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Parenting: Technology, Electronic Media and Me

21 July 2016 – 10:17 am |

What comes to mind when we think of today’s technology and electronic media?
Generally, here are the top 5 things that came to MY mind:
Smart phones. Computer. Gadgets. Online games. Internet.
While technology and electronic media …

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Tips: Traveling by Plane with a Baby (and Older Kids!)

16 July 2011 | Posted in: Daily, Parenting, Pregnancy & Babyhood | 2 Comments

This trip to Jakarta was baby Brie’s first ever trip on an aeroplane (come to think of it, it’s her first trip anywhere outside of Singapore! =)

So I thought, since it’s also our first time traveling as a family of five, I should share what we did and what we learned through the experience. We never know, .. perhaps the info will be useful to others who’re in similar situations to ours.

Here goes.

1. Bring along a pram / stroller, but having a sling (or a carrier) will definitely help in free-in up Mom’s hands

We left our pram to the airport staff just before we boarded the plane, I then carried Brie in a sling.

Having her in a sling allowed me to handhold my other kids’ hands, and take photos too, hehe.

2. Older kids sit with Daddy

The trip to Jakarta from Singapore lasted for about 1.5 hours. Fortunately it’s not THAT long a trip, which made it ‘better’ for me and hubby as we had 2 older kids and a baby flying with us.

We went on a budget airline, Lion Air, and because there’s one aisle and three seats on the left and three on the right, Anya and Vai sat together with Daddy, while I sat in front them, near the window. This arrangement, to me, worked well as Daddy kept the older kids entertained while I handled Brie without much ‘interruptions’.

3. Feed baby when taking off and landing

Brie (who was 6 weeks when we left for Jakarta) was mostly asleep during the flight. She was very quiet throughout both trips (to and from Jakarta). I breastfed her during take-off and landing to avoid unnecessary pressure in her ears.

And btw, I was given the ‘window seat’ on both plane trips. I assume it’s so that I could breastfeed the baby discreetly, facing the window? Anyway, I had people sitting next to me and I could still breastfeed discreetly as usual (See my previous post on breastfeeding on the go)

4. Bring along a luggage that the older kids can help and push on their own

We brought along a medium-sized luggage with wheels that Anya and Vai could easily push. They didn’t even need to pull or use much energy to get the luggage moving!

So, after we collected all our luggage, Anya handled this particular luggage, while the others fit into just one trolley. Wilson then pushed that trolley with Vai sitting on top of the luggage, while I pushed the pram.

5. Count the total no. of luggage and bags (including the pram)

This is a habit that I picked up from my parents, ie. Counting the total no. of luggage / bags that we bring along whenever we travel, to ensure that ALL necessary items are with us.

As Anya and Vai are older now, I get them involved too. I teach them how we need to check that we haven’t left anything behind by counting the total items that we’ve brought along, eg. When unloading the bags from a taxi, when collecting the luggage upon arrival, etc.

6. A ‘fit to travel’ letter from your baby’s doctor, if baby is still below 2 months old

Now, this is a little ‘unclear’ though.

A friend who traveled with a less than 2 month old baby was asked for the letter at the airport, and since she didn’t have one, she was asked to see the ‘airport doctor’ to get that ‘fit to travel letter’. The ‘service’ cost a LOT obviously, not to mention the inconvenience of needing to walk to the clinic and back again to board the plane.

I had that letter (given by our usual GP) before leaving Singapore, btw. You know, just in case. No airport staff asked for it though. We simply were asked to fill out this Lion Air form to indicate that we’re traveling with a little baby. Basically we wrote baby’s name, our name, and we signed on it.

[If you’ve had some kind of an airport experience on this, please do share yeah!]

[View from the window as we’re near the Singapore airport. It was about 7pm at the time and btw, I think that’s the second link bridge that connects Singapore and Johor Baru!]

And here are more tips that I’d like to share with you!

> Packing checklist for your baby, by

> Packing checklist for traveling with a baby, by

> What supplies should I take on the plane, by

Happy traveling with your little kiddos! =)

Jakarta Trip: Outbound Adventure, Indoors @ Puri Mall

15 July 2011 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Daily | No Comment

We saw this at Puri Mall the other day!

They had a few ‘outbound activities for kids’ right in the middle of the shopping centre’s atrium.

And as usual, we simply could not NOT give it a go! =)

[Happy to see how Vai climbed the tall ladder with no hesitation]

After having the necessary safety gears put on by the staff, Anya and Vai went and had their little adventure!

They climbed the tall ladder, flew on a flying fox and walked across a beam (a bamboo!) while holding onto a rope.

[The flying fox was at least 5m high above the ground]

The kids were especially ‘challenged’ during the ‘bamboo walk’, because they really had to concentrate when walking across, watching their steps carefully and grabbing the next dangling rope as they walked forward.

Vai hesitated at first, but managed to walk across all by himself *YAY*

As for Anya, she told me afterwards how it was quite scary because it was pretty high, so she simply looked to the front and NOT look down, hehe.

[Walking across the bamboo beam. I think it’s about 3m above the ground]

The whole session lasted for about … 10-15 minutes per child. Not too long a session, but I think it was a nice experience and adventure for the kids!


– There are other activities besides the ‘high ropes adventure’. You’d need to pay an additional fee for those.

– The activity that Anya and Vai went for cost Rp50,000 per child (about S$7)

– This outbound activity at Puri Mall will end this weekend (17 July), I think, ie. The end of the school holiday for most schools in Jakarta.

Jakarta Trip : Not Quite The Usual

14 July 2011 | Posted in: Food & Health | No Comment

Jakarta is well known for its many MANY street food stalls.

And I often like to look out the car window to see the kinds of food they sell.

Interesting stuff at times.

Like, the other day, we were all in a car just outside Grand Indonesia when I spotted this!

Dim Sum Corner!

Never saw anything like it!

I was so amused that I just had to whip out my camera in one second, hehe.

Dim Sum, on a cart, by the road side.

Cool! =)

Jakarta Trip : Yummy Food and Family Get-Together

12 July 2011 | Posted in: Daily | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Here we are in Jakarta! I’m so enjoying heaps of Indonesian food (drinks and desserts too!) as well as our get-together with family!

[Yummy Pempek Palembang at Grand Indonesia’s Food Louver! Photo taken by hubby]

[Very ‘meaty’ durians from Thailand. Sooo yummy! Photo taken by Vai]

Family members from around the world is here to celebrate my grandpa’s 91st birthday AND my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary!

Yes, they’ve been married for THAT long and they’re so blessed with good health till today! (If I were to live till I celebrate my 70th wedding anniversary with hubby, I’d be … 95yo!!)

[Here they are with some of their great grandkids during one of our dinner celebrations!]

Really. I feel so blessed to have been around to witness and be part of the whole celebration. Rare to (still) have such occasions these days!

Basically THIS is the main reason why we let Anya and Vai skip school for close to two weeks to go and attend this big family get-together.

I mean, events come and go, but we believe that there are moments in life that we should NOT miss. And to us, THIS is one of them.

[With torchlights in my cousins’ hands, I experimented on making the numbers ‘7’ and ‘0’, to represent my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary! Turned out pretty well, heh]

The kids dressed up a bit too for some of the occasions. Here’s Vai in his (oversized!) Batik shirt and Anya in her cheongsam!

Will update and post more photos of our Jakarta trip soon! Stay tuned!

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