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Going Through Tough Times with the Kids?

10 October 2019 – 9:17 am |

Let’s first ask ourselves these questions.
What kind of memories do we want for our children?
Are we present in their lives?
How do we respond to them – when they are well-behaved, and when they …

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Love and Commitment. 18 Years.

7 July 2019No Comment


Sharing thoughts on relationships and marriage that we were blessed with earlier today.

When talking about ‘love’, many people say that it’s about being physically intimate. Many also focus on youth and beauty when seeking love and relationships.

The Scriptures however say:

– Love is patient and love is kind (Indonesian: Cinta itu panjang sabar dan murah hati)

– Love is being tolerant towards our spouse.

– Love is long suffering and long waiting. Love is full of grace

– Marriage is about a union between two sinful people, to do and apply godly principles in loving one another till death separates the couple.

– Marriage is a process, where BOTH must learn to train themselves to love, to be humble, to wait, to exercise self-control, to persevere, to sacrifice, to stay strong, to be patient towards one another.

(Inspired by today’s sermon by Rev. Stephen Tong)

What a timely message for us today, as we remember the 18 years of grace God has showered to us.

I’m thanking God for this man 🙏🏻

May we continually learn to be a blessing to others, as husband and wife 🙏🏻


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