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Have We Been Teaching LIES to Our Children?

11 January 2017 – 11:14 am |

No sane parents would want to purposely teach LIES / false reality to their children.
But, the problem is, … many parents unknowingly have been doing just that to their children, through the way they raise …

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Anya & Vai : Their First-Time Involvement in Video Production

11 September 2011 | Posted in: Daily, In the Media | No Comment

Both Anya and Vai had been involved in photo shoots. But, this was their ‘first’ time being involved in the making of a video clip, where they had to actually talk and interact with their … ‘fake mommy’! =)

Anya was all okay with the whole filming session (to our pleasant surprise!), while Vai warmed up to the whole idea of ‘acting’ with the other 2 actresses after some ten minutes or so =)


The kids learned to listen to the director’s instructions.

They learned to interact with the actresses (when all eyes are ‘on’ them).

They learned to also ‘ignore’ that the camera and the crew were all there =)

It all went well and I thought it was a good learning experience and exposure for the kids too.

Checking Out : Cars 2 (and My Personal Review of the Movie)

Like most other boys, Vai LOVES Lightning McQueen from the movie ‘Cars’.

I think the movie was a huge success, and the characters are well-loved by little ones.

So, when we heard that there’ll be ‘Cars 2’, … we’re all excited!

We went to catch the movie the other day! (Yes, including our 3.5-month-old baby! I’ll share a little about how it went towards the end of this post yeah =)

Before I went, I assumed the movie would be as good, if not better, than the first one.

I didn’t know what the movie plot is like this time round. I didn’t even read any online reviews.

[He’s happy when he gets to wear his Lightning McQueen Pyjamas to bed =) ]

Anyway, we went. We watched. And here’s what I personally think about the movie :

– The story line in ‘Cars 2‘ is more for adult audience, than small kids. Lots of explosions and guns too.

– The ‘spy and bad guys’ story line is wayyyy to complex for little kids to follow and fully understand. My guess is, even most 7yo – 10yo may not even ‘get’ the plot and what the conversations are really about.

– The movie itself is excellent though, if you ask me. The animation is ‘richer’ and more complex than the first movie. As adults, Wilson and I thought the movie is GREAT!!

– But, as I watched the movie, my thoughts were on Anya and Vai. And, it was like, sigh, the machine guns and the bad guys wanting to ‘destroy’ the cars are not quite something that I’d like my kids to watch.

If you ask me, I’m frankly rather disappointed.

The first movie ‘Cars’ was (and is) very, very, VERY popular amongst small kids. They loveeeee Lightning McQueen, Mater and his friends. The adventures they had were so much fun, and it’s great how Lightning McQueen changed for the better towards the end, etc.

[Vai and his first Lightning McQueen and Sheriff car toys, on his 3rd birthday get-together]

So, when ‘Cars 2’ is out in the cinemas, these small boys (and girls!) will DEFINITELY want to watch the movie. BUT, when all these small kiddos flock to the cinemas, the sequel is way too ‘adult themed’ and complex for them.

I mean, to me, it’s like bringing a young child to watch the movie … James Bond?
(Okay, but minus the Bond-women relationships)

In short, the sequel is NOT age-appropriate for small kids.

>> Bringing Brie to the Movies (her first time)

Now, here’re some things that we did that I personally find ‘work-able’ when it comes to bringing along a small baby to the movies =)

– Buy tickets in advance (eg. Online)

– Feed baby before entering movie theatre (most likely, small babies will doze off afterwards)

– Carry baby in a sling (so at least the ‘loud sound’ does not startle the baby easily)

– Sit at the back row (yes, the very last row), and sit with baby in a sling by the aisle. This way, if baby happens to fuss, I can quickly leave without disturbing the rest of the people.

Brie was 98% quiet and asleep throughout the movie, btw! *Yay!*
(I did need to breastfeed her again when the movie has started so that she could comfortably fall back to sleep)

I was very happy that we managed to go to the movies as a party of five for the first time! =)

PS: Oh, one last thing, I think bringing along a small baby is ‘easier’ than bringing along a toddler, or a bigger baby to the movies. Because bigger babies (eg. Older than 6 months old) are more awake, more curious about their surrounding / interesting sounds they hear, and they’re able to express themselves vocally.

I don’t know.

What do you think?

Breastfeeding = Faster Weight Loss is a Myth?

7 September 2011 | Posted in: Pregnancy & Babyhood | 20 Comments

Vai, my 5yo middleborn, asked me this the other day:

(While looking at Brie who’s sitting on the pram): “Mommy, you’ve given birth to Brie, right?”

“Yes. Why you asked?”

“Well, if she’s out of your tummy, then why is your tummy still very big?”


The reality of a breastfeeding mommy? =)

They say, when you’re breastfeeding, you’ll lose weight faster.

Here’s one article I recently found that ‘confirmed’ the statement above:

Breastfeeding burns calories.  Over 600 calories a day for breastfeeding women who don’t supplement with formula.  600 calories!  That’s like getting two hours of aerobic exercise each day.  A study published in the Journal of American Dietician Association shows breastfeeding melting off inches around your hips and buttocks.

And then, I found another ‘interesting fact‘ that says:

Breastfeeding mothers who consume only when hungry can lose an extra 0.5kg per month more than mothers who are not breastfeeding.

Many women might feel that breastfeeding is making them retain or pick up extra weight, the truth is that most moms are quite stressed out after having a baby and may resort to food as a stress reliever.

Breastfeeding cannot make you pick up weight. It may keep you from losing your last few pounds, but that’s about it.

[Wherever, whenever … if need be, inside a cable car too =) ]

I’m writing this post today because I feel I need to share my view and personal experience on this breastfeeding and weight loss issue.

I have three kids and in all three cases, I actually GAINED WEIGHT after I gave birth.

I’d love to find out how other moms’ situations are like, … because for my case, I gained about 8 kg altogether when I was pregnant with Brie, and after I gave birth, I was left with just about 1-2kg.

Brie is now 3.5 months and is exclusively breastfed, and instead of having 1-2kg of extra body weight, I now have 5-6kg EXTRA.

I mean, I seriously am ‘bigger’ (all over!) NOW than when Brie was 2 weeks old!

I’ve always known that this would happen when I breastfeed my kids, because it happened when I had Anya, and AGAIN, when I had Vai.

ie. I got HEAVIER after I gave birth, and as long as my kids are still breastfed, those 5kg EXTRA will stick around.

[The extra kilos basically go to my thighs, my hips, my tummy and my arms. Well, my torso mostly]

I knew that I’d be ‘bigger and heavier’ when I’m breastfeeding my babies because I get hungry ALL THE TIME!

I mean it’s like : I have a big dinner, I breastfeed my baby, and I feel hungry again.


And I have NO idea how and why I can possibly feel hungry again after having such a large meal!

I must say, I disagree with the article above that says : moms pick up extra weight after giving birth because they are stressed out and may resort to food as their stress reliever.

Well, I’m here and I say : NO, I’m not stressed out, and NO, I don’t use food as a stress reliever.

I simply eat a LOT because I feel so very VERY hungry after breastfeeding.

Here’s what happened when I breastfed Anya and Vai.

I completely weaned Anya off breastfeeding when she was about 14 months, and I slowly lost weight. I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight (without any exercise programs) some 6 – 9 months later.

He was completely weaned off breastfeeding when he was 22 months old. I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight some 6 – 9 months later too.

So looking at those two situations, I suspect something similar will happen again with this third baby in the family, whom I hope to breastfeed for about 1 – 1.5 years =)

[Brie at 14 weeks]

Now, to the question : Should I or should I not breastfeed my baby then?

Well, if you ask me, I think you and I know that breast milk is best. I myself am a firm believer in the goodness of breastfeeding babies.

But, every mom has different situations. Some moms I know tried their very best to breastfeed and they simply couldn’t meet the babies’ needs.

Well, I’d like to share with you this article which I personally think gives a more realistic view of breastfeeding and weight loss after giving birth.

And to close, I’d like to quote the last few sentences in that article that says:

Deciding whether to breastfeed is an intimate decision.

The researchers do not recommend making weight and fat loss a priority in considering whether breastfeeding is best for mothers and their babies.

I so agree with that!

For my case, I’m so grateful to God that I ‘can’ breastfeed my babies, and so I definitely choose to breastfeed them for at least one year.

And, I thank God for a hubby who does not mind the extra kilos, the bulge, the big appetite … and me borrowing his tee-shirts all the time nowadays. Hehe.

PS: If you’re heavier because you’re breastfeeding, well … now you know you’re not alone =)

PPS: I guess I could’ve gained ‘less’ if I don’t consume Milo and other sweet stuff (like, Ice Kachang? =) and go for fruits, brown rice, and wholemeal version of everything as ‘breastfeeding snacks’ whenever I feel hungry. But errr … I don’t think I’d like to do that though =) Cutting down on Ice Kachang and sweet dessert, … okay, but eliminating Milo and other ‘not quite wholemeal’ food altogether, err … not for me, thanks =) I much prefer losing my kilos later when Brie is weaned off breastfeeding =)

Checking Out : Batam!

[Anya and Vai LOVED the swimming pool at Holiday Inn Batam Resort!]

We went to Batam last weekend with my parents.

A nice and quick getaway for us all!

I especially ‘satisfied’ my cravings for yummy Indonesian food at Nagoya Hill’s food street! =)

We went to Batam by ferry and on our way back, we went to the top deck of our ‘Jet Raider’.

Brie comfortably slept in my arms, while both Anya and Vai got super excited about the whole ‘jets and waves’ view. After some 40 mins of watching the sea and the waves … errr, they kinda wanted to sit down and check out their ‘Smurfs Village’ on our iphones though! =)

Anyway, this shot below was taken by Vai. In the background, you can see Anya sitting on Daddy’s lap, checking out her ‘Smurfs Village’ and ‘harvesting’ her crops =) ]

I shared more photos of our trip on Facebook, our family-friendly stay at Holiday Inn Batam Resort there, where we went for dinner, etc.

Click HERE to check it out! =)

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