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Building Habits Starts from the Family

28 October 2019 – 3:36 pm |

Regardless of what the kids ‘naturally prefer’, positive habits can and should be encouraged.
Eg. Morning walks as a family, limited gadget use when together with the family (mealtimes, inside the car, etc.), helping out with …

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More Outdoors, Please.

16 August 2019No Comment

Do we let our children spend time outdoors?

‘Oh, I don’t want them to be sick under the hot sun.’

‘What if she runs around and falls down?’

‘My boy prefers to stay indoors’, says Mom of a 3yo boy.

Living in Jakarta means we don’t have much outdoors to explore, sadly.

We don’t go out and about as much as we wish.

But, we try to bring the kids out as much as we can.

Mountain climbing on school holidays. Regular tennis sessions outdoors for two of our kids. Etc.

But what if your kids’ skin gets dark/tanned?’, some asked.

No problem with tanned skin, we’d say. If they are always indoors, that’s a bigger problem 🙂

What if my 3yo doesn’t like the outdoors?

Well, at that age, kids should follow what we decide for them. We are the parents, not them.


Air quality is bad in Jakarta now’, some said.

‘Well, when air quality wasn’t bad, did you go outdoors as a family?’

Too often we seek excuses (and apply no change) when we should instead re-evaluate our family’s habits and preferences.


Here is me encouraging families to spend more time together, outdoors ☺️♥️

Go. Go. Go.

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