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Parenting: Feeling Bored IS Okay

10 May 2016 – 10:21 am | 13 Comments

‘Mommy, what can I do now? I’m bored!’
‘What else can I do now? Give me something to do.’
(In the car) ‘What can I do now? I have nothing to do.’ 

Sounds familiar?
Here’s one undeniable fact we …

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One Special Day: Thoughts on Turning 40

28 June 2016 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment


So THE day has arrived.

I am now officially, 40.

If you’re well over 40, you’d probably roll your eyes and say, ‘Bleh. You’re STILL 40! You’re young!’

(My 91yo grandma said I’m soooo very young! Hehe)

If you’re under 30, you’d probably think, ‘Hmm, can’t yet imagine how it’s like to be 40. Still a LONG way to go.’


All this time, for some reason, I see being 40 as ‘old’.

BUT, now that I myself AM 40, … it’s funny how I don’t FEEL old.

I feel … ‘normal’.

Like, nothing much have changed on the inside.


birthday family


Ah anyway.

I’ve been thinking about a few things as I approached the big four zero.

Here are some of my personal thoughts.

>>> I have now decided that being 40 is NOT ‘old’.

Not to me anyway =)

A lot of it has to do with your ‘mindset’
I mean, some people already feel they’re so old when they’re 30, and they choose to stop being active.

And some others, they feel ‘young’ even when they’re in their 60s and 70s. They choose to stay active and continually learn, explore and share with others.

So I thought, a lot of it has to do with your ‘mindset’.

Age is just a number, they say.

As much as it sounds like a cliché, I do agree with it.

How we face our life and its ups and downs very much is influenced by our mindset.

>>> I feel there’s still so much to do in life.

There’s still so much to do in lifeIf God lets me live till I’m 65, then I have 25 years.

If God lets me live till I’m 55, then I have 15 years left.

If God lets me live till I’m 45?

No one can know when it’s time for us to leave. It’s all in God’s hands and big plans. But, here’s one thing I’m sure we all agree on, our bodies WILL gradually get less and less strong and able over the years.

So ‘while I still can’, I must squeeze my time and make use of my days carefully and wisely.

>>> I must never let myself feel ‘old’ and lazy

Reminder to self: I must regularly exercise and keep fit =)


birthday card_40
[Appreciating little gestures and notes from the kids]

Here’s more about the day.

I had sweet surprises on my birthday which I’d love to record and remember for many years to come =)

First, hubby apparently ordered roses to be delivered to our home in the morning!

Aiyooohh, I was sooo touched I cried. Lost count of how many times I hugged him (while the kids watched everything =)

He’s not a romantic guy, and I don’t expect him to be. So for him to actually plan for flowers on my birthday, … I thought it was wonderfully sweet of him! =)



I also had lunch with some extended family members, and apparently a birthday cake was prepared! The get-together itself was already nice, and I didn’t expect the cake at all! It was such a sweet gesture.

As if it’s not enough, friends with whom I ministered together that day, gave me a surprise : a birthday cake AND a bouquet of flowers.

It was just so nice of them!


Seriously, I’ve never had THAT many flowers on any particular day.

I mean, all in all I had MORE flowers on my 40th birthday than my wedding day bouquet! =)

It was as if God wants me to see how I should learn and let my life bloom and be a sweet fragrance to all around, regardless of my age.

Food for thought?


I’m so thankful to God for my husband and kids, big family, friends online and offline, for good health, for the opportunities to be involved in ministries and everything else that HE has entrusted to me all these years.

Regardless of our age, our paths ahead will have roses AND thorns, ups and downs. It’s part of our learning journey.

I just hope and pray that whatever happens I’d always trust God as my Strength and Source of wisdom, patience and joy, and that HE will hold my hands whenever I need to sail through storms.

May God help me, and us all.

Dieng, Central Java: Simple Homestay for the Family

19 June 2016 | Posted in: Mobile Blogging, Places to Visit | 2 Comments


Before we left for our Central Java trip, we googled a lot looking for a place to stay that’s simple and affordable.

In the end, we settled wih Arjuna Homestay at Dieng.

It’s a two-storey home and we rented one of its rooms.

I chose Arjuna Homestay because from its photos, it looks ‘new’ and clean.

And, I like its balconies :)


arjuna_homestay_cold dieng


The photos above were taken when we first arrived at Dieng.

We had our night walk together. It was around 8pm. We saw thick fog (and I quickly took a shot of them walking in the middle of the empty road =)

There was quite a bit of breeze too (which made it even ‘colder’).

The temperature was 12 deg Celsius at the time.

It really was NICE! =)

To think that we have such fresh and ‘cold’ weather in INDONESIA, it felt amazing!


[Encouraging kids to stay from gadgets and just enjoy some time together as a family]

[We asked for an extra bed, which cost Rp50,000 / night. The room itself cost Rp250,000 / night]

This is a simple place to stay.

It wasn’t ‘super clean’, but it is good enough for us. Its bathroom is clean enough. It has hot and cold water (which you’d need to mix in a bucket – yes, that pink bucket – if you’re going to have a warm bath)

(We hope to teach our kids that we can enjoy a family trip without much ‘luxury’. We also hope that our kids learn to be able to sleep ‘anywhere’)

You’d need to bring your own toiletries and towels. Plus, you may want bring along your own bedsheet.



I appreciate the fact that Arjuna Homestay provides ‘water dispenser’ (hot and cold water), glasses, spoons, teabags and coffee for free.

The photo below is its 2nd floor living room (can  you spot the water dispenser? =)

The doors to its balcony are on the left, and the door to our room is that brown one! =)


If you’re thinking of making more queries on Arjuna Homestay, you can text or call this number: +62 813 923 290 91

The owner’s names are Pak Tedy and Ibu Rondiyah. When we’re there, there’s a helpful lady – Ibu Yati – who helps clean the place.



– If you do make a booking in advance, you need to a make 50% deposit (which you can do over ATM transfer). Do text them after you make the transfer, and I recommend you text them again (eg. 2 days before arrival) to remind them of the room you’ve booked =)

– Another nice place to stay we checked out before we left Dieng was called ‘Asoka’. Homey and clean, and the price is reasonable. If we’re traveling with friends/families, it has a separate ‘home’ with 3 bedrooms. If we ever visit Dieng again, we’ll try Asoka =)


I’d love to be back!

For more photos and info on our Central Java family trip, click this FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUM link to view!

Brie: Treating Swollen Eyelid

3 June 2016 | Posted in: Food & Health | 4 Comments

I guess, almost every child has had this condition?

A swollen eyelid.

And really, it’s kinda hard to know how they first got it.

Did you keep rubbing your eye earlier?

Did you wash your hands before touching your eye?

Do you have friends at school who’re having swollen eyelids, too?


Right under the lid, there were two little white dots. No puss, no extra itchiness, no discharge. The lid was just, swollen. The lid felt a little heavier, I guess, and it made her feel uncomfortable.


Anyway, this was what we did to treat the swollen eyelid:

– We placed a warm towel over the swollen eyelid for about 5-10mins. Twice a day (from the day we first spotted the swelling)

– On day 2, we went to the drugstore to get Gentamicin, an eye ointment that worked well on her, the last time her eyelid was swollen (She was 2 years old). Gentamicin was out of stock though, and we were given ‘Cendo Fenicol’ eye drop.

Since we are not into using medicines/drugs, in the end we only gave Brie one drop of it a day, for 3 days.

By day 4, the swelling was 95% better! Yay!

*Thank God!*

If you have gone through similar conditions, please do share how it was treated?

Thanks, everyone! =)

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