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‘Training’ Older Siblings to Care For Younger Ones

18 January 2015 – 2:54 pm | 2 Comments

When there is more than one child in the family, as parents we naturally wish our children all get along well with each other.
The reality is however, it most likely does NOT happen naturally.
Well of …

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IKEA is now open in Indonesia!

21 January 2015 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

I heard about IKEA coming to Jakarta since around two years ago, I think.

And we were excited about it!

IKEA Indonesia finally did open in October last year, and we went to check it out on our way back home after our trip to Anyer beach last December!

And. You know what?

It felt like HOME! Hah! =)

I know it sounds ridiculous, but the moment I got off our parked car, I super liked what I saw! =)

I saw signages and clear directions!

I saw proper lines on the carpark floor!

And I saw space, big space, with clear signages, colourful symbols, familiar names, products and designs!



And of course, I LOVE how CHILDREN-FRIENDLY the place is!

At nearly every corner, there are toys for kids, so the adults can browse around while the kids play nearby.


(Not to forget Småland, the place where kids can play freely in an enclosed area, for an hour! Too bad Anya and Vai are ‘too tall’ to enter by now, and we didn’t have much time that day for Brie to play in there)



But anyway, we did check out their restaurant.

As compared to Singapore, I felt their Swedish meatballs were so-so though.

‘Salmon with broccoli’ (what I usually ordered back in Singapore) was out of stock too.

(The mushroom soup tasted quite nice though)

IKEA Alam Sutera

Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45
Alam Sutera
Serpong, Tangerang
15320 Indonesia

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun, 10.00 – 22.00

Click HERE to see their ‘how to get there’ map.

PS: We went on a Monday afternoon, and the crowd was okay. Do avoid coming in the weekends if you prefer quieter browsing and shopping experience. Oh, and after  you check out, don’t forget to try their ice cream! Yummy and super cheap! =)


‘Training’ Older Siblings to Care For Younger Ones

18 January 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 2 Comments


When there is more than one child in the family, as parents we naturally wish our children all get along well with each other.

The reality is however, it most likely does NOT happen naturally.

Well of course there are children who really care for their siblings lovingly and out of their own initiative, but most other kids do have this tendency to care for their own self-interest.

I will help out … but if I have something else that I want to do, I wish someone else helps out instead.

I will accompany my little sister … only when I feel like it.

I will share my favourite toys … when I don’t feel like playing with them anymore.

Do they always do it willingly? Hmm…nope!Anyway.

One of the things that we try to nurture amongst our 3 kids is : the habit of taking care of each other.

Specifically towards their littlest sister, I do for example give responsibilities to the two older ones, tasks where they have to look after the littlest.

eg. I ask the two older ones to help her out whenever she can’t do something (instead of me coming to her rescue)

Like, pouring some milk to a glass for Brie to drink, or preparing some toast for her to eat.

Or, I sometimes (okay, quite often) ask the older ones to get Brie to nap in the afternoon.


Do they always do it willingly?

Do they instantly become responsible members of the family?



Like everything else in life, a habit to care for each other in the family takes time and lots and lots of practice (not to mention, patience and consistency from the parents).



And you know what? Now that Brie is 3.5yo, I do hear less and less ‘complaints’ (resistance) from the two older ones whenever I ask them to do something for her.

*Phew…Thank God!*

It is nice to see them caring for their little sister.

And, whenever they help each other in completing different tasks, it means there’s more time for me to do other things too.


PS: As much as it is such a rewarding feeling for me when I see positive progress in the kids’ behaviour towards each other, I’m sure when the older ones manage to accomplish something (eg. Brie eventually falls asleep in Anya’s arms), it does feel rewarding for them too! =)

Any other tips that work in your family?

Sponsored Video: Our ‘Momazing’ Parenting Moments!

16 January 2015 | Posted in: Advertorial | 2 Comments


Don’t you ever feel exhausted caring for three kids everyday?

I’ve been asked such a question before.

And the answer is, well … of course there are very tiring days when it comes to being a parent.

Times when things are just so challenging and draining.

After all, we are REAL people, caring for REAL children, who are potentially capable of giving us REAL headaches =)


Having said that, I must say there are too many amazing moments too, spent with them.

And, I’d choose to have the headaches of having those three than NOT having them at all.

Crazy, I know =)

But that’s the strange part of being a parent, I guess.



Recently I came across this video by Scott’s.



As I watched the clip, I thought to myself, well, … not quite exactly what my day is like everyday, haha.


I do agree with the clip in many ways.

When I saw and heard my eldest being able to finally play her music piece smoothly …

When I saw our son all healthy and enjoying his tennis game …

When I see our littlest girl slowly mastering her alphabets and numbers …

… THAT kind of feeling is just … rewarding and … amazing!



(Btw, what are YOUR ‘Momazing’ moments?)


Btw, since the video was by Scott’s (which I myself am very familiar with since I was little), I thought of sharing some photos of the kids when they were at a supermarket the other day, deciding which one to buy =)

And guess which one they got in the end!




They went with Scott’s ChewyVit C, … because I guess, this chewy goodness is just too yummy to resist!


PS: This post has been sponsored by Scott’s, but all opinion is my own.

Reality of Approaching FORTY!

13 January 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment


No, I don’t mind people knowing my real age.

I’m going to be 39 this year.

Seriously though, I do feel the number ’39′ to be … old! Haha.

Perhaps, it’s because I don’t ‘feel old’?

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I look at others who are in their late thirties and see them as ‘old’.

And gee, guess where I am now in life! =)

I do accept the fact that we cannot stop time from ticking awaySo.

Do I wish I was younger?

Hmm, not really actually.

Because I know I have grown a lot as a person over those years, compared to when I was in my twenties.

And I prefer to be where I am now as a person.


Do I wish I stop growing old?

Not really.

Because in my mind, I do accept the fact that we cannot stop time from ticking away.

And with each passing year, I do believe that what’s more important is whether we have learned to be a better person, to be more of a blessing to others, to be wiser than the year before, to maximise the use of our time better for something other than ourselves, to be more grateful to God, etc.

Having said that.

I do have a thing or two about aging that I still need to learn to accept.

Things like:

>> The body breaks down fat SLOWER

With the same kind of ‘food intake’ as years ago, I gain weight faster now!

(Really, no wonder, a lady in her 40s once told me – some 10 years ago – how even water turns to ‘flesh’ once you are over 40!!)

Looks like I really REALLY do have to start exercising!

(Chant in my head: must exercise! must exercise! cut down on dessert! cut down on dessert!)

>> I have ‘less hair’

With every delivery of our child, I feel I have less and less hair on my head!

And since I didn’t start with a head FULL of thick, flowy and glowy hair, the thinning process of my hair is obvious, to me at least.

>> I get body aches faster

Haha. Can’t deny the fact that my body is not as strong as before.

eg. Lift heavy shopping bags with one hand, and that wrist most likely aches afterwards.

comments from our spouse does influence and affect our acceptance of ourselves and our relationship with themWell.

One of things that I’m thankful for is, I have a husband who doesn’t make negative comments or sarcastic hints about my physical appearance.

He does encourage me to exercise because it keeps us healthy, active and it’s good for everyone to exercise regularly.

(ie. NOT because he feels I am fat and need to lose weight).

This kind of response from our spouse, I feel, is so much needed by women who are approaching forty.

Because, as much as we don’t want to feel that our outer appearance is the most important thing for us to care for, negative / sarcastic comments from our spouse does influence and affect our acceptance of ourselves and our relationship with them.


I did make a promise to myself, to really start exercising this year.

Let’s see how things go! =)

Hmm, anyone else feel the same way?

Interviewed! Samuelina, Founder of Moms in Mind

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Parenting : How Do You Tackle ‘Listening Situations’ at Home?

13 March 2013 | Posted in: Parenting | 2 Comments
anya vai brie_9 mar 2013

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