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Are We The Reason Why Our Children Stop Sharing With Us?

16 March 2019 – 12:46 pm |

A boy, perhaps 11-12yo, walked next to his mom in public. He seemed quite excited to share something that happened at school.
Some 15 seconds into his sharing, his mom frowned, looked at him and said, …

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Time & The Choices We Make

15 February 2019No Comment


The other day someone said, ‘Time flies SO fast!’

Yes it does, and I feel it, too!

As we can’t stop time from ticking, the bigger question is:

… How have we used our time?
… How have we changed ‘for the better’ over time?

Some people can be so productive / fruitful in the same 24 hours we all have. They inspire and build others. They ‘squeeze’ their time and skills.

They choose to do certain things and AVOID certain things.

How have we changed ‘for the better’ over time?They make things happen. They touch other people’s lives. They focus NOT on self nor personal desires.

They are grateful for the life God has given and when challenging times do take place, they don’t allow ‘self-pity’ to enter their heart and mind.

Today, I’m reminded that the choice is ours to make.

ie. How WE will spend/use/squeeze/share (or waste) OUR time, God-given gifts, skills, resources, etc … while we STILL HAVE time.

By God’s grace.

Food for thought?

Grateful that with this man, I get to walk, run and sometimes fly away together … hopefully, while redeeming our time 🙏🏻

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