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Parenting : Young Children Absorb Everything They See and Hear

19 August 2014 – 12:05 am |

Who do our young children spend their most time with everyday?
Mommy? Grandparents? Nanny?
(Or, TV? Electronic Media, like iPads?)

Ever realise that children, especially young children, love to imitate the behaviours of people around them?
Especially those whom …

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Making: Watercolour Paintings (with bits of crayons)

3 November 2010 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids | 2 Comments

We did this activity together today!

Anya drew ‘something’ on her own first (just an outline) on a piece of drawing paper, using her crayons.

And as requested by Vai, I drew a picture of ‘Doc Hudson’ (a character from the movie ‘Cars’), using a white crayon (yes, white crayon on white paper!)

[Btw, every time I have to draw something for the kids, I HAVE TO refer to a picture, because my imagination is just bad, heh. So I referred to Vai's little puzzle to draw Doc Hudson]

Then I prepared the watercolour (one colour a time) on a palette.

First, we had blue (for the sky), then we had green (for the lower part of the drawing, ie. the ‘grass area’).

I got both kids to decide and agree on the first 2 colours (the top and lower part of the drawing).

This way, I didn’t have to prepare too many colours, AND most importantly, they learned to work together, to share the colour palettes, while at the same time maintain their own individual work (ie. Vai and his car, and, Anya and her drawing of a girl and a little house).

And this is what I love about using crayons AND watercolour, the crayons STAND OUT!

The kids can draw OVER the crayons, but the crayon lines will still be there! (which is the reason why I used a white crayon to draw the outline of Doc Hudson)

And here they are, and their paintings!

Do have a go and have fun with the little ones yeah!

Featured in TODAY Newspaper : School Holiday Guide

1 November 2010 | Posted in: In the Media | 2 Comments

Here’s news!

We were featured today, on Today Newspaper!


What a nice start to the month of November!

The article is about the kinds of activities you can do with your kids while you’re at home.

And frankly, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the article.

Because, I thought I’d probably be quoted just once or twice. Totally didn’t expect to see ‘just us and what we do’ in the article!

*Thanks Zafirah for the interview and the nice write-up!*


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I’ve uploaded the large version of the scanned article!

(Click on the two images below to have a read!)

Happy reading!

Anya : K2 Graduation and Concert

30 October 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | 2 Comments

The first time I knew about how kindergartens in Singapore hold a rather elaborate graduation concerts was back in 2004, when I was engaged to plan, choreograph and produce a K2 graduation concert that involved its nursery, K1 and K2 students.

Anya went along to my meetings with school officials and rehearsals at the time, and she was only a few months old.

And just two nights ago, I was one of the audience watching this ‘no-longer-a-baby Anya’ standing on the stage, receiving her K2 graduation certificate, singing and performing together with her fellow K2 students.

She was also selected to represent all K2 afternoon classes in presenting the ‘thank you gift’ to the Board of Director (ie. the lady in the photo above who gave out the certificates).

And as I watched her, I thought to myself, all these years go by SO very quickly.

And she’ll be in Primary One, in less than two months.

Still can’t quite get it in my head, at times.

I feel excited for her, and at the same time, I feel a little … sad, for I know all this means she’s growing up and becoming more independent, which means we’ll be seeing less and less of her as she spends more and more time at school next year.

Definitely something that we need to get used to very soon.

[A note to Anya]

We all love you and we’re proud of everything that you strived for all these growing up years.

The journey ahead is still long and although it will be full of ups and downs, do remember what we’ve always shared with you … give your very best in everything that you do, and most importantly, walk every step of the way with God as your Lord. We will be there to teach and support you, but you must learn to let God be your ultimate Guide. He will give you help and sufficient strength to go through everything that you face in life ahead.

Love you.

Photography: Afternoon Sun, Shadows and Vai

29 October 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Photography | No Comment

It was 6pm, and I’ve just checked my post box when I saw a nice ray of afternoon sunlight and the shadows from our block’s ‘laundry bamboo poles’!

Could not NOT take a shot of it.

With Vai and his little paper aeroplane in his hand.

Parenting : Discovering our Baby’s Temperament

20 July 2012 | Posted in: Parenting, Pregnancy & Babyhood | No Comment
brie 14months_

Brie is 14 months old tomorrow!
And I’ve been seeing more and more of her stronger ‘temperament’ in the past two months!
In the past two weeks especially, she’s been particularly more fussy than usual.
I assume it’s …

Happy Mother’s Day

8 May 2005 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment

I think these verses from Proverbs 31 set an excellent standard for us moms to follow.
A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Her husband has full confidence in her
and …

Anya’s Terrible Three : Making a comeback

23 August 2007 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting | No Comment

The big sister’s been keeping me busy lately.
With her daily (and rather frequent) Terrible Three moments.
It’s actually been quite alright these past few months. Of course there are times when she’d make such a huge …

Happy Father’s Day

19 June 2011 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment

If you ask me,
I’d say there’s no such thing as a perfect Dad or a perfect Husband.
But there is a Dad
who gives his best for his family
who makes time to play Lego bricks, tell bedtime stories …

Happy Father’s Day 2014!

15 June 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment

To someone who had no idea how he’d act and what he’d do and say if he was to be a Daddy one day :
When we got married, I had no idea how we’d be …

Juggling my many roles

30 September 2005 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | No Comment

Last night someone asked about how my typical day goes. And come to think of it, it’s kind of hard to say, because it hardly is the same everyday. I mean, we may be out …