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When Youtube is not always Bad for our Kids

18 December 2014 – 11:57 am | 2 Comments

Out of the many things we share with the kids, one of them is:
We need to be extra careful with the internet.
It has lots and LOTS of rubbish. 
But, at the same time, it has some …

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Article Archive for February 2010

Sunday’s Food for Thought : Beyond what we can see today

28 February 2010 | Posted in: Inspirational | No Comment
Sunday’s Food for Thought : Beyond what we can see today

What do you see when you see little children?
Whether we realise it or not, the way we regard little ones will greatly determine how we treat them, consciously and unconsciously.
If we see children as ‘understanding …

Facebook Status: ‘Recording’ Kids’ Daily Antics

27 February 2010 | Posted in: Daily | No Comment

Someone recently suggested how I should perhaps consider ‘recording’ my Facebook status ‘somewhere’, especially those day-to-day happenings where my kids did and said THINGS.
And so I thought of sharing three recent ‘Facebook Status’ today, involving …

Our first ‘Make a Cake’ Attempt

25 February 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Food & Health | 12 Comments

If you have been reading my blog, you would’ve noticed that I rarely write about food.
And it’s simply because I’m not a ‘food’ person.
I am not adventurous when it comes to food. I don’t snack much. …

Parenting : Actively Involved Mommy and Daddy

23 February 2010 | Posted in: Inspirational, Parenting | 2 Comments

Last weekend, Wilson and I had the opportunity to share, with our church’s Youth Group, a little insight on Parenting.
The response was positive, and I was asked if I could share some of these points …

Making: ‘Handprints and Stencil’ Watercolour Painting

22 February 2010 | Posted in: Crafts & Activity Ideas for Kids, Daily | 8 Comments

Each week we try to spare some time to do arts and crafts together. It’s not always possible though because we may have tonnes of other things to do throughout the week.
And so, since arts …

Bento #3 and Bento #4

19 February 2010 | Posted in: Daily, Food & Health | 6 Comments

Ever since I made my first Bento some two weeks ago, I did try making a few more, on my own, for the kids.
And today I thought I’d share some things about me and my …