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Tennis: Life Lessons Worth More than Trophies

28 August 2019 – 12:03 pm |

Learning to think of strategies, endure mental and physical pressure while under the scorching sun.
Making new friends. Greeting officials on court.

Learning to not give up, but continue to strive till the end though points are …

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What We Teach and NOT teach, Matter to Our Children’s Future

25 May 2019No Comment

Why do I let my kids in the kitchen and cook simple meals for themselves and for the family? Am I not afraid they’ll get splattered by hot oil or touch the sides of the hot wok and injure themselves?
My reply?
– As parents, we worry too much about too many things. And our worries may end up ‘robbing’ our children from skills they need as adults later in life.

What kind of adults are we raising?If we don’t allow opportunities for our kids to learn ‘basic life skills’ at home since young (basic cooking skills, managing a home to be ‘relatively clean’, tidying up after using something, basic manners and responsibility, etc), what kind of adults are we raising? What kind of a wife, a husband, a colleague, a friend, will they become?

(Btw, I don’t expect them to ‘master’ the skills, eg. They don’t have to be a great cook – well, unless they want to and they have the talent for it👩🏻‍🍳).




Of course we guide and supervise them.

It all starts from our homeAnd when they do get hurt (eg. Pricked by a needle while learning how to sew), which they most probably will, we help them and we explain how it is okay as it is part of learning anything in life, ie. You don’t become good in something without making any mistake at all.

Mistakes / minor injuries are fine.

Just try again.

It all starts from our home, from us as parents, if you ask me.

What we teach and NOT teach, matter to our children’s future.

Food for thought.

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