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All Children are Small People who will Change Some Day

10 February 2017 – 11:15 am |

A child has small hands, small feet and small ears, but that does not mean they have small ideas.

Children have little things, just like them:
a little bed, bright little books, a little umbrella, a little …

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Kalijodo Skate Park: Because Once is Not Enough!

5 January 2017 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Daily | One Comment

And what do we have here.
Some of Ahok supporters were there to make a video clip!
(Which btw was also one of the reasons why we’re there today … to show our support =)

Anyway, I wrote about this …

Checking Out: Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory

28 December 2016 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | 6 Comments

Today we went to check out the Planetarium (inside the Taman Ismail Marzuki complex).
We thought we should explore more of Jakarta and watch the ‘galaxy show’ at the Planetarium.
Upon entering the planetarium, we were greeted by this …

Making: Underwater Creatures with Watercolour

1 December 2016 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | One Comment

Here’s what Brie created the other day.
I drew the outlines with crayons, and Brie did the painting =)
The theme was ‘underwater creatures’.
One creature is in the open sea, but susceptible to danger from predators. The …

Making: Hovercraft Balloon

19 October 2016 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment
Making: Hovercraft Balloon

Making: Living Room and Toilet, using Recyclables

6 October 2016 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment

Someone is finally done with her art project!
Task: Create and design any room, using recyclables.
Materials used include:
– Cereal boxes (as backings of paintings, etc)
– Shoe boxes (as the base, the middle wall, and ‘backings’ of …