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Thoughts : Trust and Respect are Built over Time

2 May 2015 – 6:36 pm |

Recently I had a chat with a few friends, … and as we talked, some thoughts crossed my mind.
Here’s sharing them with you …
Nearly everything today is about being ‘instant’.
Instant messaging.
Instant noodles.
Instant printing.
Generally, the world …

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Brie : 3 Years, 5 Months

24 October 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

So how has it been raising Brie who is now 3 years and 5 months old?
Hmm. Let’s see.
Here’s how I’d describe what she’s like these days:
… chatty
… LOVES dancing
… LOVES singing and making up songs …

Outdoor Activities for Families: More Possible in Singapore than in Jakarta, But …

26 September 2014 | Posted in: Daily | One Comment

When I compare how Anya and Vai grew up in Singapore and how Brie started living in Jakarta at the age of 10 months, I notice something different.
Brie has SOOO much less exposure to the …

Featuring : Water Resistant ‘Squids Sunglasses’

29 August 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Here’s one of Anya’s must-bring items when we go out and about : her Squids sunglasses =)
They fit so well, and guess what?
They come in different colours and in smaller sizes too, like, for children …

Brie : 3 Years, 3 Months

25 August 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Four days ago, our little Brie turned 3 years and 3 months old.
Here are some quick updates on her:
She speaks quite fluently in Indonesian.
She knows her colours, and is learning the alphabets.
She loves to hug …

Vai’s 8th Birthday (and His Request for a Lego Cake!)

22 August 2014 | Posted in: Daily | 6 Comments

The day that our little man has been waiting for finally arrived!
Two days ago, Vai turned EIGHT! =)
He’s been talking about it since last month.
What kind of cake will Mommy be making? Can I please …