 per head (kids below 2yo is free)

- Close encounters with farm animals available. We can feed them, touch and carry the rabbits / guinea pigs too!

- Grass and milk in bottles available for sale (eg. Milk for the lamb at Rp5000 / bottle)

Here are more photos to share with you!

Free use of their ‘farm hats’, called ‘Caping’ (read as ‘Cha-Peeng’ =)


Love this super cute lamb.  The smallest out of all, still nursing too!

Brie, 3.5yo, was not too keen on getting too close with the animals.

The result of growing up in the city, and not spending much time out in nature? Sigh.

Gotta take her out more to the outdoors and farms!

This is Vai attempting to bottle-feed a calf!

The baby cow sucked the bottle so eagerly and it was like a tug-of-war between Vai and the calf! Haha!

I like this ‘Poultry Enclosure’.

It’s a dedicated place – spacious, with clear walkways for us – where the hens, roosters, ducks roam freely!

We can feed them with dried corn (available for sale, Rp5000 per pack)


Seriously, this is a weird looking rooster.

Never seen one like this before.

‘Is the ‘black chicken’ they cook for herbal soups look like this?’, I wondered.


We’re blessed with good weather when we’re there.

It was a bit cloudy and not at all glary nor warm!

Love the mountain view in the background!

They have separate areas for rabbits and guinea pigs.

The kids can actually feed and pat them.

Again, Brie was not too keen on getting too close to the animals.

She was like, … pick a piece of vegie stick, walk closer to the rabbit, and throw it towards the front of the rabbit.

Hope it gets better the next time we’re around farm animals.

We saw fig trees there too, btw!

And this is a jack fruit tree! =)

I will share more photos on my Facebook Photo Album!

Will let you know the link real soon! =)

Kuntum Farm Field (Kuntum Nurseries)
Jl. Raya Tajur  No. 291  Bogor

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday
08.00–18.00 WIB



When Youtube is not always Bad for our Kids

18 December 2014 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Parenting | 2 Comments


Out of the many things we share with the kids, one of them is:

We need to be extra careful with the internet.

It has lots and LOTS of rubbish. 

But, at the same time, it has some good stuff too. We need to know how and where to look for them.

In our family, browsing the internet (eg. School projects, online games, etc) is done together with us, the parents.

ie. Our kids don’t freely browse for information / images / videos on the internet / Youtube.

(And we’ve explained the reasons why with the older ones)

eg. If it’s online games time for them, then I’ll open the page (eg., and our son would play the games on the site.



When I say ‘Youtube is not always bad for kids’, I mean … we can learn so much from experts who share their video tutorials online!

In the case of our eldest, she likes to draw, and so her Dad introduced Mark Crilley to her.

She’s watched a few of Mark Crilley’s Youtube videos on how to draw and sketch.

(Link to his videos:

To us, it’s always good when a child finds ways to learn and be inspired, though away from ‘school’.

PS: Again, like almost all things on the internet, not ALL his ‘how to draw videos’ are ‘appropriate’ for our kids, so we still do choose which ones to watch from his video collection.


[A shot taken back in May 2014, when she's drawing away while waiting in our car, a day after watching Mark Crilley's video tutorial]

Around Cebu and Bohol with a Selfie Stick

11 December 2014 | Posted in: Advertorial, In the Media, Places to Visit | No Comment

wefie leonny family selfie stick


So this is me. And my little (silly) family.

Right before I got off the car and walked into Soekarno-Hatta Airport for my first ever trip overseas, with a bunch of strangers.

Haha. That’s right.

I was about to fly from Jakarta to Singapore, stay overnight, then take the MRT to Changi Airport in the morning, THEN fly on Silk Air to Cebu in the Philippines with 8 other bloggers whom I never knew before!

Was I excited?

Haha. YES, I was.

Well, at first it did feel kinda weird to not have my husband nor kids around. It’s like, this time it’s just, me? And, I also did wonder about the other bloggers, how they’d be like, and how the trip would turn out =)

But anyway, this trip was just SO timely for me.

My weeks prior to the trip were so mentally and physically draining. Bleh.

And I was so in need of a good break from the daily routines and busyness (not to mention the daily mad traffic in Jakarta!)

selfie stick cebu island souvenirs philippines
[Photo by Yap Meng]


What I wanted to share in this post is, how thankful I was that my husband handed over to me a selfie stick right before I walked out the door!

“Here! You should bring it! It’ll be useful whenever you want to take group photos!”

And yep, he was right! =)

In this post, I’ll be sharing photos of me and my newly found (fun) friends as we went around Cebu and Bohol, taken using my phone and this selfie stick!

(Hmm, okay, there’ll be some taken with me extending my arm also la … but mostly were taken using my selfie stick =)

The photo quality is not as fantastic as those taken with a DSLR, BUT I love how it managed to capture the whole group and the memories of our Cebu and Bohol trip!

selfie stick cebu philippines bloggers blog awards singapore


See!! With the selfie stick, I managed to get everyone’s facial expressions! =)


In front of an ‘Islands Souvenirs’ store, nearest to Magellan’s Cross.

There’s a big ‘I love Cebu’ signage. Must take a photo at this spot when you’re there! =)

wefie nalusuan beach cebu philippines bloggers beach clear waters bohol


Ah, there we were.

We just took a boat from Boyla Dive shop in Cebu, and reached Nalusuan Island.

Check out the clear waters!

The weather was fantastic, and I loved loved loved the clear blue sky!

Soooo relaxing!


- Boat rental (9am – 3pm) : PHP3,500
- Snorkeling masks/fins : PHP300 per person
- Entrance fee to Nalusuan Island : PHP200 per person
- Lunch on Nalusuan Island : PHP550 per person

Fun facts:

If taken with two or more people, it’s no longer called a ‘selfie’, but a ‘wefie’, hehe. According to =)

wefie boat to bohol fast ferry oceanjet group cebu philippines


A quick shot taken just before we got off our two-hour ferry ride, from Cebu Port to Tagbilaran Port!

Tips and info:

> For more info on the ferry operators, prices, etc, do read my earlier post on ‘Getting to Cebu and Bohol from Singapore

> They do play a movie during the 2-hour ferry ride, so it wasn’t too ‘boring’ =)

Emm, but if I were traveling with my young kids, I’d choose seats where we can’t see the TV, because the kinds of movies they play are not always ‘children friendly’ (They played ‘Total recall’ and ’3 idiots’ during our Cebu-Bohol-Cebu ferry ride.

selfie_loboc river cruise bohol


We cruised down Loboc River while we had our buffet lunch!

The surrounding view was all green and really nice!

I shared a photo of the river and its surrounding in my earlier post titled ‘9 reasons why you should visit Cebu and Bohol‘.

Go and have a read, if you haven’t yeah!

Tips and Info:

> Loboc river cruise lunch prices:
a) Normal : PHP450 / person
b) Premium: PHP550 / person

> You can buy your tickets at the Loboc Ecotourism Centre

> Price above is inclusive of an environment fee payable to the Local Government Unit

wefie_chocolate hills bohol philippines tourist


At the top of the highest hill of Chocolate Hills!

It is one of the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol, with … wait for it … 1,268 cone-shaped hills!!

Actually, some even estimate the number to be as high as 1776 hills!

The ‘smallest’ hill is around 30m in height.

The tallest hill is about 120m high!

Now, why are they called ‘Chocolate Hills’ when they’re obviously green?

Because … at the end of the dry season, the grass of these hills turns brown!

Like those cone-shaped Hershey’s Kisses milk chocolates =)


hershey kisses


Fun Facts

> Here’s one popular romantic local legend of how the hills were formed:

Long time ago, there’s a handsome young giant named Arogo. He fell in love with a mortal woman. As a mortal, the woman died, and when she did, the giant was so sad, he wept and wept, and his great teardrops turned into the Chocolate Hills.

> Did you notice that there are NO trees nor shrubs grow on the hills? Hmm … interesting, rightttt?

wefie graham ATV bohol philippines singapore blog awards


Haha … This is one of the most fun activities I enjoyed during our Bohol trip!

Here’re the rental rates, as at November 2014.

Hope the info is useful when you’re planning your activities (and spending) in Bohol! =)




To end this post, I’d like to share with you the very people with whom I spent 5 days and 4 nights in Cebu and Bohol! =)

9 of us are bloggers of DIFFERENT categories!

(Well almost. Because Johorkaki and My Nosh Pit are both food blogs, winners of 2 different award categories =)

And 3 others are from the Philippines Tourism Board and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

The trip was filled with so much fun, silliness, laughters and songs because I think everyone just sort of ‘gelled’ in with each other.

Yes, despite us coming from different backgrounds and ‘age groups’, and having different ‘years of blogging experience’! =)

It truly was an awesome trip!


bloggers bloggers johorkaki tony kenney mynoshpit allyoffduty ally yap meng sph

bloggers blog blog awards singapore smithleong smith nv fei sia hazel bohol cebu philippines

bloggers philippines blog awards singapore teik joshua seriously man kenny sim jaslin


Go and check out their blogs, listed in alphabetical order, and emmm … check mine too, yeah :)

Leonny (Me! The only one who’s married with 3 young kiddos =) :

Ally (amazingly traveled to Cebu and Bohol for 5 days and 4 nights, with just a medium-sized backpack!) :

Fern (masked lady with amazing drawings!) :

Jaslin (smiley, petite and makes sure she’s dressed appropriately for all occasions =) :

Joshua (maintains his cool at all times, but ‘seriously lost’ his GoPro at one time!) :

Kenny (Serious talk, can. Rowdy and nonsense, also can. Takes amazing photos!)

Kenneth (Appears quiet when in a crowd, but when he writes, he does it so well!)

Tony (Uncle can also take great photos, write, travel and have fun one!) :

Smith (Don’t judge a book by its cover guy, a.k.a. Teddy Bear Ah Beng) :

Special thanks to the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board and Silk Air, and and Singapore Blog Awards for making this trip is an awesome one for all of us!!

Caring for Baby’s Delicate Skin (And Giveaway of The Year from Kinderen Baby!)


Now that I have three kids, I can’t help but feel familiar when parents share their ‘headaches and worries’ that come with caring for their babies’ health and skin problems.

Diaper rash, insect bites, bloated tummies, coughs, colds, etc.

Like all other moms, I went through all those with all three kids.

Mosquito bites.

Red buttocks a.k.a. diaper rash.

Redness on the folds of the baby’s skin.

Discomfort from a bloated tummy.

Blocked nose, leading to difficulty in sleeping well at night.




We all know, the common issue we face as parents when handling babies is, we can’t just easily pick any ointments or balsam off the shelf.

Because, these are BABIES we’re talking about!

Their skin, and everything else, is still delicate.

And really, it’s no wonder that many ointments / medicines / balsams state on its packaging how they’re meant for children 2 years and above.

Of course, we can always say that, “Neh … last time our parents also rubbed any old balsam on our chest and applied any kind of ointments when we’re babies, and we’re ok what?

Well, in those days our parents didn’t have the advanced information on what could be harmful to babies and young children. Today, we are better informed for sure.


The good news is, today I’d like to introduce you to these two products that are safe for babies!

Kinderen Baby Balsam and Kinderen Diaper Rash Cream.



These two are widely available in Indonesia.

In Guardian and Century pharmacy outlets, as well as in other general pharmacies.

(I heard that it’ll be made available in Singapore too, real soon! =)



Here’s a quick summary of what each one can do: 

Kinderen Baby Balsam

> Warms the body and soothes blocked nose (gently rub and massage it on the chest, neck and back before bedtime)

> Helps to reduce bloated tummies

> Relieves itchiness from insect bites


Kinderen Diaper Rash Cream

> Soothes and treats diaper rash

> Helps to protect baby’s sensitive/delicate skin from diaper rash

(contains zinc oxide, calendula and aloe vera extracts)

Go ahead and read up more about it on their website, and their Facebook Page yeah!



My kids now are 10.5yo, 8yo and 3.5yo.

None of them are wearing diapers.

But with the littlest, she could still develop ‘redness’ in her ‘diaper area’ whenever she’s not washed up thoroughly with water after she relieves herself.

So for us, it is still handy to keep the Diaper Rash Cream around.

Plus, when it comes to insect bites, somehow it can happen at any time, and it goes across all ages =)

I keep the Kinderen Baby Balsam anyway in my bag.

You know, just in case.



Btw, I’ve been carrying a big bag since I had kids. I mean, I have SO many things in my bag!

(Who feels the same way? *Wave your hands*)

I feel it’s more like this ‘anything-also-can-find-in-it’ bag.

You name it.

Toy cars. Sweets. Snacks. Water bottle. Creams. Notebooks. Crayons.

Sanitiser. Wet wipes. Pens and pencils. Hair clips and hair bands.

Power bank. Clip-on lenses for my phone. Panadol and some other medicines.

Oh of course, my small make-up bag =)

(Sometimes I can find used wrappers, paper planes and some crumpled notes left by the kids. Hmphh!)

My husband sometimes says to me, why are you bringing such a big bag around all the time?

Well, it’s usually when the kids (or him) need something (when we’re outside) and I HAVE IT in my bag, then he understands. Haha.

Moms gotta do what moms gotta do =)


[These days, when Brie gets insect bites, she applies Kinderen Baby Balsam on her own. Under supervision always, of course]



Get ready for some END OF THE YEAR great news!!

Kinderen Baby would loveeee for families to enjoy some year-end family love together, and they’re sponsoring SIX shopping vouchers for you all!!


Check this out:

3 shopping vouchers for those in Singapore worth SG$80 each!

3 shopping vouchers for those in Indonesia worth Rp800,000 each!


Your chance to win is SO big, and this is just too good to miss!!

*Big thanks to Kinderen Baby!!*


[Pretending to apply some Kinderen Baby Balsam on her Bear-Bear's mosquito bites =)]

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1. Leave your comment and share:

a) What is it about your family that you’re thankful for, this year!

b) The country you live in
2) Share this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter
3) LIKE Our Everyday Things Facebook Page and Kinderen Baby Facebook Page, if you haven’t =)

Our Everyday Things FB Page :

Kinderen Baby FB Page :
4) For EXTRA WINNING CHANCE: leave another entry on Our Everyday Things FB Page.

Go to the Facebook Page and follow the simple instructions =)

Soooo simple to win the shopping vouchers!!

And it’s just so timely too, I feel.

You can choose your own christmas presents for the family, or even use the vouchers to get the things that you’ve been needing all this while.



1) Giveaway is open to EVERYONE in Indonesia and Singapore

2) Giveaway closes next Friday, 12 December 2014, at 11.59pm, Jakarta time!

3) SIX winners will be randomly chosen and announced here on Monday, 15 December 2014! Be sure to come over and check!

4) THREE shopping vouchers (Singapore) worth SG$80 to shop at

5) THREE shopping vouchers (Indonesia) worth Rp800,000 to shop at MAP outlets, eg. Kidz Station, Zara, Kinokuniya, etc.

Click HERE to see all MAP outlets!



This is soooo good!

I’m so excited!! =D

Giveaway of the Year!!

Be sure to NOT miss it ya!

All the best, everyone!!


Team from Kinderen Baby has chosen the giveaway winners !!

Ready to see the names?

Indonesia :
Andina Septiarani
Napitupulu Rodame
Nunung Yuni Anggraeni

Singapore :
Fifi Maria Berneko

Congratulations to all winners!!!

And, thanks everyone for participating!!:)

It’s heart-warming to read about your sharing of your family!

You have each won a shopping voucher of Rp800,000 or SG$80!

I will email the winners separately to arrange for the prize.

Thanks again, everyone!! =D

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