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Car Talks : Three Types of People and Their Responsibilities

17 October 2014 – 6:28 pm |

Living in Jakarta, I find myself spending a lot of time with the kids ON THE ROAD.
And after a while, I kind of realised that that’s where we discuss many issues and important values too.
Now …

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Owning a Pet Dog – Not At This Moment Thank You

12 April 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Let me introduce you to One One!
When I was in Perth recently, I met my cousin’s cute little Shih-Tzu =)
Now you see, I love dogs.
I had my first dog – a poodle – when I …

Books Deprived (Giveaway Voucher from NoQ Store)

7 April 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Giveaways, Awards & Reviews | 20 Comments

In today’s digital era, books seem to be a little ‘out-dated’ to some families.
Not in our family though.
The actual turning of real pages, reading, thinking, and being ‘lost’ in the imaginative journey a book can …

Driving in Perth vs Surviving Jakarta’s Streets

27 March 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment
perth street 2014

I had my first driver’s license in Perth, Australia, when I was 16.
Traffic there was and is still relatively orderly.
(Read: Most drivers follow the road rules! And even when there’s quite a bit of traffic …

When the Eldest Turned 10!

20 March 2014 | Posted in: Daily | 8 Comments

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I now have a TEN year old daughter.
I mean, … TEN?
Time flies!

We had a mini celebration with friends after school, just like what we did last year.
Hmm. …

Sorting Things Out

6 March 2014 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment
Sorting Things Out

I’ve been SO busy in the past weeks.
I mean, it’s like I can’t get to finish whatever work that I have in my list, and my things-to-do-list just keeps on piling on.
And, …

Capturing Brie Moments in Black and White

20 February 2014 | Posted in: Daily, Photography | 2 Comments
brie swim black and white

Sometimes, a pool and a bucket of toys, filled with a small spade and plastic bottles can keep a toddler happy and occupied.
As they say, simplest things in life are often the best.

PS: Happy to …