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Thoughts: Dealing with Our Children’s Mistakes

14 September 2017 – 12:35 pm |

Name one parent, one educator, one teacher, who has NEVER made a mistake in life.
Everyone makes mistakes, including our children.
I remind myself daily, that my task is to guide their hearts whenever I need …

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Visiting : Baby Elephant Nila Utama and His 1st Birthday Tea Party @ The Night Safari

[If you look closely, Anya and Vai were holding on to little elephant plush toys. Vai named his ‘Nara’; Anya named hers ‘Tiara’ =)]

Thanks to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, our family was invited to join in this ‘birthday tea party’ of Baby Elephant Nila Utama last week!

Nila Utama is the first Asian elephant born right here in Singapore!

Personally, I thought it was nice that the kids went with us to the event, and actually saw Nila Utama and the other Asian elephants for themselves, because as they say, it is through knowing more and being involved that one can learn to care about something.

And we sure hope our kids learn to care for the environment and all God’s creations, big and small.

I’ve shared more photos on Facebook. Please click THIS LINK to view them!

Here’s a video on Nila Utama, how it was when he was born, etc. A cute and informative clip!

Btw, here’s a little more on Asian Elephants (which I myself recently found out too!):

Asian elephants are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is protected from international trade by its listing on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The native homes of the Asian elephants are often being logged and cleared for urban and agricultural development. They are also often captured and killed by poachers for their tusks.

Asian elephants are found in the forests of India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. These gentle giants survive on a diet of grass, leaves, bark, roots and fruits. Many of them are widely domesticated and are used for forestry, harvesting, or ceremonial purposes. There are only an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Asian elephants left in the wild today.

Boys : Who Says They Can’t Sew?

Last month, I introduced our 7.5yo Anya to hand-sewing for the first time.

Yes, with real needle and thread.

We used felt, I cut out the shape, she sewed the sides, we filled it with some polyester fibre balls (taken from the inside of a ripped IKEA pillow =). And we used UHU glue to stick on the initial.

She gave it to her class form teacher as a year-end thank you gift (which I thought was nice of her =)


When Anya was onto her second sewing project, Vai asked if he could give it a go too.

Umm, you see … our 5yo Vai is the silly and active type. I frankly didn’t know if he could even concentrate long enough (or be careful enough) to get some sewing done.

I let him give it a try though. Just to be fair.

And you know what?

I was nicely surprised to see that he could!

He concentrated, he was careful, he got his fingers slightly pricked but he continued on.

I was amazed!

Totally didn’t expect him to be able to do any hand-sewing project at the age of 5yo!

He didn’t complete sewing all sides of the rectangle in the end. And his lines were all crooked. BUT, it was totally fine by me!

To me, the learning process is FAR more important than the result.

Anyway, he can always give it a go again when he feels like it.

And if as an adult he later knows how to do a simple fix and sew his button back onto his shirt, that’s good enough, I thought! =)

(IF he could do more, I’m sure whoever is his future wife will most likely appreciate it =)

You know, this incident reminds me how moms too continually discover new aspects in their kids’ lives.

That these little ones CAN surprise us and accomplish something that we initially assume they cannot do (just as long as we help, guide and expose them to a variety of positive things in life)

As for the kids themselves, well, at this point, I think through these hand-sewing experiences, they get to discover for themselves:

– the many efforts involved in the making process of something
– and, the joy of making something personalised FOR someone else

Jia You! =)

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Bittersweet Moments of Parenthood

23 November 2011 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | No Comment

If you ask me, I think NO parents are spared from challenging parenting moments every single day.

Toddler tantrums. Intentional disobedience. Talk backs. Unappreciative comments. Moments that drain our energy, numb our minds and tire us emotionally.

But, having said that, I personally must say, God is good.

HE lets us taste the sweetness and joy of parenthood too.

Every single day, there are always moments that make us feel blessed to have been entrusted with little ones.

In the end, I guess there really are NO reasons for us to NOT be thankful and grateful. When we stop every now and then to count our blessings, that is.

Kindness and Thankfulness : Passing It On

21 November 2011 | Posted in: Advertorial | 5 Comments

If you’re to rate the current ‘helpfulness & thankfulness level’ of those who live in Singapore, what will the rate be, out of 10?

Personally, I’d give … um, 6.5 out of 10?

We take public transports all the time. Buses, trains and taxis. And when hubby is away for work, I still often go out and about with just the kids. And usually THAT is when good and bad experiences are somewhat more obviously felt.

I’ve met and seen ignorant, ungrateful and I-couldn’t-care-less attitudes.

People who look up from their seats on the MRT, spot an old woman standing and trying to balance herself on a moving train, and do nothing except getting themselves busy with their iphones again.

Taxi drivers who choose to stay inside his car while I head towards the back of the taxi, carrying baby Brie with my left hand, closing the pram with my right hand, and lifting the pram into the trunk with my right hand and my right leg (Yes, it’s quite an acrobatic act)

BUT, having said that, I’ve also met kind, really kind, friendly and helpful people!

Passengers or bus drivers who smile and proactively offer help as I board the bus with 3 kids in tow.

Neighbours who offer cookies and other goodies to our kids.

Supermarket staff who greets us and happily plays with baby Brie whenever she sees her.

Really, helpful and friendly people like these make such a big difference to everyone’s day.

I mean, I might be feeling grumpy and tired one day after handling the kids’ earlier tantrums, but when a friendly taxi driver gets out of the car, smiles and says, ‘Oh, let me lift the pram for you!’, the positivity is just contagious!

How can one not respond in thankfulness towards such kindness and help?

And, how wonderful it’d be if such a positive attitude is adapted by more and more people, on a daily basis?

Now, I don’t know if you know, but last November 13th was World Kindness Day.

A day when the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) encourages the whole of Singapore to show kindness to others, AND to also appreciate kindness shown to them.

Our little family (yes, including Brie =) was there to be part of this event!

We joined some 500 other volunteers on Orchard Road and gave out yellow gerbera daisies to whoever we saw to raise awareness of the importance of being kind, gracious and thankful towards others. We hope that those who’ve received the daisies will also pass them along as a way to say thanks to others!

Some may wonder why people need to even be reminded to be kind and thankful. I wondered about that too!

Ideally, being kind and thankful should be a natural part of one’s life. BUT nowadays people are generally getting more and more preoccupied with their own busy lives that many may have forgotten about the importance of simple actions like saying thanks, smiling and helping others who are in need. And this, I guess, is one good reason why such a reminder can actually be a good thing!

Here are some more photos of what it was like that day :

[Some 30,000 stalks were given out that day, as well as magnetic daisy pins]

[Associate Professor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts & Adviser to SKM, was the Guest-of-Honour]

[Anya and Vai gave out yellow daisies and magnetic pins to passers-by as well as to cleaners, to show some appreciation of their work in keeping the city nice and clean! It was a memorable hands-on experience for them, I’m sure!]

[With Nuffnang bloggers : Sofia, Becky and Velda!]

Btw, I saw some good points on site that I’d like to share with you:

Being gracious and kind should be something we strive to work towards on a daily basis. It brightens up our day when we experience a kind act.

We can be kind at home. We should treat our family – our grandparents, parents, siblings – and even our neighbours with consideration and respect.

We can also be kind at school, by showing courtesy and expressing gratitude to our teachers, classmates and friends, … the food vendors in the canteen and security guards and cleaners.

This year’s World Kindness Day reminds us that kindness is not just about the big, grand gestures. The best kinds of kindness are small, simple things. For example, saying “thank you” when someone had helped you in some way. That is why this year’s slogan is “Say Thanks, Make Someone’s Day”.

There are so many ways we can be considerate of others. Hold the door open for someone, or give up your seat to someone who needs it more, or offer to help your teachers or classmates carry some laptops.

Now. You know what?

You can also submit videos of “Kindness Ambushes”, as part of the “Say Thanks, Make Someone’s Day” campaign throughout the month of November!

It’s basically when you and your friends / colleagues get together, and every one of you presents yellow gerbera daisies to the agreed kind person! =)

[With Singa the Lion, the Singapore Kindness Movement mascot]

Here’s how you can join this ‘Kindness Ambush’ video contest:

1. Identify someone who is always kind.

2. Get a group of friends who all agree and want to thank this special person.

3. Purchase the yellow gerbera daisies.

4. Surprise the kind person with each of you presenting a stalk of flower to him / her.

5. Remember to say ‘Thank you!’!

6. Get someone to record the ‘ambush’ while it happens.

7. Upload your ambush video on

8. Best videos win one year of unlimited Singapore Cable Car rides from The Jewel Box at Mount Faber!

Read more about the video contest HERE, and watch ‘Kindness Ambush’ videos on Youtube HERE!

Let’s start the waves of kindness and thankfulness, starting from today.

And not just in the month of November, but every single day.

Psy Music Videos : Not for Kids To Watch Please

16 April 2013 | Posted in: Parenting | 2 Comments
Psy Music Videos : Not for Kids To Watch Please

I will probably get his video clip on Youtube some extra views by writing about it like this.
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Psy has just released a new music video. And I must say, this time round …

Yes, Kids. Daddy Loves You.

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Little children are naturally curious about everything.
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Interviewed, Together. For TEN years now.

7 July 2011 | Posted in: In the Media, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment

Today, Wilson and I have officially been married for TEN years.
Yes, ten good years.
I say that it’s been ‘good’ because it’s been that long without us ‘feeling’ it.
It sure does NOT mean our ten years …

Happy Father’s Day

19 June 2011 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment

If you ask me,
I’d say there’s no such thing as a perfect Dad or a perfect Husband.
But there is a Dad
who gives his best for his family
who makes time to play Lego bricks, tell bedtime stories …

‘Looking after Ourselves’, especially AFTER We’re Married

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