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Parenting: Feeling Bored IS Okay

10 May 2016 – 10:21 am | 13 Comments

‘Mommy, what can I do now? I’m bored!’
‘What else can I do now? Give me something to do.’
(In the car) ‘What can I do now? I have nothing to do.’ 

Sounds familiar?
Here’s one undeniable fact we …

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Thoughts : There is No Perfect Family

6 October 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational | 2 Comments
family leonny

My husband sent me this message this morning.
We had no idea who originally wrote it. I guess it’s one of those write-ups that get forwarded around.
I thought, it was good food for thought.
And I’d like …

National Gospel Convention for the Youth (KIN Pemuda 2015)

5 August 2015 | Posted in: Daily, In the Media | No Comment
kin pemuda 2015_reformed 21 stemi grii

This week, our days will be packed with a week-long event called the ‘National Gospel Convention for the Youth’!
(In Indonesian: Konvensi Injil Nasional Pemuda 2015)
The kids, as usual, tag along with me.
eg. If I’m at …

Checking Out : Muara Angke Port, Jakarta

22 July 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Places to Visit | No Comment
pelabuhan Muara Angke Pluit

If you’re thinking of going to nearby islands near Jakarta (Kepulauan Seribu), how do you usually get your boat info and departure details?
Friends who have just went?
Info on random blogs and sites found on the …

My First ‘Go-jek’ Experience!

6 July 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Giveaways, Awards & Reviews | 10 Comments

First thing first.
What is ‘Gojek’?
Basically, it’s this company that runs ‘motorbike taxi’ services, and you can place bookings via your phone app!
While ‘making a booking via our phone app’ may sound very normal in other …

Children Grow in a Blink of an Eye

5 July 2015 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Children grow in a blink of an eye!
These 2 photos above were taken four years apart.
June 2011
Anya : 7 years, 3 months
Vai : 4 years, 8 months
Brie : 4 weeks
February 2015
Anya : 10 years, 11 …