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Going Through Tough Times with the Kids?

10 October 2019 – 9:17 am |

Let’s first ask ourselves these questions.
What kind of memories do we want for our children?
Are we present in their lives?
How do we respond to them – when they are well-behaved, and when they …

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A Day at the Beach – Sambolo 1, Anyer, West Java!

4 July 2019No Comment

We LOVE the outdoors.

And we love the beach!

And so there we were, tanning ourselves before school officially starts again next week! =)


Here are some quick tips and info:

– We went on a Wednesday. We left at 7.30am and it took us 2.5 hours from Jakarta to this beach called Sambolo 1 at Anyer.

Why Sambolo 1 beach?

Because to us, this beach is nice and clean. We always come to this beach whenever we go to Anyer.

– When you see Makassar Seafood restaurant on your left, then this beach is near. Sambolo 1 will be on your right.

This restaurant is btw where we had our lunch after our beach visit =)


– Entrance to ‘Sambolo 1’ beach parking area now costs Rp. 75.000

– Renting a ‘hut’ now costs Rp. 80.000

– Coconut now costs Rp. 15.000 each

– One-hour massage costs Rp. 50.000

(Old ladies would approach you to offer their services. They’d proactively massage your shoulders to give you a ‘foretaste’ of their massaging skills)



Usually by around 12pm, we ask the kids to finish up and shower.

Now, here’s one common question I get asked by others: How’s the toilet there?

Well, the ‘toilet’ area is … simple.

You’ll find a row of cubicles with concrete floors and wooden doors.

Water is available in a ‘bak’ (pronunciation: ‘buck’). A ‘bak’ is a concrete tub filled with water.

You then ‘bathe’ by scooping some water using a ‘plastic bowl with a handle’ (called ‘gayung’ in Indonesian, pronunciation ‘guh-yoong’) and pouring the water unto yourself.


Do bring along your own shampoo, soap, towel, etc.

And oh, there’s no electricity, so your cubicle would be little dark =)

Price per person is as written on the wall (above picture)

Basically, it’s Rp. 4.000 per person, to shower, pee, change clothes, or poop =)

Okay, anyway, here are more photos to share!


And here’s a short video of our family’s day out at the beach!


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