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‘Training’ Older Siblings to Care For Younger Ones

18 January 2015 – 2:54 pm | 2 Comments

When there is more than one child in the family, as parents we naturally wish our children all get along well with each other.
The reality is however, it most likely does NOT happen naturally.
Well of …

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Parenting : When we feel our children grow, too fast

7 January 2011 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 2 Comments

I still find it hard to believe that our Anya is already in Primary One.

I mean, we have a PRIMARY-SCHOOL-GOING daughter!


AND, Vai is now in K1 as well!

(Btw, that’s Kindergarten 1, ie. two years before he goes to Primary one here in Singapore)

In my head, I know that we need to face the fact that time flies, and that our children WILL grow up.

That they WILL spend even longer hours AWAY from us parents.

That they WILL be exposed to more and more external influences.

That they WILL see more of the world, the good and the bad, WITHOUT us by their side to guide them.

But in my heart, I still … wonder. About many things.

I wonder if they’ll cope well in their new environments, and with whatever academic expectations the school has on them.

I wonder if they’ll make new friends. Friends who will be of positive influence to them.

I wonder if they will be blessings to others themselves.

I wonder if they’ll pick up bad habits.

I wonder if we can continually maintain an open communication, where they get to openly tell us about school, about their worries and joys, and everything.


Now that they both are back at school (with Anya spending 5 – 6 hours away from us each day!), I too wonder if we’ve done our best in preparing them (especially Anya) for the challenges ahead. Morally, spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, psychologically. Everything.

Sometimes, I feel I haven’t done enough.

Like, I should’ve done … more. Or something.

Hmm. But then again, I guess it’s part and parcel of being a parent.

You know, that as parents, we most likely will feel that we should’ve done more of this and more of that, when we’re reminded of how fast time flies and how fast our little ones grow right in front of our very eyes.

I personally am very glad though that I’m yet again reminded of :

… how I need to be there for my children as best as I can. Because they grow up in a blink of an eye.

… how being a parent is a privilege (as well as a huge responsibility).

… how although I can’t always be there for my children, God can.

… how I need to continually pray for God to watch over these little ones, every moment of the day, like He has always been from the very moment they were entrusted in our lives.

Hope the year starts well with you and your family.

Vai : My ‘Holiday Bumps’

5 January 2011 | Posted in: Daily, Food & Health | 9 Comments

[Six days after the bump]

If you’ve seen our recent trip to Hong Kong’s photo updates on my Facebook, you would’ve read about Vai’s ‘accidental bump’ on the forehead.

Yep, it was a bad one.

And for the first time, I actually saw a ‘goose egg’ on my kid’s head!

['Goose egg' = swelling that may appear after a head blow, the result of the scalp's veins leaking fluid or blood into (and under) the scalp. It may take days or even a week to disappear]

[When one's forehead and the corner of a vending machine collided, the result is ... bad]

It’s been 10 days since the incident, and the swelling is still there, btw.

A faint lump on the forehead.

I can see that it’s slowly going away though.

(Btw, there’re also these greenish-coloured ‘marks’ on the skin near both his eyes. I assume it’s his blood going downwards under the skin. And the marks are still there)


If you look at the top photo, you can also see this red ‘straight line’ on his right cheek. Errr … he got that in Hong Kong too, when he happily skipped around our bedroom and knocked his cheek against the metal side of the door on his way out!

Boy. Oh boy.

[Five days after the incident. Bump's still there. More obvious 'greenish marks' near both eyes]

Btw, I get asked quite a bit by people about the incident, and what we did after that, and so I thought of sharing it with you here today.

Q: What did you guys do immediately after the incident?

A: We checked the forehead and saw no cuts. But when the goose egg appeared seconds later, I did cringe and say, ‘OH MY! The bump is so big, Wilson!’. But then Wilson reminded me to not show any panicky expressions or actions, so that Vai could feel less shocked and more calm, now that he’s in our arms (He was crying loudly when we stopped by the side of the tunnel – we were walking towards the train station)

We then immediately gave the bump area a good rub (using the lower part of our palm, near our wrist). We always do this on our bumps to better spread any burst of blood vessels under the skin (and it works, btw. In all of our cases, anyway).

And as we didn’t have any ‘hirudoid’ or ‘trombopop’ gels with us at the time (ie. they work well on bumps/bruises), I applied some medicated oil on the bump.

Q: Did you scold or tell him off for being careless or something? (immediately after, or after the incident)

A: No, we didn’t. To both Wilson and I, it was totally an accident. Vai himself didn’t want it to happen. He was just being his playful self and it was totally unforeseen (ie. It wasn’t like he was being playful / running around near the roadside or something – which I will totally forbid, btw!)

So what we did after attending to the bump, we gave him a big hug and told him that we’ve put something on it. Daddy then carried and comforted him as we walked towards the train.

We let him cry. And he cried for a good 3-5 mins. And after that, he just leaned on Daddy’s shoulder quietly.

Some 15 mins after the incident, he’s all smiles and playful again as usual. We all also reacted and interacted normally.

He laughed when he saw his forehead, and told us how it’s a ‘balaku’, hehe. (note: ‘Balaku’ is apparently a word commonly used by kids in Singapore when they refer to a bump)

Q: Did you bring him to the hospital or the doctor?

A: No, because we could see that he’s totally okay after the incident, ie. no symptoms of serious head injury.


We thank God everything was okay.

And really, after I had kids (especially after I had Vai!), I get to witness instances where God is evidently at work, providing and protecting our little ones.


And, it’s amazing.

Here are some useful links on head injuries that may be handy to you:

- A checklist on Falls for parents (ie. What to do and check, etc) by

- Head Injuries, by

- When to call the doctor after your child hits her head, by

Visiting Hong Kong: Hong Kong Science Museum

I thought I should share this trip with you, just in case you’re thinking of visiting Hong Kong Science Museum too the next time you’re in Hong Kong!

I’ve heard of the Space Museum (near Avenue of Stars), but I was told that HK science Museum would be a ‘better place to visit’ if you’re bringing along kids, because there’s so much to see, touch, explore and learn there.

I was even told that we would need more than a day to explore ‘every corner’ of the Museum.

And so we went online to get more info. And we found out that entrance to the museum is FREE every wednesday!


Because we WERE thinking of going on wednesday!

[Click to find out more about its OPENING HOURS and TICKET INFO]

We took Bus no. 110 from Hing Fat Street (3 mins walk from Tin Hau MTR Station, just in front of the swimming complex), and it took us all the way to HK Science Museum.

I mean, right in front of it!

Very convenient! (at least for us who live near Tin Hau MTR Station!)

As for the rest of the visit, well … we spent about 4 hours there (and had to go back home for dinner with the family), and 4 hours was NOT enough!

We probably only managed to check out 40% of the main museum area.

There are at least 3 floors in there, and exactly as I was told before the trip, there were so many things to see, learn and explore.

I’ll share with you some tips at the end of the post.

For now, here are some photos of our visit.

[Checking out the 'Energy' area. Interactive and even Vai found it very engaging]

[The gallery on Ground level. Spacious. And it's where we watched a live demonstration on Liquid Nitrogen too!]

[Waiting for the live demo to start. Not many seats available. Anya and Vai managed to sit on the back row, which was great, because I then stood right behind them and explained what we know about Liquid Nitrogen. Errr ... we tried to decipher what the presenter's doing too. She spoke in Cantonese!]

[I personally liked the 'Mirror' area. Fun stuff. And I love these mirror effects too!]


- Make sure you check out its opening hours and days before you go there.

- If you’re thinking of going to the museum, I recommend that you go on wednesday. Free admission and it’s open from 1pm.

[An interactive exhibit where the kids pressed different buttons to find out the corresponding body parts of a pig]

- When you’re there, check out the timings of their live demonstrations! Be there at least 10-15 mins before the demo starts. I hope you get a seat! =)

- When we’re about to leave the Museum (going towards the road side), we could NOT conveniently find escalators / lifts.  
So, do be prepared to go down the stairs like we did (ie. Not convenient if you’re bringing along prams / people who’re wheelchair-bound)

- I know this one is an obvious one, but I must say it : Show genuine interest in the exhibits, … in learning more about science, life and all other things that we may not be familiar with BEFORE the trip. Because little ones will ADOPT our interest (or disinterest!) naturally. Also, relate the exhibits to our daily life as much as possible, to help little ones remember the details better.

Anyway, Anya and Vai enjoyed the visit a lot.

Vai, who’s only 4yo, especially remembers until today the different tips shared on how we can save energy, and not waste electricity, etc (We spent quite a bit of time observing and exploring the ‘energy saving tips’ exhibits, and related them to our home and lifestyle in Singapore).

One of the places you can definitely visit when you’re in Hong Kong with your little ones, if you ask me!

Thoughts : New Year Gracesolution

1 January 2011 | Posted in: Inspirational | 4 Comments

Hi everyone!

So it’s the first day of the year!


Did you make any new year resolutions? If you did, … are they different from last year’s, or are they the same ones?

[Btw, one website caught my attention as it stated, '... many Americans seem to make the same New year resolutions each year! Sounds familiar to many of us, I say]

Anyway, today I’d like to share with you this article, a well-written one, by a friend of ours, Audy Santoso.

And my hope is for it to be an inspirational food for thought for everyone (as it has been for me), as we all begin our very first day this year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Every genesis of the year, we make promises to ourselves that we would be better and do better in our lives, towards ourselves, towards our families, towards our friends, towards others, and of course towards God.

Well… every janus of the year is truly like a self-conscious path that we all take before speeding forward to another janus.

Why do we make marks in time?

One of the likely reasons would be to affirm our existential consciousness that is simply unwilling to be pushed aside and locked in the closet of time. Irrespective of whether we are a social or an isolate kind of person, we are consciously aware of our existence here and now, especially in the ne/o(w) year.

In neo year, we want to be a neo person. Alas! We fail to acknowledge our flaws even as we have repeatedly stumbled upon the same rock of mistake. Is it our stubbornness or resoluteness that we continuously dare to re-challenge ourselves to re-live our lives? There’s a thin line between stupidity and bravery.

If life is so bleak, what’s the point of all these?

My friend, the answer is not in the resolution as in the gracesolution.

We break promises as soon as we made them. We are born a liar, that’s what makes us so in despair if we truly dare to uncover the repressed memory of our inner self. Resolution would just put a make-up in already a decaying corpse.

How long can we deceive ourselves? There’s no true transformation than the grace formation. Grace (is the) solution, not ‘re’.

Where can this grace be found then? This grace can only be found outside of us but works only when it’s applied inside of us.

Who can find it then and who can apply it to us? It’s not of our works that we can find it, but it is God’s grace that seeks us and grips us. Only the Spirit of a gracious God can apply it to us. Truly, truly, unless you are born of water and the Spirit, you cannot enter the neo year of God.

Do you have gracesolution?

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Parenting : How to Scold our Sons LESS?

6 January 2015 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 3 Comments
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