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Building Habits Starts from the Family

28 October 2019 – 3:36 pm |

Regardless of what the kids ‘naturally prefer’, positive habits can and should be encouraged.
Eg. Morning walks as a family, limited gadget use when together with the family (mealtimes, inside the car, etc.), helping out with …

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VLOG: Movie Review of ‘Joker’ (2019) – English and Indonesian

4 October 2019No Comment

Do you plan to watch ‘Joker’ the movie?

Here’s my personal review of the movie ‘Joker’ (NO spoilers):
> This is a very dark movie.
The movie is all about depression, mental illness, rage, revenge, unfairness, bitterness, loneliness, rejection, hallucination, bullying, frustration, inability to be happy or to see things from a happy/positive perspective.
> Many of its scenes are simply depressing and mentally disturbing.

> This movie is TOTALLY NOT FOR KIDS. Not even for those below 15yo, if you ask me.

(I saw a couple who brought along their no older than 3yo girl to the movie. Sigh. They even aired a horror movie trailer before the movie started)

Seriously parents, please SPARE your kids from such experience. Covering their eyes or letting them lie on your lap during the movie DOES NOT mean they don’t watch / peek.
> Who should AVOID watching this movie?
People who are already feeling stressed out / depressed / very lonely / unhappy about their personal situation / the society / the world.

Watching this movie will most likely NOT make you feel enlightened / entertained afterwards.
> There are a few scenes where murder was done brutally. I personally looked away.


Apart from all those points, I personally think the main actor (Joaquin Phoenix) was superbly AWESOME in portraying Joker as a disturbed character.

I guess it’s just me, but I really observed the details of how this man carried out the character, and I was again and again wowed and amazed at Phoenix’s acting skills.

I would give him a standing ovation for his hard work as an actor (if in real life he’s not easy to work with, I’m not surprised. This guy is ‘weird’ in his own ways, I’m sure)

I personally enjoyed the details of how he enacted the emotions and lived out this Joker character: his body movements, his facial expressions, his voice, the way he ran and talked, etc.

As for the script, many of the conversations and perspectives/incidents require deep thinking and reflection.

Not an ‘easy’ movie to watch.

To name only three of the many thoughts that came to mind after I watched the movie:
> Bullying is just pure evil. Be it physical, verbal or online.

Let’s be sensitive about what we (and our kids!) do/say to others.
BEING KIND towards everyone, is such a NECESSITY> Giving another person a sincere smile, lending listening ears, basically … BEING KIND towards everyone, is such a NECESSITY.

Let’s learn to do that, no matter how chaotic / individualistic / selfish our society in general is.
> Mental illness is real, so is depression.

People with this condition are ‘everywhere’, and they can ‘appear’ okay.

If we know anyone who needs help, let’s not stay away or be ignorant. Let’s spare some time to get them some help.

If you understand Indonesian, here’s my vlog, movie review of ‘Joker’:

Feel free to share this post, if you think it can be of any help to others (especially fellow parents)

Thank you, everyone!

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