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Things Helpers and Nannies say to Children (So They’ll Obey)

22 September 2014 – 4:33 pm | One Comment

I was sitting all alone when I noticed a 3-year-old boy walking out of a hall, with his nanny (in uniforms) a few steps behind him.
The boy then made a turn and slowly walked further …

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Hong Kong Disneyland Photos and Stories : Coming Up Soon!

19 November 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Places to Visit | No Comment

I must say, the highlight of our recent visit to Hong Kong was our first ever trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

We checked it out over two days, and we had a blast there!

I’ll write a FULL blog post on our Hong Kong Disneyland experience real soon.

[I may even need to split it over two posts. Too many photos to share. Hmm. We'll see.]


For now, I’ll leave you with these two photos.

This is a shot of us in front of the ‘Cinderella Carousel‘.

Wilson took this shot when we’re on our way to the ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ to wait for the 7pm Fireworks Show!

And this was when Anya drew ‘Space Mountain’, THE one ride that left a lasting impression on her, heh.

More photos soon!

PS: SO grateful that I have a photographer as a husband, hehe. With our two cameras, we both captured more than 1000 precious moments altogether! The above two were taken by Wilson.


Blog posts on Hong Kong Disneyland are up. Here are the links:

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Back from Hong Kong!

16 November 2010 | Posted in: Daily | 4 Comments

We had a wonderful 4-days-3-nights stay in Hong Kong recently.

We were blessed with GREAT weather during our stay there. AND, the most amazing thing to me was, my morning sickness was 95% GONE during our trip!

I mean, I actually had energy. NO excessive saliva. NO bloated feeling. And I could actually eat, TASTE and ENJOY what I ate!

[I remember closing my eyes as I munched my dinner, tasting every bit of food, and thanking God for it! It was THAT good!]


Wilson and I took TONNES of photos and I have SO much to share about our HK experience with you.

I think I need to blog about it over a few entries, heh.

Will write again soon.

[Kids played 'Where's Wally?' game while overlooking the fresh mountain view from our Hotel at Causeway Bay]

Anya : Writing the Story of David, in Indonesian

15 November 2010 | Posted in: Daily | 2 Comments

Our 6.5yo Anya has this love for writing.

Every single day she’d either draw and write a story next to it. Or, she’d simply write. Something.

A little note. A short story. A long story. Anything.

And the other day, she showed me this.

The story of David (from the Bible).



I love how she used ‘every day’ (spoken) words in her story. Words that we actually are not ‘supposed’ to use if we were to write a ‘proper essay’ in Indonesian.


To me, what’s more important is her attempt to do something different.

To write something in another language.

To step a little away from her usual comfort zone.


To those who’re not familiar with ‘Bahasa Indonesia’, this is what she wrote:

One day there’s a child named David.

He can kill a lion. Also a bear. To look after the sheep.

One day a wolf came to eat sheep.

Sheep is scared.

When he’s big, he would become a king.

Gospel Rally @ Papua (5-9 Nov) & Singapore Indoor Stadium (17-21 Nov)

14 November 2010 | Posted in: Inspirational | One Comment

Some ten days ago Wilson went to Jayapura, Papua, with a few friends.

It was more like mission trip where they joined the rest of the team that organised a Gospel Rally held there over a few days by STEMI (Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International).

It was his first ever visit to Jayapura.

Btw, just in case you’re not familiar with where ‘Jayapura’ is, … it’s at the other END of Indonesia!

I mean, until I finally googled it, I wasn’t even aware that the actual city was THAT far from Jakarta!

[Wilson and his friends who flew from Singapore]

Anyway, the kids and I managed to ‘follow’ how things went (ie. the preparations, the island, the city views, the challenges faced during the events, and everything) through Twitter and Facebook updates and text messages.

Really, I was so thankful to God for today’s technology when it comes to situations like this.

Because it simply was amazing how we managed to stay ‘connected’ though so far away from each other!

[Such 'live updates' also allowed us to be more 'in the know', and thus continually support them in our prayers]


I know I was NOT there personally to experience everything, but today I’d like to share with you some photos of how the Gospel Rally went there.

The event was held in the outdoors. The weather was warm and there were lots of mosquitoes, BUT all these didn’t stop the people from coming and listening to God’s Word.

And people from different walks of life came. Women. Men. Moms with children. Students. Teenagers. Men in their 70s.

It was very encouraging to see how eager they were when it comes to searching for the Truth.

On the very first night however, Wilson shared how it rained heavily during the Gospel Rally itself.

But you know what.

Rev. Stephen Tong continued to preach for another 15 minutes.

And, some 95% of the 3000 plus people who were there stayed put and continued to listen to the Gospel being preached!

It was totally something that we in Singapore (who come to worship in the comfort of our air-conditioned hall) would have never known nor experienced.

Unless we were in such situations ourselves!

I wasn’t there, but I was very blessed and encouraged upon hearing about the news!

It was amazing to see how people longed to hear about the Gospel, despite ‘unexpected discomfort’.

I mean, there’s NO preaching of physical healing. No promises of material wealth/blessings. It was purely about God who’s holy, and Jesus Christ who came to earth to die for our sins and to redeem us.

We all who live in Singapore are blessed with so much more than those who live in Papua.

Our overall health, safety, comfort, living condition, daily food available on our table, and heaps more.

But, while living in such a ‘comfort zone’, are we as eager to find out about the Truth in Life, as those who live in Papua?

I’d like to invite you all in Singapore, who read this post to come to the upcoming Gospel Rally that’s to be held right here in Singapore.

Admission is free and it’ll be held in Singapore Indoor Stadium, from this Wednesday (17 Nov) to Sunday (21 Nov)

It’s open to everyone who can speak Mandarin and/or English.

You can get more info and check out the timings from STEMI Singapore website.

Btw, there’s also a Children Gospel Rally held on Saturday (20 Nov), 2pm-4pm, at the same venue.

Please do come along with your little ones this Saturday afternoon! (especially those who’re six and above)

I sure am bringing along Anya with me.

For I know it is ‘useless to gain every inch of gold in this land, yet suffer the loss of the children‘.

Really hope to see you there this week!

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