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How our 3 Kids and I Survived the Flood, the Rain, and Walked Back Home!

10 February 2015 – 3:47 am | 36 Comments

Flood. Dear flood.
What seemed to happen in Jakarta ‘every 5 years’ has somehow become an ‘annual disaster’.
We arrived in Jakarta in March 2012 and since then, we’ve witnessed Jakarta going through this flood problem, once …

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Underwater Shots!

28 February 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Photography | 2 Comments


Well apparently … smiling for the camera – while underwater – is not as easy as it looks! =)

Glad to have taken some shots of the family, underwater, while we all went to Waterbom PIK a few days ago!

A nice break for all of us!



Making : Chinese New Year Crafts (Hong Bao Fish & Fire Crackers)

26 February 2015 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment


Since it is not yet 15 days after Chinese New Year, here are more Chinese New Year craft ideas to share with you! =)

We made these Hong Bao fish and fire crackers.

(We’re seriously recycling our used hong baos! =)

Another set of simple Chinese New Year craft ideas for the kids!



To make the fish, we did this:

- I drew the fish shape (not to forget the ‘inside area’ of the fish that will be covered by Hong Bao pieces)

- I cut out rectangular shapes out of used hong baos

- Brie smeared UHU glue stick and stuck the pieces

- Don’t forget the fish eye! =)

And …. THAT’S IT!




To make the fire crackers, we did this:

- I cut an A4-sized red carton into 4 pieces

- Brie stuck Hong Bao pieces onto them

- I covered the sticky surface with scotch tape (the large one), rolled it into a tube, and taped the ends

- Used a wool yarn as the string



Btw, we made plain ones too.

We rolled the red carton and stuck orange-coloured origami strips on both ends! =)



And there they are! =)

Nothing fancy from shops.

Instead, all were hand-made, and the kids OWNED them!

The satisfaction is better, I reckon =)


Making : Hong Bao Lanterns

20 February 2015 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment


This Chinese New Year, we are back to crafting with the kids!!

Chinese New Year theme, of course! =)

We’ve made quite a bit to decorate our door, and I’ll post those photos soon! =)

For now, here are some shots of Brie when she made her hong bao lanterns!



What we did:

1. I cut out a few A5-sized red cartons

2. Using old hong bao packets from previous years, I cut out triangular shapes

(Why triangles? Just to make Brie familiar with the shape and the name. You can always cut them in whatever shapes you wish =)

3. Brie smeared UHU stick on the red carton, and randomly pasted the hong bao triangles



4. Once she said, ‘I’m done!’, I used a wide scotch tape and ‘covered’ the surface of the carton. This is just to cover the ‘sticky surface’ (and to make the lanterns last longer =)

5. I folded the carton into two



6. I cut out its ‘folded’ side, but NOT all the way (leaving about 1 cm ‘uncut’)

7.  I opened up the cut out carton, and rolled it up into a ‘tube’ (lengthwise), taped the ends with scotch tape



8. I cut out a 1-cm strip, and taped the ends into the inside of the ‘tube’


Your homemade hong bao lantern is done!!



And oh, the kids were super excited when we did this at night!

We used small birthday candles, stuck them on a bottle cap, and carefully placed them inside the lanterns.

Then we switched off all lights.

Oh the glow … the kids loved it!



Brie especially just sat there looking at the lanterns.

Yep, the lanterns SHE made with her siblings!

If you haven’t tried making these before, do give it a try!

Simple and fast!

Plus, it’s always a good thing when the kids see their artwork nicely displayed and adored! =)

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Happy Lunar New Year!!

19 February 2015 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Best wishes to you all in the coming year!!

PS: Btw, the kids love their hand-made hongbao lanterns =) With little candles placed inside, they did lit up nicely, we reckon =)


Parenting: It’s one of those ‘Impossible’ Days

23 July 2010 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 14 Comments
Parenting: It’s one of those ‘Impossible’ Days

If you are a parent, I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say our days can be full of … mmm, adventures.
Yes, there are happy and funny adventures.
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When difficult moments take place

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One interesting thing about being a fulltime mom is that you get to see a lot of (all, if they haven’t started school) their day-to-day ups and downs. Their sweet and not-so-sweet daily episodes.
And as …

Making : Painting on Canvas – Wedding Tree

3 January 2012 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 4 Comments

Here’s a little something I did during our recent trip to Jakarta.
I painted on canvas =)
This was what happened.
I was checking out a book store when I saw HEAPS of canvasses on the shelves! And …

Marriage : staying together, staying happy

4 September 2008 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 6 Comments

My grandmother got married in mainland China when she was sixteen years old. No it wasn’t pre-arranged by their parents, and yes it was based on love.
That was in 1941.
Then 60 years later, in 2001, …

Interviewed, Together. For TEN years now.

7 July 2011 | Posted in: In the Media, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment

Today, Wilson and I have officially been married for TEN years.
Yes, ten good years.
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