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Parenting : How Much do We Understand our Children’s Learning Style?

14 October 2015 – 12:59 pm | 4 Comments

Have we ever asked ourselves : how much do I understand my children’s learning style?

I’d like to share with you this story, taken from a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson at TED, titled ‘Do …

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Pregnancy : How do YOU ‘know’ if it’s REAL LABOUR?

10 May 2011 | Posted in: Pregnancy & Babyhood | 10 Comments

I’m 36.5 weeks pregnant now.

So, if baby chooses to follow big sister and big brother’s timing (ie. At 38 and 37.5 weeks respectively), it’d mean baby no.3 will actually be in our arms … NEXT WEEK?

Can’t wait!!

[Yep, IF I could choose, I’d prefer to deliver sooner than later =)]


With regards to THE BIG DAY itself, I’ve always wondered about this question – How do YOU know that it’s time to go to the hospital?

I know that this is my THIRD time round, and some people feel I should really know what to expect and all, yes?


Each child birth story can be totally different.

The stories of my first two ‘child births’ were pretty much ‘similar’ :

> Anya
Water bag broke (ie. trickled down my legs) at around 10am when I was at home. No spotting. No contractions. Called the hospital and was asked to come over. Casually showered, ate breakfast, then Wilson and I took a taxi to the hospital. Reached the hospital at about 1pm. Contraction started to get worse at about 5pm, I think. Anya was born at about 11pm.

> Vai
Water bag broke at about 6am when I was in bed (more like a ‘mild gush’). No spotting. No contractions. Dropped 2yo Anya to a friend’s place, took a taxi with Wilson to the hospital. Contractions got really intense after the nurse ‘completely’ burst the water bag at about 9.30am. Vai was born at about 1pm.

[Me holding onto the ‘laughing gas mask’, in 2006, a few hours before Vai was born]

You see, I’m hoping the water bag would break again this time round, just so that it’s obvious enough for me to know that it’s time to go to the hospital =)

BUT, things can always be different this time round.

I mean, how would I know if the contractions I’m getting are the REAL thing? (ie. NOT just the usual Braxton Hicks contractions that I experience every so often these days). Because the contractions will be increasingly intense, longer in duration, and the ‘intervals’ get shorter each time too, yes?

If it’s THAT obvious, well … then I guess, it’s okay (because I know I can be a bit ‘blur’ when it comes to such situations =)

Thing is, I’ve also heard of stories where the mom only experienced ‘discomfort’ on her lower ‘area’. Water bag didn’t break. No spotting. No contractions. And when she casually went to see her gynae because she happened to be near the clinic, she gave birth TWO hours after that!

So, out of curiosity, I asked this question to the moms on my Facebook today :

How did YOU know that it’s time to go to hospital? Did your water bag break? Spotting? Heavy contractions?”

Check out this blog post’s comment section to read what many moms have shared on my Facebook!

[Btw, if you’re not yet on my Facebook, you’re most welcome to add me =)]

And, I would LOVE to hear MORE stories from the many moms out there!

How was it for you?

Please do share yeah! I’d love to hear them!

Thanks, everyone!

Being a Mother

8 May 2011 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 6 Comments

I woke up today,


perhaps I’d be hugged,

perhaps I’d hear a loving whisper,

perhaps the day would start wonderfully

for today’s Mother’s Day.

But no.

I heard complaints,

I heard whiny noises.

I heard expectations.

As I laid on my bed , I thought,

truly, children are children,

they are not yet parents,

they may not realise

why we do what we do,

they may not understand

our love, actions and sacrifices.

And, it’s purely because, they are … children.

And most probably,

they’ll only realise and appreciate a parent’s love

in twenty or thirty years time,

when they themselves become parents too.

[Vai and his artwork]

I was reminded again,

that today will not be super different than any other day

simply because it’s ‘Mother’s Day’.

We live in reality.

And yes, in reality, mothers go through ups and downs everyday.

It’s part and parcel of being a parent.

Of being a mother.

We love our children not because they appreciate us.

Nor because they return our love proportionately.

We love our children because, they are our children.

We become ‘parents’ because we have been entrusted with children.

We undeservingly become God’s representatives in this world.

We, who are weak ourselves, have been assigned with this ‘bitter-sweet task’ to teach our children according to His ways.

On this Mother’s Day, let us remember that we love, we care, we willingly make sacrifices, because we are ‘the’ parents. The mothers.

And with His strength and grace, let us be living examples to our little ones.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Long Weekend Family Activity Ideas

If you’re in Singapore, we’ll have ANOTHER long weekend! *YAY*

[It’s Singapore’s General Election tomorrow, and I think most companies allow a day off on Monday. Well, at least I know for sure that it’s a ‘No-School Day’ for all school-going kids this coming Monday! =)

Anyway, I’m just wondering … what will YOU be doing this weekend?

Some – like us – may still be thinking of activity ideas for their families, and so I thought it’d be nice if we can get some ideas from you too!

Any plans for the long weekend? Ideas on places to visit, may be?

[No, I obviously didn’t sit on the ‘moving chairs’, but the kids, my Dad and Wilson did, and Anya loved Cineblast’s ‘Extreme Log Ride’ best! =)]

Anyway, just to share with you, … some two weekends ago, my parents were in town for a few days and we took them to Sentosa via the Boardwalk.

We checked out the 4D Magix show, Cineblast, Desperado and Songs of the Sea!

[‘Songs of the Sea’ – They now have an extra show at 9.40pm every Saturday!]

I shared more photos, how our trip was like, and what the attractions were like on my Facebook.

Click HERE to visit my Facebook photo album!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

Loving that Round Red Bench

5 May 2011 | Posted in: Daily, Photography | 4 Comments

Yes, it’s the Red Bench again. One of those round red benches just outside Vivo City, where you’re about to cross over to Sentosa Boardwalk!

Took this shot at about 3pm though, so it was super glary!

Both kids didn’t manage to open their eyes hehe.

But I’m loving this shot!

[I stood on the bench and bent over to take this shot – yep, some people stared at us! What’s that pregnant woman doing, they probably thought =)]

What Mother’s day means to me

11 May 2008 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment

It’s always nice to have a lovely Mother’s Day from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed.
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Sunday’s Food for Thought – Loving the less-loved

2 December 2007 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | No Comment
Sunday’s Food for Thought – Loving the less-loved

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Tips : Keeping a Happy Marriage

20 October 2015 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 2 Comments
wilson Leonny puncak

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The Need to be a Good Company to our Spouse

20 April 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Marriage & Relationships | 2 Comments

Something sweet my husband wrote on his Facebook wall yesterday =)

That night, as we both chatted about this and that, I shared with him my thoughts on what he wrote on Facebook.
I said:
You know what? …