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Caring for Baby’s Delicate Skin (And Giveaway of The Year from Kinderen Baby!)

4 December 2014 – 11:46 am | 33 Comments

Now that I have three kids, I can’t help but feel familiar when parents share their ‘headaches and worries’ that come with caring for their babies’ health and skin problems.
Diaper rash, insect bites, bloated tummies, coughs, …

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Checking Out : Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon

When was the last time you checked out Underwater World at Sentosa?

For us, it was way back in 2006!

One day BEFORE Vai was born, to be exact!

So yep, our recent visit to Underwater World was Vai’s first, and Anya’s second.

And, it’s our first ever visit to the all-new Dolphin Lagoon! (which now is located right next to Underwater World!)

[Photo session with the pink dolphin? Too precious too miss!]


For this month’s school holiday, they’re having this special promotion where adults pay the child rate for entry!

I‘ve shared more info, tips and a whole lot more photos over on my Facebook!

Do check it out and read more about their Carnival Sea-esta and its Dolphins and Fur Seals LIVE SHOWS!

Click HERE to view the photo album!
(Yes, you can view them although you’re not on Facebook =)

[Kids and the cute fur seal under a rather heavy rain!]

[The TUNNEL at Underwater World: one of the kids' favourites!]

And last but not least, if you’re unsure about HOW to get there, click HERE!

Have a splashing good time!


Christmas Gospel Rally 2010 : “The Holy Baby of Bethlehem”

16 December 2010 | Posted in: Inspirational | No Comment

Hi everyone, … I’d like to personally extend this invitation to you all today.

There’ll be a Christmas service held this coming Sunday, 19 December.

It’ll be in Indonesian at 5pm, and in Mandarin (translated to English!) at 7.30pm.

As for the place, it’ll be held over at Bartley Christian Church (next to Bartley MRT Station)

AND, if you have kids, you’re very most welcome to bring them along!

For the Indonesian service at 5pm, Sunday School classes will be open to those who’re in Nursery all the way to Primary Four.

There’ll be a Puppet Show and Story Telling (the latter, by yours truly).

I sincerely look forward to seeing many, MANY of you there!

Be it at 5pm, or at 7.30pm.

Because I really long to see this year’s Christmas shine.

BUT, not because of the amount of decorations, glitzy christmas trees nor presents, … but because we get to find out more about why it is even called CHRISTmas in the first place.

Do message me if you have questions!

Hope to see MANY of you there!

Checking Out: Jurong Bird Park’s Latest Penguins and December Events!

The four of us went to Jurong Bird Park over the weekend and checked out its December programmes, AND its newest members of the big family: African Penguins!

I shared heaps of photos and how it went over on my Facebook!

Click HERE to view the photo album!
(you can do so, even though you don’t have a Facebook account!)

Hope you have lots of family fun this December holiday!

[Anya, Vai and Pinky, the cute little humboldt Penguin! Check my Facebook album to find out how your little ones can have their photos taken with Pinky too!]

Pregnancy: How to (still) wear our Pre-Pregnancy Pants

13 December 2010 | Posted in: Pregnancy & Babyhood | No Comment

So I am now 15 weeks pregnant!

[And according to our last check up (just last week), baby is growing well and is about 9.1cm now! Click HERE to read baby no.3 week-by-week Pregnancy Journal]

Now. I do get asked if I still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans, and if yes, then … HOW do I manage to do it, especially with the bulging tummy!

Well, here are my 4 different ways (tried and tested) of wearing my pre-pregnancy pants (ie. until I really, REALLY can’t fit into them) :

- I simply ‘UNZIP and UNBUTTON’ whenever I sit down, hehe.

I do this when pregnancy pants are simply still too big for me.

I know it’s a bit ‘risky’, especially when you must remember to ALWAYS zip and button up when standing up! And, the risk is higher when you have little ones who sometimes like to tug or hold on to the side of your pants – just when you’re about to zip up!

Plus, you also need to learn the art of ‘zipping and buttoning’ up your pants subtly in public.

Tips: Wear a tight-fitting tank top underneath and OVER the waist, and wear LONGER tops!


I used this trick since I was pregnant with Anya some  7 years ago!

This is what I do:

I loop one end of a rubber band over the button, thread it through the buttonhole, and then loop the other end back over the button.

Tips: To avoid any discomfort when the rubber band touches my skin, I’d usually wear a fitted tank top underneath and TUCK it in!

- Use a nice scarf as a ‘belt’

I tried this when i was pregnant with Vai. My tummy was getting bigger (towards the front!), but I could still comfortably fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

So what I did was: I wrapped a matching scarf in a way that I would if I were to wear a belt on my jeans. And towards the front, I spread the scarf out a bit (ie. making it wider), so it nicely covered my unbuttoned and unzipped jeans.

Tips: (Still) wear a longer top, just to be safe. And frequently (yet subtly) look and check if the scarf is still nicely ‘in place’, especially towards the front!

- Wear a belly band

I’ve seen people wearing it but I only got to try it myself recently.

It’s like wearing a nice, tight, stretchy tube top around your waist. Only better.

And I must say, it’s the BEST way of wearing your pre-pregnancy pants. Comfortably and in style.

The one I’m wearing (top photo) is by Bella Band, available for sale at Maternity Exchange.

Click HERE to read my review on Facebook.

Oh, I must add … when your pants and whatever that you wear get ‘too tight’, DO stop wearing them and go for loose clothingss and other comfortable pregnancy wear. Our clothes should never cause any unnecessary discomfort.

Happy Mother’s Day

8 May 2005 | Posted in: Parenting | No Comment

I think these verses from Proverbs 31 set an excellent standard for us moms to follow.
A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Her husband has full confidence in her
and …

Video : Why I Choose to be a Fulltime Mom. Why Motherhood is Precious.

17 May 2013 | Posted in: Parenting, Video | No Comment
Unseen Dollar Video Screen Shot

Last year, I shared this clip on my online channel, it’s an interview done by Channel NewsAsia for their programme called “Unseen Dollar”.
(It sure was a privilege to share my personal thoughts on the importance …

Preparing Siblings for the New Baby!

8 December 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Inspirational, Parenting, Pregnancy & Babyhood | 4 Comments

When our friends first found out that we’re having baby no. 3, some immediately asked if our two kids already knew about it too.
And I told them, ‘Yep. They’re in fact amongst the first five …

Sunday’s Food for Thought – Spouse’s strengths and weaknesses

28 October 2007 | Posted in: Inspirational, Marriage & Relationships | No Comment
Sunday’s Food for Thought – Spouse’s strengths and weaknesses

Many people enter marriage with idealistic thoughts of how a marriage ‘should be’.
That there’ll be hardly any arguments. That all exchanged words will always be romantic and sweet. That the home will always be neat …

Thoughts : Relationships

25 October 2007 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships, Parenting | No Comment
Thoughts : Relationships

I was SO inspired by today’s sharing at our Women’s Fellowship.
Here’re some thoughts I’d like to share with you.
>> Family is an institution, a unit, that God Himself has established. And at the very core, …

Marriage : staying together, staying happy

4 September 2008 | Posted in: Marriage & Relationships | 6 Comments

My grandmother got married in mainland China when she was sixteen years old. No it wasn’t pre-arranged by their parents, and yes it was based on love.
That was in 1941.
Then 60 years later, in 2001, …