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Parenting: Feeling Bored IS Okay

10 May 2016 – 10:21 am | 13 Comments

‘Mommy, what can I do now? I’m bored!’
‘What else can I do now? Give me something to do.’
(In the car) ‘What can I do now? I have nothing to do.’ 

Sounds familiar?
Here’s one undeniable fact we …

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Children Photography and Blogging Workshop, in JAKARTA!

30 June 2011 | Posted in: Photography | 6 Comments

Here’s one exciting news to share!

We’ll be in Jakarta next week and I’ll be doing a workshop!


Yep, in Jakarta!

I’m so excited about this because finally I get to share and learn from fellow Indonesians, in my hometown!

I’m SO inviting as many of you as possible to the workshop!

Please do come, mingle, learn from each other.

I myself will be sharing practical tips on how to take better photos of our kids and family, and also a bit on blogging (eg. Things to watch out for when we create a family blog, etc)

Please mark the date and time on your calendar yeah:

Sunday, 10 July 2011
11am – 2.30pm (inclusive of lunch)


Admission is FREE!
(Yep, it’s free for you to attend! You’d need to invite and bring along as many friends as possible though! Hehe)

Venue is to be confirmed (will announce it as soon as it’s finalised)

Edited (1 July 2011):

Confirmed venue for Workshop:
Bumbu Tjobek Restaurant (next to Central Park Shopping Centre!)

Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade Blk B-8AP Podomoro City, Central Park, Jakarta, 11470

And to inject more fun to the workshop, I’ll let you in on a little surprise : There will be Sponsored Prizes to give away at the workshop! *YAY*

To register, just drop me an email and let me know your full name and contact number. It’s THAT easy!

Email: leonny[at]oureverydaythings[dot]com

Don’t miss this out yeah!

I soooo am looking forward to seeing many of you, in person, in Jakarta! =)

Please pass the news. Invite others. Share on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks everyone!

[Top photo : Saw a nice contrast just outside Marina Bay MRT station the other day! In the background are the towering modern office buildings; On the foreground are a row of simple bikes that belong to construction workers, the ones who sweat it out and build those buildings and underground train stations]

Mother & Baby Indonesia – May 2011 : Why I Love going to School!

30 June 2011 | Posted in: In the Media | No Comment

This post is outdated, but I’ll publish it anyway =)

I had the privilege to be the magazine’s photo contributor last May for their special feature articles on ‘Why I love going to school!’.

[No, I didn’t write any of the articles =) ]

They wanted photos of happy school-going kids, kids doing their crafts, reading and playing at the playground.

And so they chose these four shots =)

Photography : When Simplicity Meets Grandeur

29 June 2011 | Posted in: Photography | No Comment

Anya was flying this kite near the Marina Bay Sands when I took this shot.

She drew and wrote her name on it when all five of us went to the Picnic at the Lawn (Marina Bay Link Mall)

[Click HERE to view more of photos of our trip there]

And I like this shot. And the ‘message’ that can go behind it.

Somehow, it conveys a contrast between

… simplicity versus grandeur

… child-like free spirited fun versus adults ‘often-addictive fun’ inside the Marina Bay Sands building

… being outside and free versus being confined inside

What’s happened?

11 October 2005 | Posted in: Food & Health, Parenting | No Comment

Anya’s been acting all weird and cranky lately. And I suspect it’s got something to do with her MMR vaccination 2 weeks ago.
After she had the jab, we were told that within 7-10 days after …

Anya’s Terrible Three : Making a comeback

23 August 2007 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | No Comment

The big sister’s been keeping me busy lately.
With her daily (and rather frequent) Terrible Three moments.
It’s actually been quite alright these past few months. Of course there are times when she’d make such a huge …

Parenting : Encouraging Kids to Help Out around the House (Part 2)

25 February 2011 | Posted in: Parenting | 3 Comments

[Other than brushing his own teeth most of the time, Vai also brings dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry]
Okay, finally, I managed to complete the second part of my blog post.
[Click HERE to …

Marriage : staying together, staying happy

4 September 2008 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 6 Comments

My grandmother got married in mainland China when she was sixteen years old. No it wasn’t pre-arranged by their parents, and yes it was based on love.
That was in 1941.
Then 60 years later, in 2001, …

Together for SIX years

7 July 2007 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | No Comment

And that’s how long Wilson and I have been married for. As of today *smile*
I still remember the day when quite a few of our friends (mostly older and married couples) got together before our …

Marriage : Reasons Why Couples Connect Less With Each Other

14 February 2013 | Posted in: Inspirational, Marriage & Relationships | 2 Comments
Marriage : Reasons Why Couples Connect Less With Each Other

This year, my hubby and I would mark our 12th wedding anniversary.
And you know what they say, … the longer you’re married, the less ‘connected’ you both most likely are?
You think?
Well, these are the few …