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Going Through Tough Times with the Kids?

10 October 2019 – 9:17 am |

Let’s first ask ourselves these questions.
What kind of memories do we want for our children?
Are we present in their lives?
How do we respond to them – when they are well-behaved, and when they …

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The Spirit of Volunteerism

28 June 20192 Comments


This is something that we hope our children learn through their involvement at the recent international tennis event’s Tennis Kids Festival (part of Pertamina 25K ITF Women’s Circuits)

Learn to put the needs of others before one’s own. Learn to serve and handle different situations. Learn to NOT easily complain or feel ‘tired’. Learn to experience ‘joy’ from helping and serving others. Learn to offer help to communities.

And another point that we specifically emphasise is, to NOT be driven by money, but instead, have the spirit of ‘volunteer FIRST’.

ie. Thoughts that should immediately be deleted from the mind include:

‘I’d help only if I’m paid!’

‘How much will I get paid for doing it?’

‘Now that I’ve helped, can I get paid?’


[The face-painters with Aldila Sutjiadi, who brought gold for Indonesia in last year’s ASEAN Games’ mixed double tennis.

Wilson and I believe – and emphasise to the kids – that money should NEVER be one’s motivation, especially when you’re still below 18yo. ie. Young minds need to be shaped with these values, not become ‘money-minded’.

(This is one reason why ‘prize money’ should never be given in competitions. Kids should just enjoy the games and the getting together with others.)

If you truly do your best and deliver high quality services, and if you’re given tokens of appreciation in a form of money, then it’s a different matter. It should never be our motivation, though. And, it’s also okay if we decline the offer)

Unfortunately though, the world we live in tends to focus on ‘monetary values’. ie. Something is ‘worthy’ if it has dollars and cents to it.

Not everything has a price tag, though.

And hopefully, through giving our kids such opportunities to volunteer, they slowly learn the true spirit of volunteerism, too.


PS: Anya and her friends were involved at the face painting station. They helped out with running some errands, too. Levi manned the registration table and sales of shirts. Brie, well … she’s here and there =)

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