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Thoughts: How is our Home?

12 September 2016 – 11:29 am |

How is our home?
Are we there for our children when they come home from school, or are they kept busy with after-school programs (or television and games) day in and day out that they have …

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Anya : Changing For The Better, One Step at a Time

4 August 2011 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 13 Comments

She may not appreciate this shot in ten years time, but I’m going to put this up anyway *hehe* BECAUSE of two main reasons :

1. This is the only period in her life when she would smile and look like THIS =)

2. Anya has been AMAZINGLY ‘good’ these past 3 days! I’m SOOO very much loving her company! *And I’d like to have this on record!*

You see, Anya is one individual who’s quite a perfectionist.

Since she’s little, she observes, she expects highly of other people, she’s not easily pleased, she pays attention to details and so she’s easily annoyed if things don’t go according to what she hopes or imagines them to be.

And now that she’s seven, she’s even more capable of voicing out her unhappiness about the world around her.

Oh yes. My patience level is greatly tested everyday.

Many times it’s not about feeling mad actually. It’s more about feeling sad when I note her train of thoughts, see her actions or hear her responses.

Her overall negative attitude towards life often numbs my mind. Sometimes it drives me up the wall. It often makes me feel speechless and hopeless too, like I have failed in parenting her.

Yes we teach her the importance of being grateful since she’s very little.

I share with her how a grateful attitude towards life and everything springs naturally from the heart, and when there’s gratefulness towards life’s countless blessings, there is naturally no room for complaints.

I tell her too that we can only have such a joyful, grateful heart if God changes us. When Jesus Christ is in our life, HE can change us to be a better person inside out.

I share how unless God works in her life, there’s absolutely nothing that anyone can do – not me, not Daddy, not anybody –  that can change her.

Anya seems like a different person though since some three days ago.

It feels like I have a different daughter!

I mean, I pick her up from school and I don’t see unhappiness, sulkiness nor rudeness in her.

As I walk down the road with her, I look at her, I listen and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Wow! We can actually have a conversation without any frowns on her face nor unhappy tones in her voice today! I’m so enjoying this!’

I’m pleased. Very pleased. And I tell her about it too.

Well, frankly, while I’m enjoying all this, day by day, I realise I must not expect it to continue this way ‘all the time’. Because she’s after all only SEVEN years old, and just like all of us, she’s still in the process of changing and learning, and growing up.

Just as much as it’s not easy for us parents, it sure is not easy for her too.


When you read this years from today, know that you’re very much loved by all of us. From day one. And I look forward to seeing how God wonderfully works in you and through you.

You’re in my prayers always.

Parenting : Caring for Small Babies vs. Older Kids

3 August 2011 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment

Someone (a parent of 2 small babies) said to me the other day, ‘Oh, it’s so nice that Anya and Vai are older now. They don’t need much physical care and you can get your good night sleep! Can’t wait for my kids to grow up fast!’

I smiled.

Now that I have a small baby and two older kids, I kinda have my personal opinion on this, I guess.

I casually said to him, ‘Parents of small babies are generally physically drained. Parents of older kids may not be as physically tired everyday, but they are more likely to be … mentally and emotionally drained instead’ =)

[10-week old Brie]

I don’t know if it’s because I care for two older kids at the same now that I feel caring for a small baby like Brie is SO much easier.

I mean, small babies mostly cry, drink, pee, poop, smile, coo and sleep. They may ask for feeds frequently (making you pretty much sleep-deprived and physically tired), BUT I must say, I personally don’t mind that at all.

Because as demanding as healthy small babies may be, to me they at least don’t :

– complain or sulk
– question your decisions and intentionally disobey
– talk back or be verbally rude


So, frankly, I’m now just ‘enjoying my moments with my kids’. At whatever age they are now.

I’m enjoying Brie as a small baby, and I don’t wish for her to grow fast.

I’m also enjoying Anya and Vai (who are 7yo and soon-to-be 5yo) as much as I can now, because although they do give me difficult moments everyday, it is possible to communicate with each other when they’ve reached this age. They can help around (though not always willingly =) and they’re pretty much independent by now.

And, one good thing about kids their age is, they do still come to me (even after they’ve been disciplined for their misbehaviour) and that they want TO BE WITH me =) We still go out as a family ALL THE TIME, and they still want to be cuddled, kissed, and hugged.

(Read: They don’t talk on the phone with their friends for hours. And, they don’t tell me, “Mom, can I skip the family dinner tonight because I wanna catch a movie with my friends!”

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, bigger kids, teenagers.

I tell myself that each and every growing up phase will have its own sets of ups and downs that we parents will face.

It’s all part and parcel of being a parent.

I also tell myself that (however difficult my situations with the older kids may sometimes get), I really should NOT wish for my kids to be in a different growing up phase than what they actually are in right now.

Because they will grow up. Fast.

Time will pass.

And, I tell myself that I should always treasure my moments with them.

That I should be grateful to God for the one little baby and two older kiddos I have in our family, RIGHT NOW.

Making : Toilet Paper Roll – Parachute Man

2 August 2011 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment

One of the things that has been ‘missing’ from our little home is our arts and crafts time.

Anya is in Primary 1 this year, and that means she most likely has homework to finish or tests to prepare at home, everyday. And, when I was heavily pregnant (and after Brie was born), I simply had not much energy nor drive to do crafts with the kids.

But last week, we managed to do some crafts, again!

*So happy*

The kids did some drawings too with watercolour!

Will share the ideas one by one.

For now, here’s a simple craft idea! We made a parachute man, using toilet paper roll!

What we used:

– Toilet paper roll

– Watercolour

– Paper carton (basically, a rather ‘thick’ paper)

– Scissors, glue, coloured markers

What we did:

1. Halve the toilet paper roll (see photo), and watercolour one of it

(You can choose to watercolour both sides of the roll. Vai only coloured the ‘outside’ part of roll though)

Cut two strips of paper (we used a drawing paper, but you can always use paper carton, or even cereal box for this)

3. Fold the strips (see photo), and watercolour them

4. Stick the paper strips onto the inside of the toilet roll (see photo). This will be the ‘ropes’ onto which the man will ‘hold on to’

5. Draw an outline of a person on the other half of the toilet paper roll. Cut it out, and draw the face, hair, clothes, etc on it.

6. Hang the ‘man’ onto the ‘ropes’, and you’ll have a man on a parachute!! =)


If you’d like to really ‘hang’ this craft (or let the child ‘hold’ the parachute in his hand), then you can always:

– make a hole at the centre of the toilet roll parachute
– insert a strand of wool or some sort of string into the hole
– stick the string to the inside of the toilet roll using a scotch tape
– tie the other end of the string to a wooden chopstick, for the child to hold

Have fun with your parachute man!! =)

My Daddy. My Swing.

1 August 2011 | Posted in: Daily | 2 Comments

Merry-go-round is no longer fun when we can do THIS instead! =)

Thank God for Daddies, because that’s 21kg on one arm and 19.5kg on another, and I sure am NOT doing that for the kids however much I love them, heh.

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