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Thoughts: Parents and Authority

28 October 2017 – 10:55 am | One Comment

‘Gee, I can’t talk to my kids! They simply don’t listen to me!’
‘They just don’t obey me!’
‘I can’t get through to my kids.’

Here’s one common issue parents face today , that is: the LACK of …

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Encouraging Children to Share and Give : Learning by Doing

20 December 2011 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational | 6 Comments

[Busy street of Jakarta]

One of the things about Jakarta that I feel is good for the kids is, they get to see many ‘REAL’ children who are less fortunate than them.

They don’t just hear about them, or see them on TV or on Youtube.

Here in Jakarta, they can actually see many other little ones like them out in the streets.

Children their age who live in cardboard houses.

Toddlers playing by the roadside with no shoes or sandals on.

Babies sleeping in their moms’ ‘small wooden cart shops’ by the roadside.

Our family has received so much from others. Help, hand-me-downs, toys, gifts, books. And we’re very grateful for them.

But, I strongly feel we really shouldn’t just keep on receiving.

The kids especially, I feel they should also learn the importance of sharing and giving back. And really, there’s no better way than actually doing the act themselves.

And. The more exposure, the more opportunities to give and share, the better.

The other day, as we reached our home, we saw a toddler, a completely naked one, playing with a bucket of water near a motorbike, by the roadside.

And I asked the kids, ‘Hey, why don’t we get some of our boy clothes and share them with him?’

[For this trip, we brought along quite a number of toys, books, and children clothes that are too small for Anya and Vai]

Then we packed a bag of clothes for the little boy, and the three of us went outside to meet him and hopefully his family too.

I chatted with his grandma and his mother (who later told me that her son’s name is Tommy, he’s 2 years old and he doesn’t like to wear any clothes throughout the day =)

Then I let Anya pass the bag of clothes to the boy herself, while Vai gave him one of his toy cars.

The little boy smiled and was too shy to say anything =)

Some people may feel that such an act is ‘useless’, because there are just SO many poor and underprivileged people in Indonesia. To them, we can’t help ‘everyone’ anyway, AND, even IF we do give, share and help, it’s not like their lives will be improved afterwards? They’ll still remain poor, won’t they?

To that, I’d say, it’s true that we can’t help everyone. And, it’s true too that even if we’ve given a few children some clothes and toys, their lives will probably ‘stay the same’ as before. We can’t lift them out of poverty by what we do.

BUT, I believe it IS still better to have given and shared something with a FEW, than NEVER sharing anything with anyone.

And, if what we do can give a little hope, a little joy, or even a feeling of ‘hey, there’s actually someone out there who cares for me?’, … then it makes the whole act of giving and receiving even more worthwhile.

Because, yes … we can’t help everyone, but we CAN help one, two, three, or four, can’t we?

[Sunset over the streets of Jakarta]

We still have children clothes to share with others. And I hope Anya and Vai will have the chance to share them with more children we meet on the streets.

I hope too that through exercising the act of giving, they gradually experience the joy of giving too, and the joy of seeing others who joyfully receive what they give and share.

Let’s encourage our little ones to give and share, by letting them do the act themselves.

Our Blog Awards Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

19 December 2011 | Posted in: Daily | 6 Comments

[Brie: Hmm, everything looks new and unfamiliar. Let’s see what I should play with next …]

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick update from me =)

Brie and I (yes, just the two of us =) flew to Kuala Lumpur last weekend to attend the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 held at the Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya.

[The bloggers during reception. There are more than 500 of them that night!]

The event was organised very well, and the hotel stay was very nice.

(I always love super cushy hotel pillows! Hehe)


If you’re wondering about the results of the Best Parenting Blog category winner, no … I didn’t win the Awards this year, Childhood101 from Australia did it again. It’s a great parenting site and yes, you should check it out. Heaps of activity ideas there too for little ones!

As for me, I will keep on blogging and sharing =) Thank you SO much to everyone of you who supported me all these years! Thank you.


I have SO many photos that I still need to sort and upload, AND stories to share!

Will post them up soon!

Hope you have a great week ahead!

[Brie and I in a matching navy blue dress attending the Awards Night together =)]

[Photo] Jakarta: Yummy Childhood Street Snack

15 December 2011 | Posted in: Food & Health, Photography | 20 Comments

If you’re in Jakarta, especially around ‘Pasar Baru’ area, you’ll most likely see quite a few of this.

A ‘push cart’, selling this ‘hat looking’ pancake thingy.

(If anyone knows the ‘real name’ of this, please let me know?)

The seller would park his cart somewhere by the road side, take out his ‘pancake mix’, and start ‘cooking’. Yes, everything was done out in the open, along the street, where hundreds and thousands of cars and motorbikes zoom by every single day =)

Yes yes. Dirt and pollution is everywhere. The frying fan looks dirty and the seller perhaps should’ve bought a new pan years ago too! =)

(Better not see the kitchen and how the food is prepared, they say =)

Anyway, I love these! Since I was little.

I just bought some the other day.

I ate four of it. Anya ate one.

Cost me Rp1000 a piece.

And that’s like … 15 cents each!


[Photo] Jakarta’s Street ‘Mobile Cafe’

14 December 2011 | Posted in: Photography | One Comment

Compared to Singapore, things are very much different here in Jakarta!

The people, the traffic, the happenings, and especially the things you get to see around you everyday =)

I’m thinking of sharing with you different kinds of things I find interesting here in Jakarta.

And I’ll start with this one =)

It’s more like a ‘mobile cafe’, I think.

Quite a few choices of coffee available.

Hot water supply was ready.

Two plastic chairs for its patrons.

And, I spotted a white plastic basket underneath too where they keep their glasses and cups!


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