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Capture Your Children’s Moments and Enjoy their Milestones and Achievements

14 April 2016 – 9:00 am | One Comment

Kids grow up in a blink of an eye.
I know we may have heard that all too many times.
But it IS true, isn’t it?
Our children keep growing up, whether we pay attention to their growth, developments and …

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Making : Bread & Butter Pudding

23 June 2011 | Posted in: Food & Health | 2 Comments

We made this the other day.

Simple ingredients. Simple to make.

And, yummy!

[Based on Hamlyn’s ‘200 really easy recipes’ book]

Anya and Vai were happy that they ‘took part in the making’ too! (ie. Mixing the ingredients =)

Anyway, here’s the recipe:


4 slices of white bread

50g unsalted butter

50g sultanas (we skipped this one, didn’t have any at the time)

Grated rind of 1 lemon (we used half)

300ml single cream + 300ml milk, or 600ml milk (we used 600ml milk)

2 eggs + 2 egg yolks

25g granulated sugar (We used white fine grain sugar)

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1-2 tablespoons jelly marmalade, heated (we used strawberry jam)

1. Spread the butter slices with butter, cut each into 4 triangles, place a layer of bread in the base of a greased (buttered) pie dish. Sprinkle lemon rind over the top and cover with remaining bread triangles.

2. Beat the milk (and cream, if using), with the eggs, egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Pour mixture over the bread. Cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes

3. Sprinkle the nutmeg over the surface and bake in a preheated oven, 180deg C, for 30-40 minutes

4. Remove from the oven, brush the hot marmalade over the top. Serve hot.

Enjoy! =)

Brie is ONE month old today!

21 June 2011 | Posted in: Daily | 4 Comments

Ah. Haven’t I just given birth to this little girl?

And, she’s ONE month old today.


Many say that OTHER PEOPLE would be the ones feeling that time flies real fast, but if you’re the (sleep-deprived) Mom who cares for the baby 24/7, time ticks away real slowly.

Well, somehow I don’t quite feel that way though.

I mean, while I’d say YES to a good massage and an uninterrupted sleep, I DO feel time flies real fast too.

And, as much as this little girl wakes me up so very frequently every single night, I also don’t want her to grow too fast.

Loving and enjoying her babyhood!


Everyday in the past month, we’ve witnessed God’s goodness and we’re thankful for that.

We’re thankful for having been entrusted with baby Brie in our family.

And, we’re thankful for the strength, health and grace showered upon us daily.

We are indeed blessed.

[We had a simple get-together with Wilson’s brothers and family who came to visit Singapore today. Made homemade pizzas and cupcakes too =) ]

Happy Father’s Day

19 June 2011 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment

If you ask me,
I’d say there’s no such thing as a perfect Dad or a perfect Husband.

But there is a Dad
who gives his best for his family
who makes time to play Lego bricks, tell bedtime stories and pray with the children
who teaches values and strives to be a living example everyday

And there is a husband
who helps out with the kids and housework whenever he can
who sends text messages to his wife to simply share how his day has been
who strives to do his best to provide for the family despite all difficulties and challenges

Thank God we have such a Dad, such a husband, in our little imperfect home.

Happy Father’s Day, dear Daddy, dear Hubby …

Kite-Flying Fun @ Marina Bay

We checked out the Picnic at the Lawn @ Marina Bay Link Mall today.

Totally LOVE the cloudy day, the breeze, the view, the grass, and the simple activities for kids that day.

And Anya, well … she’s found a new love for kite-flying!

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When oh when …

10 December 2007 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | One Comment

Someone once said to me: if your kid eats well, your battle is ‘half won’.
And I guess that’s because each kid generally has about four mealtimes a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner). And …

Parenting Tips and Thoughts : Great expectations

23 June 2008 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 4 Comments
Parenting Tips and Thoughts : Great expectations

If you expect your children to think and behave more ‘adult-like’ BEFORE they’re developmentally ready to perform them, we’re in a way threatening their sense of emotional security.
Trying to meet parents’ expectations but not yet …

‘Training’ Older Siblings to Care For Younger Ones

18 January 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 2 Comments

When there is more than one child in the family, as parents we naturally wish our children all get along well with each other.
The reality is however, it most likely does NOT happen naturally.
Well of …

Marriage: Making Time for the One You Love

7 July 2010 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 3 Comments

It seems to be the ‘situation’ everyone faces today. Even amongst married couples.
But. It IS the reality, isn’t it?
We’re all busy with something, every day. And during most of our ‘waking hours’.
With kids. With work. …

Marriage : staying together, staying happy (Part II)

6 September 2008 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 3 Comments

We all know when it comes to marriage and keeping the relationship going for a long time, being ‘in love’ alone is not enough.
Because as much as two people love each other, they’re two individuals …

Reality of Approaching FORTY!

13 January 2015 | Posted in: Daily, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment


No, I don’t mind people knowing my real age.
I’m going to be 39 this year.
Seriously though, I do feel the number ’39’ to be … old! Haha.
Perhaps, it’s because I don’t ‘feel old’?
When I was …