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Teaching Children Good Manners : Not Easy!

1 April 2014 – 11:34 am |

The other day, a close relative – who has spent a few days with our family – said to me,
‘Your kids are very well-behaved.”
He was referring to what he saw.
My kids ate all on their …

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Go Karting Night @ Kartright Speedway

7 September 2010 | Posted in: Places to Visit | 4 Comments

The other day the four of us went to check out Kartright Speedway.

(it’s about 10 mins walk from Joo Koon MRT station)

You see,  Wilson found this great deal online at, where we needed to pay S$21 per person (for a 10min go-karting session) instead of the usual S$32 – S$45 per person (price varies depending on the day and time of your session). What a sale!

It’s been close to two years too since we both had our go-karting session (it was in JB, Malaysia), and so when we found this deal, we went, ‘Hey, OK! Let’s get those online vouchers!’

It’s nice for the two of us to have a little break from our daily routine too.

So we went with the kids to Kartright Speedway when the weather was clear and great!

(Btw, the circuit here is better and bigger than the one in Kart World, near Lakeside MRT Station, and was officially opened in January 2010!)

After getting ourselves ready (read: filled necessary forms, got our wrist tags, etc), the kids officially became our ‘photographers’!

One held a Canon Ixus and the other, my Canon Powershot S90, hehe.

Photo below was taken by Anya before we left the pitstop.

Oh. How I love the speed and adrenaline!

Really. To a mommy and a housewife like me, it’s refreshing to put ‘household chore thoughts’ aside for a while and just enjoy stomping on the gas, haha

It was a good 10 mins!

Errr … my shoulder and right arm were all sore the next day though, AND my right knee got all bruised.

Not that I mind, of course *smile*

[Anya and Vai checked out the 'hair covers' and helmets afterwards. And as you can see, Anya wore the hair cover and helmet correctly, while Vai went to show us how to NOT wear them!]


- The circuit is closed every Monday!

- Do check out their schedule and track availability before you come down, because it’s often booked by others and is not open to public

- Minimum height to ride the go-kart is 1.40m

- Wear ‘covered shoes’ (read: no sandals, heels)

- Click HERE to check its rates

- There’s a hawker centre and Burger King near the circuit, if you’re thinking of getting some food or drinks

Meeting Mister Maker in Person!

6 September 2010 | Posted in: Daily, In the Media, Video | 4 Comments

Mister Maker is the arts and crafts guy from the UK’s very popular children’s TV channel CBeebies on BBC! (Starhub cable channel 303 if you’re in Singapore)

Anya and Vai remember him very well because they watched his TV shows for so many times during our visit to Indonesia last June!

(When I asked if they ‘know’ Mister Maker’, they BOTH could even recall some of the crafty things that Mister Maker made! I was amazed!)

[Mister Maker was funny, silly and GREAT with kids!]

Anyway, just recently Mister Maker toured around Asia and stopped by Singapore last weekend!

AND, we were invited to meet him in person! And to join his interactive arts and crafts session held at Paragon Shopping Centre!


So of course we said, ‘YES! We’ll be there!’

[The kids made Googly Alien Eyes!]

I’ve uploaded MORE photos on my Facebook photo album!

Click HERE to view them!

And click HERE to watch our video clip on Youtube!


If you’re into imaginative play and are looking for arts and crafts ideas for your kiddos (that uses ordinary household objects!), go and watch his TV shows or check out his website!

Happy crafting, everyone!

When our 6yo wrote her version of the Story of David

5 September 2010 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Daily | No Comment

The other day, I asked Anya to think of a Bible story that she’s heard, and re-write the story in her own words.

[Other than letting her exercise her writing skills, I wanted to know what she's learned and what she thinks of one particular incident / Bible story too. And really, a story often gets rather interesting when written from a child's point of a view, heh]

OK. Getting back to Anya.

She thought about what I said for a while, and said, ‘OK, I’ll write about David and Goliath!’. She then took out her drawing paper and started writing.

I didn’t know how much she’s written until I saw the paper.

And I thought, ‘WOW! She wrote SO much!’

I liked how she ended the story too, hehe.

PS: It’s more like the ‘prelude’ to what happened between David and Goliath :)

A note to Anya’s Sunday School Teachers:

Thank you for sharing God’s Word, and teaching Anya, Vai and their friends all these years, every week. All of your efforts are never in vain.

Homeschooling Kids: Learning about PLANTS

3 September 2010 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | No Comment

[Anya decided to create this using the leaves she collected]

Some three weeks ago, the kids’ school was temporarily closed due to the Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreak there.

[Note: When a school has more than a specific number of confirmed cases in a month, the school needs to be closed for 10 working days, according to Singapore's Ministry of Health. Basically, this is to prevent further spread of the disease to other children]

So, while Anya and Vai were out of school for TWO weeks, I decided to just keep our days free and easy (ie. we still go out and do stuff), while I sort of homeschool the kids at the same time.

We picked the topic of ‘PLANTS’ as our lesson theme.

[Kids saw for themselves how plants that received lots of sunlight grew differently in colour compared to the ones placed on a cupboard and received little indirect sunlight]

Just to share with you some activity ideas, here are some of our plants-themed activities we did:

- Collect different kinds of leaves and created a collage / drawings

- Watch youtube video clips on plants (there are many educational videos under BBC Wildlife, eg. here’s one on Venus Fly Trap]

- Eat mung bean soup!

- Experiment on growing green mung beans and putting them under different sun exposure

- Borrow books about plants from the local library

- Create crafty things / drawings using mung beans

[Photo above: Vai used green mung beans to 'colour' the green part of a Venus Fly Trap. This activity allowed him to exercise his concentration, hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills as well]


Happy to say, we survived those two weeks away from school.

And we hope this Hand Foot Mouth Disease outbreak goes away real soon (it’s such a nasty disease!)

Btw, have you been somewhat affected by this Hand Foot Mouth Disease outbreak?

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