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‘Training’ Older Siblings to Care For Younger Ones

18 January 2015 – 2:54 pm | 2 Comments

When there is more than one child in the family, as parents we naturally wish our children all get along well with each other.
The reality is however, it most likely does NOT happen naturally.
Well of …

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“How to Brush Your Teeth” – a Quick Guide by our 3.5yo Brie

15 December 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Video | No Comment
brie teeth toothbrushing

This is Brie.
She is now 3.5yo.
And she’ll show you how to brush your teeth =)

To friends whose kids are not keen on brushing their teeth (on their own or done by others for them), I …

Video : ‘Help A Child Reach 5’!

4 June 2014 | Posted in: Advertorial, Video | No Comment

[Common sights along the street of Jakarta, when Jakarta is flooded]
If you live in Singapore, Australia or in the US, most likely you’re used to having … clean water.
Unfortunately, clean water for the family can …

[OUR CHANNEL - Indo] : Parenting Tips – Memupuk Relasi yang Baik antar Anak-Anak di dalam Keluarga

15 January 2014 | Posted in: Parenting, Video | 4 Comments
our channel siblings

Here’s one of the things that I’d like to do better this year :
shooting, editing and publishing more parenting videos.
The challenge is (as usual) : Putting aside TIME to do it, amongst my 1001 other …

Video : Kids and Their Frozen “Love is An Open Door” Music Video!

10 January 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Video | No Comment

I don’t usually recommend Disney movies on my blog.
But this one we watched recently, I must say it has a big impact on our kids.
It’s the latest Disney movie, Frozen.
Because, for the first time ever, …

Milestone : Anya’s 1st Piano Concert

11 June 2013 | Posted in: Daily, Video | 2 Comments
disney pianolicious

Anya started her first ever piano lesson in November 2012.
And, she had her very first piano concert on May 19th 2013, some six months later.

Together with her coach whom she calls ‘Ms Jelia’, Anya performed …